Thursday, August 22, 2013

I'm Just Sorry I Drove By Today... And Couldn't Help

I'm Just Sorry I Drove By Today... And Couldn't Help
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I looked to the left where I could see many things... something told me that it would be interesting to look at ... when I got closer.

Sure enough, it was. I could see many things... my eyes tried to make sense of what I was seeing.

I could see the tall back of chairs sticking up from all the 'jumble' I was seeing. Piles of clothing were on the seats, on various pieces of furniture. What in the world am I seeing?

A cheap looking dining table sat close by. A coffee table had been put on the seat of the couch. So much 'stuff' that my eyes didn't have time to identify as I drove by. I did see some signs nailed up on the posts of the porch... two to be exact. I saw the words on one poster.... 'No Trespassing'.

It dawned on me... what I'm seeing is an... eviction. Some poor family has been evicted from their home. Someone had gone into their house... went through their things... and took all ... outside.

I know their things probably weren't handled gently at all. Why? Because ... probably the people who took their things outside... thought they were 'trash' now. They may have thought 'the poor bas____' have been thrown out onto the street, now.

They probably got what was coming to them. We all know that if you can't pay your rent, your bills... you are going to be kicked out... not only that your utilities are going to shut off.

I drove by with a sadness in my heart. I thought about the family who would be coming home this evening. My heart went out to them. Not only would they find all their belongings on the front lawn... they would be humiliated in front of the neighbors, and people they knew.

How sad is that? What will they do, I wondered? Where will they go? Who will care about them... help them?

I drove up the street, deep in thought. The scene touched my heart. Suppose children came home there... got off a school bus? Can you imagine the ridicule, taunts the other kids would throw at them? It's embarassing enough to be an adult to... come home to such.

Would someone break down, cry... fall to their knees? Scream to heaven, "oh God, why is this happening to me! What am I going to do?" Would people slow down, gawk? Would anyone stop, care to help?

What about people like... me? I drove by... what could I do? We are doing the best we can to live each day, pay our rent... pay our bills.

We are taking care of Camie, the little puppy I rescued... if it weren't for the donations people call in to her vet.... or donate to her GoFundMe account... it'd be mighty hard to pay for all that... and she isn't well, yet.

I slowed down, turned into the driveway. I looked toward the fenced-in yard... three Pups stood there, waiting to greet me. Two Pups' long tails were wagging... I had to look closely to see the third Pup's tail wag... it was a little nub... and it was 'wagging a mile a minute'.

Thank-you, God... for my Pups, and Skip. I'm so thankful to have a place to go... called 'home'.

Tonight, all is quiet in my world. My thoughts turn back to the scene I saw earlier today. My heart is sad... I worry for the people who were kicked out of their home today. So many of us... today... are 'that close' to being ... 'out on the street'.

Will they be homeless tonight? Will they have to sleep on the ground? Will they pull their old mattress out from the pile of 'stuff' in the yard... spread their worn sheets, blankets out on it? What do they ... do now?

My prayers tonight are for the family who was evicted today... or was it a family? Maybe it was someone like Skip and I, and our Pups. Maybe it was an old man... or an old woman.

I wish I could have helped you... if I had the means, I would have. You would have a place to call home tomorrow, not only that... your rent would have been paid up until the spring time... groceries to last through out the winter months. I would make sure your utilities were taken care of, also.

If you needed a car, I would make sure you had one. It might not be a new one... but, it would be a nice one, easy on gas. I would make sure you got five-hundred dollars weekly until the spring time. That would be my gift to you; no strings attached.

Now... I've come back to reality. I don't have extra to help you. I have you in my thoughts, my prayers. I care. I'm just sorry I drove by today... and couldn't help.

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  1. I know you and I know you would have helped the people that were evicted. I am like you that way-----I would help if I could! Gloria you are the best!!!! Love, Ms. Nancy