Monday, August 5, 2013


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Below, you will see a little puppy snatched out of the arms of Death, as she lay dying on the cold, wet ground.  The ground had begun claiming her little body... maggots fell off as she was lifted into arms that held onto her... arms that meant to save, rescue her.

From that moment on... the struggle began to save a little puppy named Camo.  Her new Mommy cheated Death....  'No, you can't have her, I won't let her die here all alone, suffering, crying for someone to care'!

From that moment, magic happened.  Camo became 'Camie'... renamed by her angel.  Her angel who was her new Mommy's friend in another country.  Someone who'd been 'there' for her Mommy, when her son, Tommy... died.

Her new Mommy began giving her medicines, treatments paid for by Camie's Angel... her angel who looked after her from another country.

Once Camie's new Mommy's friends began finding out that she'd rescued a little baby puppy from Death's arms... they also, began to send money to Camie's vet ... to keep money going to be able to give Camie long-term care.  To afford the surgery needed to keep her from having puppies.  To afford the vaccinations she'll need once she is well enough to get them.

Camie's new Mommy (me!) started Camie her own Facebook page where anyone can come to visit.... Precious Camo.  The Facebook link is:

Here, you can follow Camie's journey from dying... to each day on her journey back to wellness.  She has a long ways to go... but, her Mommy will do her part, as her friends help her with Camie's medical care.

Thank-you, Camie's Angel (this is the title of the new book I'm writing at this very moment... it will be published before I finish my other books)....  Thank-you, everyone who followed behind her to help us with money we don't have... for Camie's medical care.  Thank-you in advance for money you donate.


You can donate to Camie's medical care by sending money directly to her vet at:

Louisburg Veterinary Clinic
115 N. Church Street
Louisburg, NC  27549



Dr. David Fontenot


If you donate by calling, sending to Louisburg Veterinary Clinic... let everyone know if you'd like.... by posting on Camie's (Precious Camo) Facebook page:  Thank-you all, it means the world to me.

Come, be her friend... watch her now... become only more beautiful as her hair comes back.... come, watch this little puppy become 'herself'... like neither you, nor I... have ever seen, known.  None of us knows 'how she looks when she is healthy, well'!  I'm excited!  I will see just like you do!

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