Thursday, September 26, 2013

He Charmed That Bird Right Out Of Her Tree!

He Charmed That Bird Right Out Of Her Tree!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

He walked into the office, looking as he entered
Seeing the pretty ladies sitting at their desks
He grinned, and began to play
This was just a playground to him

He loved to charm, and flirt
A twinkle was in his eyes, as he smiled
That big smile he was famous for
Who could resist such a happy face?

Oh my, your hair is beautiful
You smell good, too... how do you do
She smiled big, looking at him with eyes of blue
She fluttered her lashes, held her head high

How about a date, he asked her
She said, but... I'm married, I have a husband
Well, when you don't have a husband, you have my number
Call me, he said as he walked out... smiling his big, old smile

He knew what he'd done, what he meant to do
To see if he still had it, could still charm the birds out of a tree
He was happy, he felt on top of the world
For he had just charmed that bird ... out of her tree!

P.S.  I laughed today, watching a friend of ours tell his story of charming a lady at a business he was at recently.  His eyes twinkled with laughter, his mouth opened into a big, old grin... and I thought about it all evening... knew I was going to write about it!

He charmed 'that bird' right out of her tree!  I laughed because his expression was so happy... he knew he'd done something.  That woman got up from her desk, began following him around... some of her co-workers told him he had charmed her.  I could picture it in my mind... yep, he charmed that bird... right out of her tree!

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  1. Men are good for doing things like that! They don't care if women are married or not as long as they get what they want! Then some men do that just to see if they can but will later send the "bird" back to their cage! Love, Ms. Nancy