Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Tucked You In... Precious Camie

I Tucked You In... Precious Camie
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

She watched around her as she was led out of the door... through the chain-link gate.  She turned to look back... she didn't want to leave.  No!  She wanted to stay home... she loved her home, and her family.

The door opened on the pickup truck... she was helped in.   Gentle hands touched, patted her head.  She sensed that no one wanted her to go anymore, than she wanted to go.

The door opened to the pickup truck... she got out.  By now, she knew the drill... she began to walk slowly up the brick drive, onto the slanted boardwalk.  They got to the wooden door... stood for several minutes talking while she waited.

They went through the door where they were greeted with cheerful voices.  She ran toward them... she recognized them!  She loved the people behind the voices.

Come on, Camie... let's weigh you.  The nurse walked her onto the scale... Camie had lost 1 pound.

It was time for her to be left... she would have surgery sometime that morning.  Camie was going to be spayed... have her skin scrapings, bloodwork done.

We began to turn, walk out to the pickup truck.  Camie stopped, ran toward me.  My heart melted... I bent down to kiss her, tell her I'd be back to get her.  I turned, walked out the door... with tears in my eyes.

I loved Camie so much... I sneaked a peek at Skip... I saw what looked like tears... in his eyes.  He, as well as I, love our Pups... we want them home... we want all to be all right.

I waited for the phone call to come.  I expected it around lunch-time... I couldn't wait to know how Camie did.  I was on pins and needles.  I got the call... Camie came through like a champ.  I was so happy.  Now, it was time to wait until the evening to go pick her up.

I drove to the Louisburg Veterinary Clinic to pick Camie up... she was due to be picked up at 4:30 pm.  I was much earlier... I was ready to get her.  I wouldn't rest until I had her home!

I went in, talked with Dr. Fontenot, and his staff... Morgan and Pam.  I stood there, absorbing all I needed to know to give Camie all her medicines.  She had pain medicine; antibiotics, and she had Heartgard... and Certifect.  They were for heartworms, and for ticks, fleas.

Pam made Camie's appointment to come back in 2 weeks.  I won't bathe her until after her appointment.  Every week, I give Camie her very own 'Camie Spa'... where I bathe her with her medicinal shampoo.  After the shampoo, I gently massage... dry her.  So, no more until after the next appointment.

Dr. Fontenot went over Camie's bloodwork report.  Camie's been bitten by a brown tick... her blood tested positive for Ehrlichia canis.  We'll be talking about that soon.

Camie's skin still hasn't healed completely.  I worry ... of course, I would.  I want her to be past all this, completely healed... no more medical problems.  I'm a little worried also, about her testing positive for Ehrlichia canis.  I want her to be well like our other two Pups, Kissy and Chadwick.  My mission is to make it happen.

I look to my left... there she lays.  I gave her pain medicine, it made her drowsy.  She got up on the couch, put her head on a pillow, went to sleep.  I got up, took her blanket... placed it over her to keep her comfortable, snuggly, warm.

I tucked you in... Precious Camie.


  1. As I read your blog I can only imagine your anxiety level as well as Camie. But such a relief as she sees the wonderful Vet and Vet Techs that have been caring for her from the start. Animals know the people who help and love them. I know this from my Kity-Kity story. Lets hope that she will soon bee done with skin scrapings and then to deal with tick bite problem. This poor beautiful dog, how wonderful God works, so that it was you that came upon her on the side of the road. You Granny Gee who has so much love to give to anyone and everyone that needs it. This I see also from all the wonderful people that are making these donations to help Camie. Bring them on she is going to need them. I am glad she is home and under your loving care, She is a tough girl who has fought many obstacle's and is on her way to being a beautiful dog, with those color's and markings. How lucky for both of you.Send her a kiss for me.

  2. Margaret, thank-you for your words. Camie lived not far from us... she would come to run up and down the fence with our Pups... they were on the inside... she was on the outside.

    We watched as she became sick... and I began giving her extra food, and we got medicine to help her... thinking she could get well. The people who had her didn't do anything for her, left her to die... didn't tell me, and I was trying to make her well.

    Days went by, I was told she was almost dead, and had stopped moving... and the daddy was going to bring a shotgun home. It upset me... for 3 days I cried over the puppy... I knew she was gone.

    The 4th day, the Pups were barking... and it sounded like their barks for Camie when she used to come! I ran outside... Margaret, there she stood! I ran back to get her some food, came back... she wasn't there. I was on the cellphone with Skip, told him I didn't know if I saw a ghost, or what! I decided then, I was going right over there and ask questions... I did, and I asked for Camie.

    The children led me to where she laying dying on the ground... cold, wet ground. She was in such awful condition... no hair, no skin... it was all open, oozing blood, clear fluids. You know the story from there, I think..... I had a time trying to carry her back to our home.... maggots fell off her body.

    I'm writing a book now, about her... called Camie's Angel. Camie's Angel began all the medical care to make possible for us to take her to the vet. She called from Australia to the vet's office... sent money to pay.. and did it several times.. and then I did as suggested... I began to campaign for donations for Camie's medical care.

    There's no way we could have afforded all that has been done for her.. or needs to still be done. We've been so, so grateful for everyone's help. Now, a lot of angels are following Camie's Angel to help us care for Camie.

    Not only that... prayers, positive thoughts ... all together are working a miracle! :))) I'm so thankful! Gloria Everyone can witness it by coming to her Facebook page to watch each day... I post an update each day. Precious Camo