Saturday, December 7, 2013

House-Cleaning Not Only In The Physical World... Also... In My Mind

House-Cleaning Not Only In The Physical World... Also, In My Mind
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



 For quite some time, I've felt closed-in. I've wanted lots of space around me. I've been doing a lot of thinking...

We've held onto pieces of furniture all through the years that we wanted to keep. Three years ago, we down-sized, moved into a very nice ... smaller ... house. We've been used to living in a bigger house.

We have tried to keep everything we had... in a bigger home. We didn't want to get rid of anything... I mean, each thing we had was ... because we wanted it.

No more... for some time I've felt 'closed-in'. We talked about the pieces of furniture we'd 'let go' of... so, we could enjoy living in the smaller home we live in. I'm telling you... you don't want to live with each room having 'too much' stuff in it. It becomes very depressing over time....

After taking the china hutch out of the dining room... the big, wooden desk out of the living room... one dresser out of the bedroom... and rearranging the house... it has made all the difference. I feel like I can 'breathe' again. Not only that... when we walk through... it makes me smile hearing us say, 'doesn't it look good that way'?

Now... after down-sizing a bit... I've decided to take the huge, antique coffee table out of the house. It's sitting in my art-room taking up space. It feels good to 'let go'....

I learned something about me, as we moved these things out of the house. We have become a little older ... it isn't easy at all to do these things. I'm so glad we did, though. It has made it easier for me to breathe, when I look around. Yes, I realized ... and faced up to... my body is a little older now. It isn't easy at all to do such things as it once was... :)))

I've been doing a lot of thinking as this has been going on in our life. 'Letting go'... of furniture so, we could have peace of mind, enjoy the space we live in... means a lot. I can look around now, smile. It looks nice... before, it looked nice... but, it was too easy to get cluttered. Now... it won't be.

My thoughts as I let go of pieces of furniture I loved... is that it's time to also, let go of things in my mind. I am feeling excitement about writing, drawing, painting now. The more we take out of the house, make the space 'bigger around us'... the happier I feel. It's all about letting go.... I can take deep breaths... I'm not so closed-in, now.

There are things that have worried me, kept me from feeling peace inside. It's time to 'let go', now. I was thinking 'why would I want to keep myself in turmoil' the rest of my life over things I have no control of?

Moving furniture out of the house, I can feel space around me... freedom to breathe, I can take deep breaths of air. I can look around me... feel happy not to 'see the same old things that pull me down'. I have come to a realization.....

I have realized that not only in my physical world have things changed... they have been changing in my mental world, the way I think. I have been 'letting go' inside my mind of things I can't change. Things that have worried me... that I have no control over.

Not only have I been 'house-cleaning in my physical world'... I've been house-cleaning .... in my mind.

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  1. I like the way you worded the title------House cleaning my mind! I really like the way you have worded all of this blog. You are "letting go" of things. I need to do this myself! You have more nerve than I do. I need to "house clean and let go" of things but I am what people call a "pack rat". I don't like getting rid of things because just as sure as I do---I will need it. It never fails--it always happen that way. That is why I have such a large storage building! Love, Ms. Nancy