Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's A Miracle!

It Was A Miracle!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee... 2013

Skip and I went grocery shopping. We walked around picking up the things we needed. I was suffering with allergies. I was sneezing, I felt like I had a cold. My eyes were red, watery... and truthfully... I felt like falling down.

I have allergies to perfumes, outside things... to the smell of tires (yes, that rubber smell)... to cleaning chemicals. I have had severe reactions in the past... where I became very sick... if someone were to see me... they would guess I'd been sick with a cold for some time.

Skip used to be amazed watching me... I would be very ill, almost having to lay down.... then, in thirty minutes or more... it was a miracle! I'd be well! I would be like I'd never gotten sick. I went from one extreme to the other.

This particular day... I was suffering. I didn't know what triggered the allergy attack... but, I was suffering. I couldn't see well for the tears in my eyes. I felt like all my energy drained... I wanted to just go out to the car to sit down. Allergies can affect a person in 'bad' ways...

We finished shopping, went to pay for our groceries. As the cashier began ringing up each item... two young boys began bagging them. They kept looking at me, they had those 'sh__-eating grins on their face... it dawned on me... those young boys think I'm 'messed-up'! Those boys thought I was 'f____ up'! In the past, when that happened to me... I would see people's expression. I was quick to say I was having an allergy attack! This time......

This time.... Skip was watching those two boys snickering, each taking his shoulder to bump the other... all the while looking at me. Now... I just wasn't feeling well at all; I felt as it I was going to do like the wicked witch of the west.... just melt down to the floor. I really was .... 'sick'. I was getting ready to tell them that I was having a bad allergy attack, when ...

Skip eased over to the young boys with a little grin on his face... He said, "Don't pay any attention to her... she just smoked a big doobie"! Oh my, those boys really began grinning at me.... Skip went on to tell them that I liked to smoke those big doobies every once in a while. The young boys ate it up... they began laughing, joking with Skip about it. Each time I went to tell them that it was just an allergy... Skip would say something about not letting me fool them... that I was messed up!

I knew I didn't have a chance of making those young boys believe me.... they 'just looked like the kind of boys who 'did' smoke doobies, themselves! All they wanted to do was snicker, bump each other... grin at me. I couldn't wait to walk out of there!

It didn't do any good to fuss at Skip... he was having such fun! He loves to 'get me in public'... to get fun reactions! I was so thankful to get to the car... on the way home... I began to 'get well', and before we drove up in our driveway.... 'I was well'! I wasn't sick anymore... it was a miracle!
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  1. LOL....I think I would have swatted Skip once you got back to you truck though! ;)

  2. That sounds like something Skip would do!! That is ok. Just tell him what goes around comes around! That is the kind of "payback" that is fun. Now you should have something to look forward to doing. Just have to do it when Skip is least expecting it! Love, Ms. Nancy