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One Never Knows... It Could Be The Road To... Hell

One Never Knows... It Could Be The Road To... Hell
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee... 2013

Can you imagine... someone cutting a heart out of a body?  Cutting a leg off, sewing it into the place of an arm... onto a person's body? An arm sewed into the place of a leg?

No one knows if this is happening ... somewhere in the world.  Have you ever thought about all the little lanes, roads you pass on your way home, on the way to town... wondered... 'what's down them?'

Maybe you drive by them, never noticing them... wondering what's at the end?  Could it be an old, abandoned house ... where someone is doing... 'God knows what'....

Think about it... have you ever wondered if roads, lanes lead to ... missing people?  I have... I just don't have the nerve to go down a road, path... not knowing what I will find.  Do you?

I remember years ago, going down a path while living in Florida... I was fascinated by the orange trees... wanted to drive among them.

It's a wonder I got to come back out of that path... I knew something was wrong when I got to the end.... sinister-looking Cuban men were standing there watching me as I drove up.  I could hear chickens making noises... I didn't know anything about cock-fighting, then.....

I felt fear... I had nowhere to go but, drive up to them... so, I could turn around.  I put on my brightest smile as I stopped... I began telling them I was trying to find someone's address... and was lost.  I had no choice but, to follow the road once I got on it.

I saw the men change expressions... their eyes hard... dangerous.  I still smiled at them... thankfully, they told me I could turn around... which way they thought I should go.  As I turned around, drove past them... I was so thankful to be going out of that road.  When I reached the highway... I breathed a sigh of relief.

I vowed 'never to go down an unknown road again'.  This is how people... go missing.  Later in time, as I grew older... understood more... I realized how fortunate I was... I knew I had stumbled into a world I didn't want to know... a scary world.

Strange how the 'big picture' unfolds later into life.  Strange... how the dots... connect.  It made me notice all the ...unknown roads, lanes I go by every day.  I wonder what's down them... could it be where some serial murderer has his hiding place... to cut someone's heart out... beat, rape someone... cut their legs, arms off?

I bet you'll pay attention to all the unknown roads, paths you pass by every day... 'now'.  One never knows... it could be the road to ... Hell.

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  1. I have gone by roads--paths and wondered what was down that road! I would only go down that road if I were looking for something in particular or someone's address in particular. I am thankful that now days we have a GPS to help us!! Most cell phones have it on them now days too. Like you----no I won't go down another road or path that I don't know what it leads to! Love, Ms. Nancy