Friday, March 7, 2014

In Any Hole...

In Any Hole...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I sit here, yawning, as I look back at this morning.  My eyes are watering... I'm thinking about going back to bed!  That's something I don't normally do.  It's raining outside... will be all day long.  I'm ... sleepy!

The Pups would love it if I went back to bed.  All three of them would jump up on the bed, snuggle up to me... sleep as long as I would.  When Skip is home... they snuggle up to him, also.  We have ... snuggly Pups.  Kissy... Chadwick... Camie.

Getting back to this morning (I just yawned again!  I might just go back to bed! :)))... I came into the kitchen.  I went to the counter... saw that I'd forgotten to wash the coffee pot last night.  I thought... 'darn'!

I ran warm water in the red dish pan... added blue Dawn dish detergent to make it sudsy.  I scrubbed the glass pot shiny-clean.  I took the filter out, threw the old coffee grounds in the white trash can.

I love to feel warm, sudsy water on my hands.  It's comforting, soothing... especially on cold days.

I took a pitcher of water, began pouring it into the coffee pot.  I froze... cold water ran down over the countertop, down onto the cabinet doors... onto the floor.  Not a little water... a lot of water!

My feet were soaked with cold water!  I woke up ... I no longer felt sleepy!

What have I done, I thought!  I looked to see what was wrong with that coffee pot!

I saw immediately nothing was wrong with the coffee pot... it was me!  I was going to fill the coffee pot up with water ... instead of pouring water in the right hole... I had poured it through the hole where the coffee filter goes!

How in the world did I not know any better!  I've been making coffee for years.  Was I pouring water in just any hole, thinking it would do?  I don't think I was thinking at all... I just poured the water in any hole...

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  1. Laughing as I recall doing this a time or too myself ;)

  2. I've done things like that too, things I've done over and over and over again and then suddenly, it's like I'd never done them at all. Every time that happens I wonder if I'm (and I hope I'm not) getting Alzheimer's.

  3. Now you know what to do to wake yourself up!! LOL! We have all done things at one time or another that was silly. Love, Ms. Nancy