Thursday, April 3, 2014

How Can You... Hold An Earthquake?

How Can You ... Hold An Earthquake?
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I stand waiting for you to come back to me

You are in front of me... yet, you are very far away

I wonder where ... 'you' ... are

I speak to you softly, saying ... come back, Wick

Come back ... I am right here; I'm watching over your body

It's okay, Wick ... everything is going to be all right

Like an earthquake that shakes the ground violently

Your body does the same ... your precious legs kick

Your sweet mouth yawns, stretches in an awful grimace

I hear little sounds come from you that touch my heart

I want to gather you in my arms ...

How can you ... hold an earthquake?

Little by little your body begins to calm

Your legs slowly stop ... running

I watch your face ... as I wait for 'you' to come back

Finally, I see a glimmer of life ... 'you' ... in your soft, brown eyes

Sweet Chadwick, please come back, you've been gone five minutes

It's been like a ... lifetime; I missed you so, much

Little by little, you become aware of your surroundings

Slowly begin to sit up ... look around to become oriented

I take a deep sigh of relief ... Wick-Wick, you are back!

Everything's okay again ... I hope it won't ever happen again

You had a seizure that I can only compare to ... an earthquake

How can you ... hold an earthquake?


  1. I never thought of a seizure being like an earthquake. That does make sense. I have seen too many seizures in the last few weeks. Hope Chadwick will be ok. Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. The way you express yourself is just beautiful. Comparing a seizure to an earthquake? I never would have looked at it that way, but you're so right. I hope Chadwick finds relief. And if anybody can figure out how to get those seizures to stop, I have no doubt that you are the one to do it.