Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sprint Update On My Internet... 4-26-2014

Status Update
By Granny Gee

Sprint Update on my internet: 4-26-2014

Update on internet with Sprint... yesterday, a supervisor called me. She told me that Sprint had indeed updated/worked on the tower close to us... but, they must have 'turned it'.... and now, we are ... off the network. Meaning they turned the equipment toward hundreds of new people here... to give them internet.

It took what we had ... away from us. At the moment, I don't know how long I'll have internet. Not only that... our cellphones have been just awful. She said they might could just 'move it a inch'... and we have internet, cellphone again.

I asked her why Sprint just 'forgot' about us. She told me... that they had to provide internet where the housing developments, people were.

So... it looks like we can get out of our contracts on all, without paying the fees. Only... we can't do that anytime soon. One has to have money to 'start all over' again.

For the time-being.... I hope my internet will work enough so, I can stay online. We are trying to decide who best to get reliable internet through... in the area we live in... only 4 miles from town. On the internet it seems... Hughesnet Gen 4 might be our best bet. As for cellphones, we are asking around. Do our homework, then... later when we can... switch to them.

In the meantime, we are still paying for bad service. We supposedly got a '$50.00' discount.... we haven't seen the difference. We have always loved Sprint... but now... we no longer matter to them. I'm not mad... only sad, upset.

If it worked as well as it's doing this moment.... I'd be so happy. Gloria
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  1. That is terrible!! I can assure you it is all about money!! That is what companies are all about now days. They don't care about the customers. Most companies want to keep their customers but when it comes to money----they go for the ones with the most customers. I have told you this before but I will remind you that you can use my computer or Wi-Fi any time you want to. Get this-----I will NOT charge you for using them either!! Just let me know and you are welcome to them! Love, Ms. Nancy