Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hit That Mute Button!

Hit That Mute Button!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Kissy Fairchild... our precious Rottie... 2014

We were watching Two and a Half Men... it's one of Skip's favorite evening shows.  It is funny... even I laugh, sometimes.

There's one thing about it that bothers us.  We have to hold the remote control in our hands at all times.  Why?

Because when the theme song comes on... our Rottweiler, Kissy Fairchild, becomes very upset.  He begins howling.

Sometimes, we forget.  We could be in the kitchen, and just before a commercial... the theme song comes on... and Kissy begins howling.  Oh my... what a fuss!

We begin getting to the remote control as fast as possible to hit the ... mute button!  Sometimes, Kissy is too far gone howling... and won't stop.

We begin baby talking to him to make him not cry anymore.  If he is outside in the fenced-in yard, hears the theme song... he will begin to howl.  The neighbors hear him... we have to tell them why.

There's some commercial about a credit card, and cash back now!  Oh, Kissy hates that commercial!  He begins to howl.  We have to run for the remote control to press the mute button!

If Kissy hears a siren... he begins to howl.  Oh... there's one more commercial that comes on tv... that you would think he would love.  It's the 'bacon, bacon, bacon'! commercial.  Goodness, Kissy sure can do some ... howling.

Well, this evening when it was just before a commercial, the Two and a Half Men theme song came on... I had to frantically hunt for the remote control.  Too late... Kissy began howling... and even when I found the remote control, I pressed the mute button... he wouldn't stop!

Skip began telling him to stop howling, he'd give him some chicken!  Kissy dearly loves chicken, but... there was a problem!  We don't have any chicken in the house!

I was surprised!  Skip doesn't usually tell our Pups a story!  I quickly told him to not lie to Kissy... and our Chadwick, and Camie.  They had run to him to get chicken, also!

I told Skip I couldn't believe he lied to our Pups like that!  Skip was laughing at me... I told him that he knew how our Pups understood what we said.  Sometimes, we have to spell out the words!

So, here in our home, when certain sounds happen... we have to run for a remote control, hit that mute button!

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  1. Can't say that I blame Kissy!! I hate commercials too! I really hate the politician commercials! Commercials get too loud and I "hit that mute button" myself. I do it a lot. I have to say I am on Kissy's side!! Love, Ms. Nancy