Thursday, June 26, 2014

Child Porn...

Child Porn… 

Child Porn…
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Gloria Faye Brown Bates… little innocent child

Children from 1 year to … 14 years of age. That’s right… that’s what I heard on the news this evening. They have arrested several adults, still looking for a middle-age man who looks like someone’s ‘dear old grandfather’. They’ve been videoing these children in … sexual acts.

I can’t even think of what people do to a … 1 year old child. I do know what they can do to a little three year old girl. I was a victim at that age. No one knew… I didn’t even know… that I knew. As I became older… I knew what had happened to me.

My uncle molested me as a little girl… that time has always stood out in my mind… it must have been very intense for a memory to burn into a little girl’s mind. I remember the cookie… laying on the floor of the pantry… just before, I had been looking out the window where the sun was shining… yearning to run, play with the other children……

I was always afraid of that particular uncle… he had an awful temper. My aunt, their children were afraid of him. He was a pillar of the community… a professional businessman. Everyone respected, liked him… ‘why, he was a wonderful person; he could do no wrong’…. I never told on him. What could I tell… I didn’t have words for what happened….

Before that… a ‘sweet, old’ grandfather….. “give me your hand, Faye”. I won’t write about it… for now.

I hope you watch your children… boys, girls alike. There are sick people around… waiting for your back to turn. When you look back, all you’ll see is an expression of love, caring. You’ll never see them …drooling… when you aren’t looking. A child doesn’t understand… not a very young one.

I do love seeing how grown-up children are in today’s time. They are so smart, knowing what’s going on in their world. They don’t mind telling on someone who tries to hurt them in any way. They’ve been taught to … tell someone. When I was little… ‘such things didn’t happen’. How could a child tell something it didn’t have words for?

The one time I did tell when I was about ten, eleven…. my mother became angry at me… or so, I thought. Then, I learned she believed me… the man seeing her… wasn’t there anymore.

She had left me in the car with him one late evening while she kept a doctor appointment. I wore dresses as a little girl… the man’s hand reached between the seats… you can imagine.
Seeing the ages of the children from one to fourteen… this evening on the news… reminded me of how innocent little children are.

I’m aware of child porn all over the world… at times, I get a glimpse of it on tv, on the computer. I’m always shocked … to see children solicting sex… they’ve been taught to do so.

I just saw something recently of little girls dressing very provocative… strolling the streets to be picked up (they weren’t teenagers, either)… in another country. I was shocked… I hadn’t seen that side before. I felt so sad…

I know there’s so much I don’t know… haven’t seen, nor have a hint of in this world… to do with … child porn.

Photo is of me… owned by me… #Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka #Granny Gee
Story is written, owned by me… Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Just Tell Them To Pass It Forward... Without Any Strings Attached

Just Tell Them To Pass It Forward ... Without Any Strings Attached
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Photo Credit:  Photo is owned by #Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka #Granny Gee

Sometimes... I stop, think about friends, and real friends. There is a difference in the two.
Friends are the people you choose to be friends with in 'everyday' life.

Real friends... are rare. In each person's life... I bet they have less than five... real friends. This is my personal opinion... 'you' may have more than that... 'you' may think you do.

In real, everyday life... friends make up our very world. Real friends... make up our very world... they overlap into our life that everyday people don't know... exist.

Real friends know the things we hide from everyday people, friends in general. They can know when we cry... when we are upset about something... know when we go through hard times, not wanting the whole world to know. They know a lot of our... secrets.

I can honestly say... without a doubt, that both Skip and I have four such ... real friends. We can count them on our hands... one hand each. One... two... three... four. They are only so close... as close as we could allow anyone to be... in our life.

Our privacy is very important... we learned to treasure it. Through time when we wished for a big family.... and lots of love... no one was there, especially after they got things they wanted... that was the end of them. No one was there, when each of us became deathly ill, almost died.

We learned that we could trust, depend on only the other. We didn't want from the other... we wanted to give, take care of us... our Pups. Now... our whole world is in front of us at any given moment... Skip and I, and our three Pups. We can turn our head... our whole world is 'right there'.

We know we are loved; we don't have to worry about someone loving us 'one moment'... not caring the next moment. We are real... we aren't like that. It doesn't matter if someone can 'give us something... or not'. A lot of people will 'love' you... as long as you keep giving....

Our 'bestest' real friend is gone. He died May 29, 2010 with 2 blockages to his heart. He was my son... Skip's son, just as well. He and Skip were very close. He and I were very close... we all three were... most close. We were... 'tight'... if the other suffered... we all felt it. We would give each other the moon... if possible.

A huge part of our life died ... with Tommy. He meant the very world to us. We meant the very world to him. I miss Tommy with my very Heart. At this moment... I could sink to the floor, sob with deep grief for him. I won't... I've learned somehow, to cope with his death. I had to learn on my own.

I thought about real friends because... I was thinking of who seemed to care about us the most. We never bother anyone... we never ask anything of others... yet, there are four people who seem to know without really knowing... when we are hurting; when we need something; who care.

They don't have to ask us if we need something; they seemingly know. It's like us... we don't ask when we give people things to help them... we 'just know'. We find a way to do it without hurting pride. It hurts when we see someone in need... and we are in need at the same time... and we don't have something 'to make things better' for them.

We have given to others... half what we have, giving the best to them. They don't have to be our friends... we see 'need'. We care. I truly wish we were rich... oh, the difference we could make in this life.

I failed at 'saving the world' as a young person... when I thought I could. I could 'save the world' ... around me, now... if I were rich.

I think 'saving the world' means... 'save the people you see around you who need, suffer... wish. Each person could do their part... by looking around them... can you imagine? Sadly... people aren't like that... most are about 'me... me... me'.

There was a time... when we... did make a difference in the lives of strangers, homeless people... family. Those days have long since gone.

I miss doing 'wonderful things' to make someone happy. I miss seeing pure joy, happiness in the eyes of someone I did something 'good', for.

I see people who need... and it doesn't take a lot to bring pure happiness into their life. The sad thing is ... we don't have it to give. We can only share what we have... wishing we had so much more to give... to make someone happy.

One of the greatest joys in life, in my 'Gloria Opinion'... is giving... and if possible... make someone's dream come true.... without any strings attached.

Just tell them to ... pass it forward, without any strings attached.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

I'm Not Well...

I'm not well... and depending on how I am feeling... will determine if and when I get on the computer.
I wanted to let everyone know that this week I may not be on the computer very much. I haven't been well for several days... depending on how I feel, will determine when I get on the computer.

Camie, Kissy, and Chadwick are doing well. No matter how we feel, they are always taken care of first. They are our precious babies.

Love, Gloria

Monday, June 16, 2014

Anger To My Dying Day... No Need To Ever Question ... 'Why?'

Anger To My Dying Day... No Need To Ever Question... 'Why?'
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

The last photo of Tommy living... just a couple hours before he died... he was on the way to play with his little 3 year old son at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the first time... he made this trip... on to leave forever on another... trip.  I grieve for my son in every breath I take... even though I smile, and you never know it.  Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I have been going through another 'Tommy Time'.  You have shared it with me many times, reading as I wrote about it.

I wrote honestly, as I promised I would ... how it felt to be 'this grieving mother'.  That's 'why' I began writing this blog... I couldn't find anything to compare with... being a grieving mother.

I can't speak for other mothers who have lost a child/children.  I can say I know from losing my only child, my son... how I have felt.  I don't even know if 'you' can read my blog about grieving... to know if what you are feeling is 'normal'.   I only know what 'I feel'.....

How do you compare one grieving mother's grief... to another grieving mother?  How?  In her mind... 'her' child died, the pain she goes through is from 'her' child.  Think about it for a moment... just for a minute... 'if' it were your child....  see, it's so bad ... that you can't bear even the thoughts of it.  'Your' pain would be greatest.....

It seems I keep going through 'disbelief'... disbelief that such a strong, big guy who loved life, wanted to live it to the fullest ....died.  I look at his photos... I see a 'real' living person who was there for the photogragh to be taken of him.  How can he not be here... now?

Blocked arteries... it really is a silent killer... the strange thing is... Tommy was going to doctors the most ever..... in his whole life during the weeks prior to his death........ not one of them 'saw anything'... not even one doctor hinted at it.

Silent, invisible..... I can't believe that not one of the doctors who prescribed heavy dosage medicine didn't do an EKG, at least some kind of tests on his heart.  Especially knowing he'd been a long-distanced truck driver for years... one knows they don't usually eat right.

Especially knowing Tommy had just come off the road with a breakdown, suffering from the death of a man he accidently ... killed.  A man who stepped out of his car, into oncoming traffic... into the path of a tractor-trailer ...driven by my son, Tommy.

I don't even question 'why did it have to be Tommy who hit the man... some cars did in fact 'hit' the man, 'afterwards'... they had no choice in the three fast-moving lanes of traffic on that bridge.  Only it wasn't the man... it was 'parts'.

I'm not going to get answers to my question 'why'... did it have to be Tommy.  As someone would think to ask me .... 'why not Tommy?'  How in the h___ can I answer that question.... 'because he's my son, and I wish he were here, and that's 'why' he died... what he was going through 'disguised' his medical condition.....

Don't I sound so angry at this moment?  I don't mean to ... oh yes, I do!  No, I don't... but, .... I am.  No, I'm not............  I'm not... it just hurts... I feel pain in my heart.  These are just thoughts.... :)))

Can you see a gentle giant of a guy down on one knee, in the middle of the highway... in shock?  Crying... tears on his face... his eyes only focused on the parts of the man lying in the road?  How did the traffic 'not hit' my son, too?

His eyes not seeing any car, or person who slowed down .... after realizing something bad had just happened?  They drove silently past my son, looking straight into his face.... he never saw them.

I stop to think for this moment.... if it were my eyes seeing this gentle giant of a guy down on one knee, in the middle of  Interstate 40 on the bridge (no breakdown lanes)....... what would 'my eyes have seen?'

I would see a blonde-headed guy with eyes frozen wide in shock, tears he never knew were falling from them.... looking around him, at the 'parts... the 'red'.... in the road.  I 'can hear the screaming in his mind' that no one else could hear..............  how long did it take for someone to come, put their arms, their hands out to touch him, comfort him?  How long?

Once the law enforcement arrived, and the IMAP people got there... they began comforting him, talking to him.  They kept telling him it was an accident...

I won't ever forget my son ... he sat in front of me, crying ... 'not seeing me as he tried to tell me what happened' ... as he described the blood, the torso with the heart still beating in it... lying there.

The things he saw.... the things he carried in his mind... oh God, I understood the pain he was in.... I was experiencing it as I watched my own son experience it.  I was sick to my stomach, I felt actual, physical pain.  Mothers do that......

In my mind, I keep hearing his soft voice crying, "mama, mama"..... You see, I still deal with what he went through, I grieved with him... I 'felt like I was there, too'.  That's part of being a mother.... being a part of your child... almost feeling like whatever happens to your child... also, happened to you.

Oh God, the physical pain I felt in my heart when this happened to Tommy... (May 2009).... one year later in the same month... May-2010 ... my son died.  He never got over the death of that man... he came off the road in April-2010... with a breakdown... began going to doctors.

Not one doctor checked his heart ...his heart was broken... not only that, it really was 'broken'..... blocked arteries... he would die at any moment.  It was just a matter of .... days, weeks... from April 1st to May 29th.  (2010)

Tommy suffered, grieved ... was in bad condition just before he died.  You wonder 'why' I grieve the way I do... there's always more to the story when it's told.  There's still ..... more.  It is always like that... true stories have to be told in 'layers'.

He was desperately trying to ... come back to life, to live it.  I even saw several smiles ... just before he died.  Do you see 'why' I talk about his smiles?  He'd quit smiling after that accident....

Just before he went to Myrtle Beach that weekend, he'd talked to someone about going back to school.  He was supposed to meet, ride around with a parole officer... that's what Tommy wanted to do.  He'd been good at that job.

These are thoughts in my head today.  It takes a long time to tell a story... a true story of real events.  Some are too painful... to tell straight-forward.  There's always still 'more'... left untold.  The same as in my life ... it's always going to 'be one day'... only layers at a time can be told, seen.....  too painful.

It's always 'if'.... after things happen.  Just like the 'if a doctor had just checked Tommy's heart'..... damn all the 'ifs'.... yes, I said that!  I felt a flash of pure, hot anger... mixed with pure, raw grief.

Now, it's time to go back to 'being all right' again.  Play the game of life... everything is all right.  I smile again, laugh... never mind if a tear or two falls.

I just think lately... I have felt anger about Tommy's death.  I think about all he suffered prior leading up to his death... he was experiencing 'pure hell', not only that... he was experiencing bad things in his life.

Yes... I guess I'll feel anger to my 'dying day'... I know there are things I'll always live with... things I'll never talk about... unless it's the right place, right time.

Tommy's death ... Tommy's death ... can 'you' imagine 'being in my shoes'... saying your child's name in place of 'Tommy's name'?  Yes, I know you can't bear to even think it, anymore... than saying it.

I know this won't be the last time I'll experience the feelings of anger 'inside'... over my child's death.  For now, it's how I'm feeling.   I'm sure from time to time, I'll experience 'anger to my dying day.'

Not only that.... it never does any good to question 'why?'

This is one of the times I was going through a 'Tommy Time'... grieving for the loss of my son.  When I began first writing, I promised to share what grief is like with my followers, readers online.

I write what I know best... pain, grief... yet, I am a positive, happy, good person.  I'm proof that 'somehow, some way... no matter how bad... everything can be alright'.  The ones who have followed me for the past years know a lot of what I've experienced in my life... they know this to be true.

Photo is owned by me... #Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka #GrannyGee
Article is owned by me, written in my words.  It can probably be found on my blogs, Facebook, and Bubblews.  Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

I Thanked God...

I Thanked God...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I was lying back on the lush, green grass
Wildflowers growing all around me
My feet were propped up on a big, round boulder

My eyes were looking to the sky
Clouds as big as houses were floating above me
Fluffy, pure white clouds

I reached my hands toward the sky
From where I lay it looked like my hand
Was touching a cloud... I pretended to pinch it

I suddenly had a craving for cotton candy
Only... I would want pink or blue cotton candy
To pinch off with my fingers to stuff in my mouth

I felt little legs crawling over my arm
A little black ant scurrying on its way
I flicked it gently off onto the ground

I loved laying on the soft, thick grasses
My feet propped up on the boulder
I wiggled my toes in delight

Closed my eyes... enjoyed the warm sunshine
On my face, my skin... my hair
I could smell my perfume as it became warm

Mixed with the wildflowers that I also, lay on
Beautiful... a beautiful, warm scent in the air
I could lay here forever

A blue dragonfly landed on my toe
I watched it as its wings fluttered
I thought of Tommy, as I stayed still to make it stay longer

The dragonfly finally flew away
I took a deep breath, got to my feet
Tommy's gone to heaven, I can't bring him back

I looked back to the sky
Thanked God for Skip, our three Pups
They were all I had left in this world

It was time to go now... I began to walk
My lips began to smile; I could hear Skip and the Pups
Hear them in the distance... I couldn't wait to join them

I couldn't wait to be back in our family circle
The Pups ran toward me... I saw Skip catch sight of me, smile
I was back with my whole world around me ... I thanked God

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Big Fat, Naked Woman... With A Gun!

Big Fat, Naked Woman ... With A Gun!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

She was in the shower when she heard a loud noise that wouldn't stop.  It sounded like the house was coming apart!

Just before, she'd been thinking of going on a diet to lose 50-100 lbs.  She really needed to... she couldn't see any purpose in... being fat.  None at all.

Her mind identified the noise!  It was the sound of the front door... breaking apart!  She went into shock, froze... she had no weapon close by to defend herself.

Her mind raced... what to do!  She was naked... so, she couldn't just bust out of the bathroom with no clothes on to run to the bedroom to grab her gun!  No, she was... too fat for someone to see her!  Even to save her own life!

Before she could think... she went into action.  She slipped out of the shower, tiptoed to the open door... peeped out.  She didn't see anyone in the hall.

She moved quickly to her bedroom... went to the nightstand, opened the drawer quietly.  She stood for a moment, took a deep breath.  As soon as the thought came into her mind to get her robe... she heard the intruder coming down the hall!

Oh, my God!  I'm naked... so... fat!  The intruder will see me!  I will die 'fat and naked'!  I don't want anyone to see me like this!  I don't want to die, naked and ... fat!

Before she could think any farther, once again... she went into action.  She ran across the carpet, silently.  Stood just inside the open bedroom door... she heard him near the door!

The intruder froze in pure shock, never expecting what happened next.

A huge ... naked woman jumped out of the bedroom door in front of him, brandishing a pistol in her hand.  Her wet, long hair was dripping water... there was hell in her eyes!

He was taken by surprise, he completely forgot 'why' he was there.  The woman had jumped out in front of him, screaming at him... pointing her gun at him.  The sight!  He knew he wasn't seeing what he thought he was seeing!

His mind simply couldn't take in what his eyes were seeing.  A crazed, monstrous-size woman... a crazy, naked... huge woman standing there in front of him... her legs spread out, feet wide apart.  She was fully prepared to shoot him!

He didn't know how afraid the big woman was of him.  She was bluffing his ass off!  She kept screaming, acting crazy.  It was working!  She could see that now... he was the one who was scared!

She began walking toward him... she didn't care if her fat bounced, jiggled as she walked.  This fat was helping to save her life!  "Drop that damn knife, you b_____"!  The intruder dropped the knife to the hall floor.  She walked in front of it, backing him up farther.

They reached the bathroom door... she reached in to take her cellphone off the countertop.  She held the pistol tighter as she dialed 911... looked the intruder in the eyes as she told the dispatcher to please send help... someone just broke in on her... and she had her gun on him... she would shoot if he made a move!  Yes, yes... she'd leave the cellphone on until help arrived.

She could see her purple robe hanging up on the door across from the bathroom.  She wanted her robe desperately.  She nodded her head for the intruder to move backwards down the hall farther... he did.

She grabbed her robe with one hand, pulled it to her.  The rack fell to the floor... she never looked at it.  She ignored the thought that she needed to pick it up.  She began pulling the purple robe on with one hand... the whole time, glaring at her prisoner.

She put the fear of God in his eyes... from the hell that blazed out of hers.  There's nothing quite like a crazy, fat ... naked woman pointing a gun at you!  It wasn't ... a funny sight!

She heard, saw two deputies come into the living room.  They saw the situation... took control.

The man began screaming to get him out of there.  There's a big-ass crazy, naked woman with a gun who was going to kill him!  As the two deputies handcuffed him... they looked toward the lady.  One of the deputies picked up the knife in gloved hand, put it into a plastic bag.

They didn't see a crazy, big-ass, naked woman.  Instead, they saw an older woman with fear, tears in her eyes... trying to smile.  Her hand was shaking, as she turned off her cellphone... she had put her gun down inside the bathroom door.

She had on a long, attractive robe... a beautiful shade of purple at that.  She seemed calm, though... one could plainly see she'd just suffered a fright.

They just didn't see a crazy woman in front of them.  They began to watch the intruder closely... he was not only intruder, he was unstable.

The deputies led the man out the door... he twisted to look back at her with wide eyes.  She opened her robe... made an awful face, grinned... at him!  The man went off once again, making the deputies look back at her.

They didn't see anything but, the nice woman this man was going to hurt, possibly kill.  This man was crazy, they thought as they left with him.

The woman watched as they left.  She closed the broken door... someone would have to repair it.  She was amazed at her fat self... a short time ago, she couldn't think of any purpose to being fat.

Being fat for the first time in her life... in this situation... had served her well!  She had shocked the intruder almost to death!  She grinned....

She thanked God, the ... whole world ... didn't see her naked.  Yes, being fat in this situation ... served her well.  It saved her life!

No one knew but, her and the intruder that she was a ... big fat, naked woman with a gun!  She got satisfaction when he looked back at her... and... she ... flashed him!

This story was written for by me:

Photo Credit:  Photo is owned by me, #Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka #GrannyGee

This story came to me as I was taking my own shower... I even giggled as I thought about writing it ... it's not ... a true story!  The story, words are my own.  Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Amen! HalleLujah! Twelve Year Old Girl Visiting Another Church...

BY GLORIA FAYE BROWN BATES/aka Granny Gee (reblog)


She's looking at me again! I kept singing 'Amazing Grace', as I wondered 'why' she turned around to look at me. The next song was 'Little Brown Church'... I loved this song, and I sung with my best voice! It felt wonderful!

Someone punched me in the back, and I didn't want to turn around to see 'who'. We were all standing up in church, singing songs. I was in the choir at my church (I was visiting this church), I knew I could sing (later .. I would find out how badly I sang! when the choir director asked me to sing with my mouth, but.... not let my voice be heard!).

I was the youngest in the choir at my church, I hadn't been singing long. I loved it, I'd discovered I could sing! It was fun. I was catching on to little frowns here and there from the older women here at this church. I was a child and I didn't understand 'why'. Why some of those old-ass women looked right mean at me!

We sat down and listened to the pastor talk about someone was surely going to hell if they didn't change their ways. I knew I was going to change my ways. I was only twelve years old, I sure didn't want to go to hell! He screamed 'Amen!' making me jump in my seat. Hallelujah! I couldn't take much more of this! All this screaming, hollering, jumping up and down.... I saw this at grandma's all the time... I came to church where it was peaceful, no one to scare me, or make me nervous. This new church did all of that. I'm not coming back here anymore!

I was trying to stay awake, I didn't sleep good last night. Grandma and George were fussing about something. I hoped they wouldn't go to hell. I didn't want anyone I loved to go to hell, now that I've just learned about it.

Damn, I didn't want to burn up. I think I had better stop saying the word 'damn'. I'd been using that word in my mind since my mother washed my mouth out with Ivory soap when I was younger. It made me remember that word, that's what Ivory soap did! Damn! There he goes again! Amen! Give me a hallelujah!

Damn! That preacher sure can scream, he scares me everytime he screams 'amen!' and 'hallelujah!' He's talking about people who talk in tongues now... what in the ...... is talking in tongues?!!!

I'm not sure what this means at all... I only had one tongue! I was at this church 'visiting'. An older lady wanted me to come to her church this Sunday with her. I wasn't sure if I liked this church better than the Baptist Church I'd been attending. It seemed older women took it upon themselves to save my soul... I must have looked like I was surely going to hell.

What? I look to my left to see the older woman I was with.... why, that's white stuff on her mouth! Oh my God! I began panicking... I'd seen this not long ago on my mom's face when she suffered a seizure. I slid over away from the woman, staring at her in shock! I never thought about how others probably were looking at me!

This woman began to talk, she jerked like that chicken I saw one time... when someone chopped its head off! I cried for that chicken! She stood up hollering 'Thank-you, Jesus!' She began to walk like that chicken up the aisle... I just couldn't understand this! I'd never seen such in my church. I felt very nervous, my stomach had butterflies in it.

That woman's head was going backwards and forwards... she was walking, she really did look alot like that chicken! What the hell! Why she just fell on the floor, she's rolling! That white stuff coming out of her mouth!

Damn, I've got to get out of here! I'm going to hell as sure as I stay in here, I keep being shocked, scared... I keep saying ugly words!

I wanted to go outside where the other kids were playing. This was the perfect opportunity to 'get away'! I looked around, people were praying and saying 'amen!' and 'hallelujah!' They were talking but..... wait a minute, is this 'talking in tongues?' I think they were talking in tongues, I couldn't understand a word they said!

I got the heck out of there. When I got outside, a boy handed me a.... straight pin. I looked at him and asked him what that was for? He said to protect myself... stick somebody back if they stick you!

What have I got myself into! Damn that girl! She just stuck me with a pin and ran. I'll catch her ass, and show her how it feels! I ran and sure enough, I caught her. I stuck not one time, but, two times! She cried. She deserved it. I was mad now! I didn't like being stuck with a pin.

Ouch! _____!!! That hurt like ____!!! I chased that boy until I grabbed him by his shirt, and I stuck him in the _____! That'll teach you to stick me!

I've got to get away from this church... it's dangerous here! I thought my life was hell, but, this was something else. I wanted to go back to grandma and George's!

I stood on the churchsteps watching those boys and girls running, laughing and............. bleeding!!! I looked on my arms and sure enough, there was blood running down my arm. What the____?!!!

A boy ran up to stick me again, I stopped him in his tracks. I told him he would be most sorry if he stuck me with that pin, I wasn't playing anymore! He laughed and ran back to stick somebody else!

I came to this new church and feared for my very soul... that preacher said somebody would surely go to hell. I could see 'why'... those kids were mean! They needed to be inside listening to the preacher so, he could scream and scare the hell out of them. He'd already scare it out of me!

I peeped back in the door of the church... there were grownups lying all around in that floor! They were moaning, talking strange, why.... that looks like that white stuff on their mouths! Amen! Hallelujah! That preacher shouted. I can't take no more, I've got to go... no where is it calm, or safe for me!

I keep looking toward the street... it isn't far to just walk back to grandma and George's! I'm going to walk back home! No one is paying attention to me, those kids were too busy sticking each other with those pins! I walked back to grandma and George's and swore to myself that I wouldn't be going to church with that lady again. I knew I'd surely go to hell if I did... I didn't like those kids sticking me with pins....

Thursday, June 5, 2014

I Tried To Weigh My ... Footprints Today

I Tried To Weigh My  ... Footprints ... Today
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee
(My Photo ... my Footprints :)))

Dusty ... I looked around, deciding to get the little duster I kept for removing dust off the furniture.

Dust was everywhere.  It was understandable as we live close to a busy, country highway.  Farm equipment, trucks ... traffic.

I dusted all off ... I was glad to have it done.  That's the one thing I 'hate' to do .... dust.  I am the type of person who wants all to 'stay just as I make it when I clean up ... clean, 'perfect'.  Of course, it doesn't.

I walked into the bathroom to wash my hands.  I was looking in the mirror at my hair ... when the thought came to me ... I'm going to weigh.  I should weigh more often, I thought.

I closed the door to get to the black, glass scale behind it.  I stopped just as I almost closed the door.  Amazing, I thought!

On the black glass scale was a perfect set of footprints!  Small footprints ... my footprints!  I stood there staring at them ... a silly thought came to mind.  How could I preserve them?  Who would I preserve them for?  I laughed to myself ... you only do that with a child's footprints.

The footprints were so perfect there in the dust ... on the black glass scale;  I didn't want to just dust them off ... I wanted to at least do something special with them.  I mean who ever gets to see perfect footprints left ... on the scale?

I decided ... I would weigh them.  I tapped my big toe on the edge of the scale to make it come on.  I watched the zeros ... waited to see how much my footprints weighed.  I can tell you firsthand ... my footprints didn't ... weigh anything!
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Day Our Thoughts Will Be Stolen From Us...

The Day Our Thoughts Will Be Stolen From Us...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I thought I saw a big shadow on the grass outside the storm door.  What in the world?

I look outside, I don't see anything.  I open the door for a moment, listen.  I hear a small sound ... maybe an insect.  I stood there for a moment... thinking that something just 'didn't feel right'.  Something strange... but, what?

I looked out across the green grass of the yard ... there it was again!  The shadow went around in a circle ... it was shaped like a giant ... grasshopper!

I looked up... saw a giant grasshopper flying overhead.  It was big... when I say big ... that grasshopper was over a foot long!  I began to really look at it ... thought ... that's not a grasshopper!

It began to descend ... until ... it hovered on the ground in front of me!  I looked closer ... I saw a pizza box underneath it!  What the ......!  This was the pizza I had order a little while ago!

About that time, another ... grasshopper ... swooped down, to hover in front of me!  This one was green.  There was a bigger package underneath!  I saw the name, logo ... of a famous company on it.  My order was here!  Look how it came!

I knew now, these were the drones I'd been hearing about on the world news!  They were finally here ... I looked up in the sky out of curiosity to see if there were more.

I saw red drones ... blue drones, white drones.  Each was going along its way with packages underneath them ... each had a destination to deliver to.

There was a soft hum in the air ... a new sound I'd never heard before.  The future was here ... drones flying as if it was the most natural thing in the world.  The sky was alive with .. colors flying through the air, each going to its own special destination.

I love colors!  I never knew I'd be able to sit on my front porch ... actually see beautiful colors of packages flying through the air ... packages that held treasures!  Suppose someone shot one down ... to get the precious cargo?

My mind began thinking all kinds of things ... now, there would really be no privacy left in the world.  Neighbors would be able to spy on the other.  Law Enforcement would watch, listen to everyone ... no matter if they weren't doing anything wrong.

Soon ... our thoughts won't be private.  I wonder what they have invented to ... steal our thoughts?  That would be the end of us as private citizens when the day comes ... the day when our thoughts are stolen from us.

Note From Author:  This day is almost here... the drones are flying in some states.  I just heard that on the world news.  This story I wrote above ... isn't true.  But ... I expect it to be before too long.

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