Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Job Well Done"!

"Job Well Done" ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




(This is the 3rd little short story about Victoria, my main character in my book I'm writing ... this won't be in the book.

I am practicing writing, warming up to begin writing again.

The first two little short stories you can read to catch up to this, are ... A Burning Box; A Girl's Got To Do What A Girl's ... Got To Do!)

Victoria stood in the basement, looking at her handiwork. Not so bad for the second time.

She'd just put Charlotte's boyfriend's ashes into another urn. Both were sitting side by side. That was the second cremation Victoria had ever done. She did good.

Now ... what to do with the urns. She wanted to be sure the ashes would never be found. For the moment, she needed to hide them. She was tired, after all ... handling two bodies took something out of a person.

She went to the wall, began feeling along the joints where each brick was joined. She knew what to do with the ashes. She was going to chip the mortar out between each until she had a space big enough to hide both urns.

She walked over to the bench, saw the tool she needed. She began chipping. When she finished, she swept up the old mortar ... opened up Charlotte's urn ... poured it inside with her ashes. She put the lid back on ... did the same with Charlotte's boyfriend's ashes. Both urns were full to the brim with Charlotte, her boyfriend, and the mortar.

Victoria took both urns and placed them inside the sheetrock she'd sawed a square hole in ... both sat on the floor inside the wall. She knew there was quickcrete in the shed outside the basement door. She may as well get it done right now.

She mixed the quickcrete in a bucket, began putting the bricks back to fill the hole. She walked outside, got some soil, brought it back inside. She mixed the soil with water... and took a cloth, began rubbing the mortar to make it match the old mortar in color.

Victoria turned around, looked at the old incinerator. She had an idea. No one knew, or remembered it was there. She knew that she was going to 'go in business' ... rid the world of mean, cruel people who harmed others; animals. They were going to burn in ... hell.

She walked up the steps, flipped the switch at the top. The basement became dark. She went through the door, locked it.

Victoria was going to bed. She didn't have a worry in the world. She knew how to take care of business ... and she reached up, patted herself on the shoulder. Aloud, she said ..."job well done"!
Photo/Story Credit are both owned, written by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

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  1. You should put these stories in your book! I think people would like them. Then again, it is your decision. I just think they are good enough to go in your books. Love, Ms. Nancy