Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Characters Speak For Themselves ...

My Characters Speak For Themselves ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Photo is of me, owned by me ... Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee ...

I wanted to take a few minutes to let people who know me, don't know me ... to know that I write stories ... they aren't necessarily true stories.  I add my thoughts to my stories to make them real.  Some people take them too seriously, sometimes.  I feel like when they do, I wrote the story ... 'real' enough.  :)

Sometimes, I will hear something in the background on tv, around me ... and go off on a writing spree.

Example:  the story I wrote about 'I Don't Give A Damn How You Are' ... that story came from hearing in the background on tv ... a woman in an office setting saying, "hello-ooooooooooo, how-wwww are-eeeeeeeeeee you-uuuuuuuu".

I began instantly thinking about how fakey it was ... how it bothered me to hear someone say that.  I worked in an office setting for years, and I knew when one of the women said such in 'that tone'... it wasn't real.  They really didn't give a damn.  Truth is the truth.

Anyway, I think people really thought I was meaning myself ... like it was me who didn't give a damn 'how you are'.  It wasn't me.  It was just writing.  It was one of those times, I went off on a little writing spree.  It was taken too seriously.

I am going to say this to those who don't know me, and are new to my writing.  I'm a for-real good person who has been through very bad things in my life.  I 'could have been very, very bad' ... from the things that happened ... I chose to be a good person.  I do care about people, feelings... animals.

I am very private, but, it doesn't mean I don't notice, or care about people around me.  I care more than anyone knows.  Sometimes, I don't know how to show it.  When someone begins getting too close to me ... I begin backing off.  It's just me ... it doesn't mean I'm mean, or bad.  I can't afford to be 'too close' to anyone ... I don't need any extra pain.

I don't write about any one thing.  But ... one thing that I do write at any time is grief, and remembering Tommy, my son.  I know pain, grief ... how most things in life feel from experience.  It's why I write ... and I don't need anyone to feel sorry for me.  I don't feel sorry for myself.  No one has to take what I write ... too seriously.

Whenever, I see someone doing that (I read the comments you write) ... I have to stop time to time ... to write what you are reading at this very moment.

Just know that whatever happens to be on my mind ... isn't for anyone to take too seriously.  The story I wrote about the mother (Is This What My Son Died ... Fighting For?) ... wasn't a true story in my life ... but, it is in ... someone's life.  It just came to me, when my heart felt for the mother of a soldier who died in Afghanistan.  No, I didn't know her ... but, as a mother of a son who died ... that came to my mind.

We are all human, and we focus on what's in our immediate life.  I know we all aren't aware every moment that young men are on foreign soil fighting, losing their lives for us.  I think of it a lot; some people do.  We have to live life wherever we are ... I realize that.  We are what we think about ...

Anyway ... just know, I am a most caring, compassionate person.  No matter what I write, the several 'ugly' words I use from time to time ... doesn't mean I'm not a good person.

When writing, one has to write what's on one's mind at that time ... sometimes, in order to be written as it needs to be ... an 'ugly' word has to be used.  It doesn't mean I'm being ugly.  That's what writers do ...  'My characters speak for themselves' ...

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  1. You know when someone thinks you are being so serious----that is when you know you have written something very well. It should tell you how good you are at writing! Just like I have been telling you all along :) I am patiently waiting for Victoria Fairchild to make a come back! I know you will know when it is time for her to "re-appear". I love you writing! Keep up the good work! Love, Ms. Nancy