Sunday, August 3, 2014

She Never Knew What Happened To Her Body ...

She Never Knew What Happened To Her Body ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Photo is of me, owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates ... a younger Granny Gee.


Don't you wish you were ... really different in a special way? We all wish there was something about us ... that other people really appreciated.

When younger, we think we are so much. We can save the world because we are very strong. We always have a plan on how to react 'if something bad happened'.

You know, like when a parent told you 'no'... when you wanted to go out. They told you that you could get hurt; you could be kidnapped ... or worse.

But ... no, in your mind, no one can hurt you. You could handle anything that happened to you. You are so strong!

You are so naive, never knowing danger could come in the form of a family friend; someone whom everyone thinks a lot of.

Why you could accept a ride with someone everyone loves, knows could never do any wrong. You aren't afraid. You are young ... you can handle anything that comes your way. Just let someone try to mess with you!

You are walking down the street to your grandmother's house ... sure enough, good old so-and-so offers you a ride. You jump right in ...

The car goes in the opposite direction, you want to ask why. Maybe you are afraid of being misinterpreted ... you wouldn't want so-and-so to think you were accusing them of doing something wrong.

The car goes down a dark road, stops at a pond. The man turns to you, demands you take your clothes off. He wants to do something bad to you. You begin to cry, you are afraid. Then ... survival kicks in ... you didn't lead your young life of being abused ... for nothing.

Anger rages in you ... you are not going to take this ... laying down. You begin to scream ... you move forward to scratch his eyeballs out; bite, kick him hard in the family jewels. He screams like a girl, while he clutches himself.

You open the door of the car, run like hell. He's going to get you! You make it into the woods, you move slower, quieter. You hear a sweet, comforting voice call your name ...

It's alright ... I wasn't going to hurt you. Come out, come out wherever you are. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm so sorry you thought I would hurt you ...

You are almost tempted to come out ... hell no! You go deeper into the forest ... you come to a railroad track. You begin to run like a deer ... he can't catch you!

You come to a road crossing the railroad track ... see a car, panic. Oh no! He's found you! He's found you! No! You almost faint ... from relief.

The car is a deputy sheriff's car! You run to it, cry for help. He gets out, helps you into the car. The deputy tells you that you are safe ... everything's going to be alright, now.

You needed help ... you found it. No, you couldn't take care of yourself. Every plan you had thought of to save your ass 'just in case' you got in a dangerous situation went out the window.

You beg the deputy to please go ... you are afraid that man is going to get you. The deputy sheriff wants to sit there, question you, tell you no one can hurt you, now. He's there to protect you ...

A shadow looms up at his window ... too late, the deputy knew he's made a mistake. He never felt the bullet that went through his head!

The girl screamed, fainted. She never knew what happened to her body ...

Photo/Story Credit: is owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka &grannygee


  1. What a frightening story! Well told too!

  2. I hope this is a fiction story! I know you grew up in hell next door to me. I just never knew all the details. Love, Ms. Nancy