Tuesday, September 9, 2014

'Be Damned' ... I'd Feel Bad For Doing It!

'Be Damned' ... I'd Feel Bad For Doing It!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Photo is of me, owned by me ... Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee as young woman ...


You damn hellion, you! You better quit driving so fast! If you get in a wreck, you deserve to, you little bitch! The woman raved, white foam spewed out of her mouth.

I didn't feel rebellious until she uttered those words. Truthfully, it pissed me off. I was a teenager of seventeen ... you know how teen-agers are!

I looked at her, squinted my eyes. She stood on her front porch at the end of the dirt road where I stopped at ... for the stop sign. Little bitch? Hellion? I deserved to be in a wreck? Drive fast? I'll show her ass who drives fast!

The next thing I know ... the car spun out into the road, and I was changing gears like a boss! Man, the gears sounded good under my hand. I'd learned how to drive a straight shift, and by God ... I could drive that car!

I left black marks behind me ... and I know a string of curses were delivered in the air toward me! I could still hear that woman's hateful voice screaming at me ... at me! I was mad. To be truthful, my feelings were hurt, also. She didn't have to talk to me like that. She really didn't know me, I didn't know her. Now ... there was no chance I'd let her know me. Damn, I hated her!

I drove the fourteen miles to town, squealing around curves until I calmed down. Once, I almost wrecked, going off a high mountain. I was so mad, I don't know if I would have felt it!

I made it a point to spin off at that sign every time I stopped there, until several months later ... I began to feel bad about doing that. I stopped doing it.

I didn't like to hurt people ... I was learning in life not to ... I had been brought up 'to fix someone's ass' if they bothered you. Not only that ... fix their ass good, 'and I mean 'good'.

The strange thing was ... I never enjoyed doing that. I was at the age where I was learning from my actions. I could lose my temper ... pay someone's ass back ... and 'be damned' ... I'd feel bad for doing it!

Photo Credit/Story Credit is owned by me... Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

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  1. When a person feels bad for doing something to someone---I think it is called having a "conscious". I am glad you no longer do those things. That shows character in a person. A "GOOD" character at that! Love, Ms. Nancy