Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Did I Tell You I Loved That Sound ... Don't Ask Me 'Why'?

Did I Tell You I Loved That Sound ...  Don't Ask Me 'Why'?
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Photos of me as a three year old little girl ... I loved everyone ... This was before 'Hell'.
Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee (I own photo/story).



I stood on the pavement, looking through the chain-link fence. I walked several steps farther until I was looking through the opened gate.

The sun shone brightly; the breeze caressed my face, my hair. What a beautiful day. I could hear ... that ... sound!

My eyes followed the neat, graveled road up a hill to the top. I could see what was making the sound I heard. For some reason ... I really like that sound. Don't ask me 'why' ... I couldn't answer you.

There was a big flagpole standing above the graves below. The cords were gently rocking in the wind. When they blew out from the pole, they fell back with a soft clang. I stood listening to that sound. Did I tell you that I loved that sound ... but, didn't know 'why'?

I decided to walk up the graveled road. My steps took me past graves of people I remembered as a child. Some people I liked ... some, I didn't like.

I walked to the top of the hill, stood at the base of the flag pole. I listened to my heart's content of the sound of cords gently blowing in the wind, tapping music out on the flag pole.

My eyes looked down at the graves of soldiers from long ago. I looked back to the flag pole ... I knew the music was special. For some reason, it touched my soul; 'why' ... I don't know.

I was in the cemetery I had been introduced to as a very little girl of four, maybe five years old. Teenage girls were baby-sitting me at the time. They got the bright idea to walk to the cemetery the night I was with them.

I loved walking along side the big girls. I loved hearing them laugh, giggle about boys, and what else I can't remember. I felt safe!

We got to the very gate I just walked into ... the night light was shining down on us. They began giggling; one said 'come on'!

I followed them into the cemetery. Somehow, I knew it was for dead people ... I felt a little fear. I knew they were big girls, I trusted them.

One girl began making a moaning sound like a ghost. I felt a thrill go through my body ... looked around. 'Someone' might ... wake up! I was beginning to want my mama ....

They led me almost to the top of the hill where the flag pole sat .... began squealing, saying 'run'! I saw all of the girls run fast; there wasn't any way I could keep up with the big girls! They left me in that cemetery!

I began crying, almost fell to the ground. The fear was overwhelming to this little girl. Those dead people were going to get me! I just knew they were going to get me! I cried to the girls to 'please come back'! I heard laughing, giggling.

How my little feet kept walking, running to get out of that cemetery, I'll never know. I was hysterical by the time I reached the girls. They began hugging me, saying all was alright, and to please never tell anyone.

I never told anyone ... that was the beginning of things I never told anyone as a child. 'That' ... I could have put into words ... other things at that age ... I didn't know the words for.

I stood there as an adult, picturing in my mind that little girl. A little, slightly chubby girl with long hair she could sit on ... pretty.

I pictured her little face as the realization dawned on her at what the big girls were going to do. Her eyes got big ... fear filled her little body, almost making it impossible to move.

I could hear her little girl voice begging those big girls to please come back ... to 'please don't leave me'!

I smiled a sad, little smile ... then ... as I heard the flag pole 'music', I relaxed, smiled a happy smile. Did I tell you that I loved that sound? Don't ask me 'why'?


Photo/Story Credit belongs to me. Photo is of me; story written by me. This is a true story when I was little ... how I feel as an adult listening to the 'music' of the flag pole, today. Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka &grannygee

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  1. Sometimes children can be mean to other children. I can't imagine being a little girl being left alone like that in a cemetery. Glad you were ok! Love, Ms. Nancy