Thursday, September 18, 2014

Things Have A Way Of Appearing , If You Think About Them!

Things Have A Way Of Appearing, If You Think About Them!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee

When we were little ... children played outside all the time ... every chance they got.  We played tag, marbles, in the sand ... ball.  We even threw clods of dirt at each other (that wasn't nice!).  We pitched dimes up to the line drawn in the sand (we were mean little kids ... I learned a lot when I was sent to Hell ).  Photos are of me before being sent to Hell ... a trusting little girl.  They are owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka #Granny Gee


Sitting there ... hidden from the world, a little girl sat. She was trying to make herself be quiet. She was afraid she was going to be found! She was breathing too hard! She ran to find the first place she knew she wouldn't be found at.

She was inside ... the butterbean vines. They draped over a cord to hang down on each side. They were full of butterbeans, and lush, green leaves. She loved hiding here. She didn't want to be found! She didn't want to be 'It' ...

She sat there listening to the squeals when the other children were being found ... when she froze.

Do you know how you look at something ... and all appears to be fine? But ... as you stare, things become clearer to you?

The little girl pulled the vine back to peek out, quickly pulled it back. There her cousin was! She held her breath ...

As her little head went back to get another deep breath ... she saw it! She almost fainted! Oh no! It was looking straight at her, and it was turning its head! It seemed to stare through her! It was the same color as the leaves!

The little girl froze, hoping it would just go away! It didn't, in fact ... it began rubbing its 'hands' together. The little girl knew he was warming up to get her! She was trying so, hard to be quiet ...

The damn thing jumped at her! It was long ... it was going to get her! She began having a hissy fit! She began screaming, breaking those vines from the cord that held them. She came out of the butterbeans like a banshee from hell!

She ran until she had to stop ... began shaking all over. Just the idea of that thing touching her!

From then, on ... she was afraid of praying mantis ... they looked too intelligent. Their 'arms' were too long! Even today ... she can't look directly at one ... nor touch a photo of one!

In fact, she doesn't let herself think of one ... because things have a way of ... appearing if you think about them! Same way with those damn ... kididdlehoppers!


Photo/Story Credit belongs to me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka &grannygee

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  1. I don't like those things either!!! Especially if they jump!! They make me hurt myself. Love, Ms. Nancy