Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Family Sounds...

Family Sounds ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

A Doodle I did while sitting, grieving ... missing my own child, my son ... Tommy


I heard a sound ... a familiar, happy sound

Of a laughing child as it ran, played

I remember hearing such sounds ... a long time ago

Long ago, when my son was but, a little boy

Running, playing ... squealing in pure abandonment

Pure happiness ... oh, the innocence of a child

Long ago, I played with his little son in the sand

Laughing, squealing in pure enjoyment he did

Eyes twinkling just like his daddy's, smile just as bright

One day ... you were gone ... then, he

No more laughing, squealing sounds ... family sounds

Oh God, I miss such special sounds

When I hear them ... I stop in my tracks, lean my head sideways

Look longingly toward where they come from ... listen

Family sounds ... your family sounds ... sounds I once knew

Radio playing in the background ... door closing somewhere

Voices calling to the other ... dogs barking

More family sounds ... sounds I miss hearing ... love to hear

I listen to your family sounds ... I have none of my own, anymore

Skip and I are quiet people ... make soft sounds

I can't help it ... no matter what I'm doing ... I stop to smile, listen

When I hear the special sounds a family makes

I'm listening to life going on ... people making memories

Just as I once did ... praying your children will always be there

That you'll never know the loss of a child

Feel the pain I've carried so long, now

I pray your family sounds will last ... forever


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  1. Family sounds are good sounds------as long as it isn't arguing or fighting. I wish I could bring your family back to you but we know that is impossible. I do wish you the best in 2015! Love, Ms. Nancy