Monday, December 29, 2014

How Does ... 'It' ... Know To Come Looking ... Who 'It' Is Looking For?

How Does ... 'It' ... Know To Come Looking ... Who 'It' Is Looking For?
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

How would 'It' recognize me ... with sunglasses on?  Through the years, if I wished something mean, bad on another ... I always got ... payback.  Or ... did I pay back myself ... for being 'bad'?  We'll never know ...  Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee ... December 2014


Watch out! A black cat just ran across the road in front of you! You had better make a big 'X' on the windshield! If you don't ... you will have ... bad luck. I try not to draw an imaginary 'X' on the windshield. I'm sorry to say, I grew up hearing that ... and sometimes, still react to it.

Don't! Don't walk under that ladder! If you do ... you will experience bad luck! As for myself ... why in the world would I walk under a ladder ... anyway? If I did, I would just look to be sure there wasn't a hammer laying on the step ... or a bucket of red paint sitting there ... ready to splash me red!

Step on a crack ... break your mama's back! Oh, my ... how I used to be so careful as a child to not step on a crack! I lived in town, cracks were everywhere ... I grew up with sidewalks. I didn't want to do anything to cause harm to my mama ... no matter how many times she left me. No matter how many times I ... 'hated' her. Growing up, I realized that all the times I 'hated' my mother ... was all that much more I loved her.

Don't wish bad for others ... it'll come back on you! I do believe in this ... I believe when you wish bad things to others ... it will surely come back to ... bite you in the ass. Growing up ... my ass got bitten plenty of times ... I wished mean things lots of times as a child... young adult. I learned to wish good things ... even for people I despised.

Do unto others the way you'd want them to do ... unto you. I believe in this one, too. As a young person, I did my share of spiteful things only to have them ... 'come home' ... to me. I got to feel how it felt ... every 'damn' time!

I don't like it when something ... comes back to bite me in the ... ass! It surely will ... one way or other. Smile ... it could be coming ... for you. The sad thing is ... it takes so long for some to learn this ... it took me years to learn.

Have you ever gotten 'bitten in the ass'? How did it feel? Do you even 'know' ... when payback ... comes for you? I wonder 'how it knows' ... to come looking ... and 'who to look for'?


Photo/story both are owned by me #Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ #Granny Gee




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  1. I believe "IT" will come back to bite a person too! I never wish anything bad on anyone. Doesn't matter how bad things looks I always wish good for people even if they are not my favorite people. I guess this is one of the things we realize as we get older. Love, Ms. Nancy