Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Money Is The Root ... Of All Evil?

Money Is The Root ... Of All Evil?
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates /Granny Gee

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee ... who personally feels money isn't the root of all evil.

Sometimes, angels need watching over ... too

They watch over us ... I watch over them

When they aren't aware that I do

Do you look out for others, even animals ... when you don't have to? Do you care?

Maybe some of you can't see anything just outside your world ... it could be so wonderful, perfect ... you just don't have time to stop ... look at life around you.

Have you ever cast an eye over toward your neighbor? Wondered if they are doing okay? Maybe they burn wood in a heater ... I love to smell wood burning ... but, not ... when I know someone depends on it for survival. Not when I know they are struggling to live every day of their life.

I can't enjoy the scent of wood burning ... not around me. I associate it with hardship ... a life of more downs, than ups.

I know I don't have to care ... why would I? I don't have extra to help them ... why would I care? It's enough to live my life without worrying about someone else.

Money is the root of all evil .... I've heard it all my life. I know money can be the cause of bad things. I know people are robbed, murdered for it. This is the root of ... evil.

Money can be good, too. It can buffer someone's ass from the cold ... feed their hungry children; give someone a warm coat when they are freezing. Pay for somewhere to shelter them from the elements of the weather.

Dreams can come true ... when someone shares, does something for another. The feeling that comes from doing something special is unlike any feeling you've ever known. In my life, I've known it a lot ... when I used to have extra money. Still, once in a while ... we will do something for someone ... extra money ... or no money. Money is ... everything; money isn't ... everything.

Even without money to help others ... I can 'see, hear' people who would be so thankful for a miracles to happen in their lives. I wish I could be the one to make their dreams come true. I wish I could even do special things back to the ones who have done them for me .. through time.

Do you ever think like this? Think such thoughts? About money? Have you ever wished to make dreams come true? We all look at things differently ... some look at money like it's some evil thing. I look at money as a life-saver.

I don't care what anyone says ... money makes things possible. It buffers one's ass from the ground ... keeps them afloat to not feel the harshness of life. Think about it ... if there wasn't any money, what would you be doing? I think there'd be a lot of sore asses around, myself. I did say that!


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  1. Oh I really wish I had plenty of money to help people too! Your Grandma Alma was right! Money will be the root of all evil. Apparently she use to read the Bible because that phrase is in the Bible. I have heard that saying all my life too.I read it in the Bible myself some time ago. It may be the root of evil but we need it to survive here in this world while we are here. Love, Ms. Nancy