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Emergency ... This Could Save Your Life

Emergency ... This Could Save Your Life
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

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In today's time, we never-ever have any idea what will happen while we are out, and about.

You hear of ... bad ... things happen even in a McDonald's, in a restaurant, movie theatres ... walking in the parking lot at Walmart.  Just anywhere, we can become targets for ... bad ... people.

Every family, couple should have one common thing between them that is ... secret.  Secret ... meaning not telling anyone who isn't part of your family, or group if you are traveling together, with.

What Skip and I do, is to have one special word to use.  That word means ... Danger, Danger ... be alert, something's not right ... look around without being noticable, be ready to be in the fight, flight mode.  

I won't tell you our special word, here.  It's our own word we have had for years.  All one of us has to do is to whisper it, say it to the other ... we are both on alert.

We even have our own little plan as a base to fall back on ... to handle an emergency situation.  I won't tell you that, either.  Why?  

Because you need to come up with your own plan for each member of your family, or group you are with.  They can always change when you are with other people.  

We have home invasions, here.  We have robberies in Walmart (everyone goes to Walmart) parking lots where we meet, greet happy faces as we walk to enter the store.  

Well, some of those friendly, smiling faces are walking up to people ... pulling out a gun, demanding people's wallets, purses.  You have no warning, whatsoever.

What I am trying to say is have a plan, a special code word to indicate 'something's not right' ... that no one close by would know you are aware something is wrong.  This puts one on guard, where they can at least have a fighting chance.

Remember in school, how one is taught what to do if there is a fire.  Children practiced dropping to the floor, and had a plan.  It saves lives.

Well, this is my own opinion ... strictly a 'Gloria Opinion' ... every family, group when traveling ... needs a plan, and one special word that if heard ... they instantly go into action to protect themselves ... and no one notices you are on guard.  The bad guys wouldn't know what hit them ... if you did decide to fight.  

What do you think?  Do you think the world is so safe, we can walk anywhere we want ... and never worry.  I would love to think it is ... and most of the time, I will walk where I want.  I just think it wise to have a plan, special code word ... just in case.

Tell me what you suggest.  What in the world, would you do?  We all want to live.  So, come up with a special code word, and some kind of plan.  

You can make it a secret family game with children, making it understood that it's to protect 'if' something isn't right ... it's something to bring everyone's attention to ... without others around knowing.  

One special word can do that.  Keep it secret ... it's a family thing ... or a group thing.  Come up with a special code word ... and some kind of plan.  This can be your power if needed in a bad situation.

Remember, this is only my suggestion ... my 'Gloria Opinion'.  I'm not an expert at anything.  This is something you'll always think about after reading this ... you won't forget, and it might save your life.  We have a wonderful world ... realistically, a dangerous world, too.

Photo/article are both owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


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  1. You are so right!!! As always, I treasure your suggestions and opinions!! We should always be prepared. It is like----expect the unexpected! Love, Ms Nancy