Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Vivid Imagination

A Vivid Imagination...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee  (Photos/story owned, written by me)

I was standing in the little group of people who were talking, laughing.  I could see everyone in front of me, to the side of me.

I felt someone tapping, touching the top of my head.  I turned around to look at who was doing it.  No one was there... no one was there!

I turned back around with a puzzled expression on my face.  'Skip, I felt someone touching the top of my head.  There's no one there.'

A friend of ours began to laugh, he said... 'you've really got a vivid imagination!'  You see, the day before I'd told him about the story I was going to write about 'being two eyes'... he really laughed about that.  (You can read about 'being two eyes' in my story 'You Are Totally Insane').

Well, in my defense... I do have a vivid imagination.  I think of things all the time... that no one else seems to ever think of.  It's fun sometimes to voice the ideas I have, to see the expressions of others, to hear them say 'I've never thought of that before!'  I agree with them sometimes saying the same thing!  :)))

It's like this idea I had while riding along the other day.  It was dark outside, the moon was shining... I could see a satellite, stars.

I began weaving a little story in my mind about the satellite, how it was anchored by some long invisible thread.  My imagination began to work....

I could see a movie beginning in my mind... someone tripped, got up, looked around to see what made him trip.  He never saw anything.....

I began thinking about the other world, how we can't see it.  Maybe when someone tripped... it was over something from the other world.  Something that can't be seen.

Maybe sometimes things we can't understand.... is from the other world.  I think about when we fall for no reason... did we trip over someone in the other world's feet?

See..... this is how my mind works.  It begins to make up stories, filling in blanks, making things connect and become... interesting.  I see people, begin weaving the fabric of colors to make up a life for them.

I wonder when we think we've misplaced something such as a pen, a piece of paper, a book... we can't find it because it isn't where we thought we put it.  Maybe 'someone' from the other world... the unseen world... moves it, not realizing they did.  Maybe we accidently move things that is theirs... not realizing we do.  :)))

I know sometimes if I'm drinking something... go back to drink more from the glass... it's empty.  How did it get empty... I know that I didn't drink it... I believe someone from the invisible world did!

I know you've experienced the same thing... wondered if someone got the rest of your drink... food because... you didn't remember doing it.  Did someone else do it... someone you didn't, couldn't see?  Who did it?

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  1. I love your imagination!! I do misplace things myself too. I admit I never thought about someone else from another world did it. Now days-----I think anything is possible! Love, Ms. Nancy