Tuesday, March 24, 2015

We Can't Take For Granted We'll See Each Other Again ...

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My heart has hurt for the 3 guys who were killed in the scaffolding accident. They fell many feet.  Another guy landed on a port-a-john (outside toilet), and it may have saved his life.  He has broken bones, and other injuries, but ... he is still living.  My prayers go out for him, his family.  Also, my prayers go out to the families of the guys who died.
This happened yesterday, March 23, 2015.  I was listening to a Spanish guy talking about one of the men who died.  He had just eaten breakfast with his friend 3 hours before the accident.  He said his friend was working overtime, so he could go back to Honduras to his family who remained there.  Now ...
It makes me think we can't take for granted when our love ones leave each morning for work, school, on a trip.  We have to tell them we love them, hug them before they leave.  We may never see them again.  I know firsthand this is so true.  I lost most of my family, then my only child ... my son, Tommy.  I was so grateful I had hugged him, told him that his mama loved him with her very Heart.  I always told him.
I am so sorry for the families who had to learn their loved ones are gone.  I'm so sorry for the children, especially the man who had a little 3 year old boy.  My son, Tommy, had a 3 year old son.  He was playing with him that evening he walked into Heaven.  I can remember how his little son kept saying, "my daddy's up there", as he looked up to Heaven, pointing.
The scaffolding accident affected me.  I saw my step-father fall off a scaffold ... I was inside ... and saw him disappear.  He fell onto rocks below.  I ran to him, he had blood streaming down his face.  He was alright ... only bruised up.  I'm just so sorry this accident happened yesterday.
It does make one think to hug their loved one tight before leaving ... I did that today, when my husband left for a trip.  I hugged him very tight.  We know there's the possibility of never seeing each other alive, again.  We want the other to know we are loved very much.  

I'm so sorry for the men who died yesterday, and their families.  Also, for the man who survived the accident, and his family.  
Photos/article owned, written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/ @grannygee

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  1. I feel for them too. I always tell my family I love them. I learned to do that when my nephew died because of a drunk driver in 2004. You are so right! Everyone should tell the people they love that they love them because they may never see them again once they leave out of their sight. Love, Ms. Nancy