Tuesday, April 7, 2015

All Little Girls Would Wish For a Father Like Devon Still ...

To Have a Father Like Devon Still ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@grannygee on Bestwriters.com

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@grannygee on http://www.bestwriters.net/?mref=GrannyGee

I was watching the news this morning.  I saw Devon Still, and his little daughter, Leah ... sitting with someone who was interviewing Devon.

In case you don't know, Devon is the American football defensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals.

I paid attention to Leah.  She had her little head resting against her daddy's chest.  I saw on her little face that she knew she was loved, protected by her father.  It was beautiful.  It stood out to me ... I've never known such as a child.  

I could never imagine what a father's love is.  I've walked on many paths/roads in life ... I can tell you a lot.  I can't tell you anything about how it feels to know a father's love.  Maybe that's why it stands out to me, when I see it.  I stop what I am doing ... and just watch in fascination.  It's beautiful.

Yes, I know I lived with my father several times as a child.  He was too scared of my stepmother to take any time with me.  He would jump literally out of the way ... when meeting me in a doorway.  He would angrily tell me to go on through.  I was a nervous wreck around him. 

 That was how a father made this little daughter feel.  Anyway ... the point I'm making is that's all I know from a 'father' ... can you see why I would be fascinated ... see why my Heart is touched in a way I can't explain ... to see a father's pure love for his child?

Before I go any further ... I forgave him long ago.  He only helped to make the little girl become me, today.  I'm so strong ... I have weathered many battles. My bad life made me strong enough to be one helluva fighter.  :)  I am not bitter, and I'm positive, and I'm a good person.  I went through a lot of 'bad' to get here.

Now, back to the point of my story.  Watching Devon Still's little girl sit on his lap, knowing she was loved, safe.  She knew her daddy loved her, knew he'd protect her, be there.  When she is older, she will look back, remember.

Don't you think all little girls should have a daddy like Devon Still?  Okay, I'm not going into negative things we've heard, read about him.  I haven't been perfect ... but, I'm a good person.  Truthfully, none of you have, either.  Some of us hide things a little better ...

All little girls would wish for a father like Devon Still.

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  1. We as human beings have done things we shouldn't have done at one time or another. Yes every little girl should have a father she can say loves her and will protect her. That is what a good father would do! Love, Ms. Nancy