Saturday, April 4, 2015

Thank You To Ms Orzel's 1st Grade Class in Phoenix, Arizona!

Thank You To Ms Orzel's 1st Grade Class!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Today ... Kissy got a brown envelope in the mail from Phoenix, Arizona.  Kissy got letters from Ms Orzel's 1st grade class!


Skip and I sat at the dining table ... Kissy, our Rottie and Camie, our Australian Shepherd ... sat beside us.  I opened the envelope, and there were letters from all the 1st graders ... I read all of them to Kissy!


I also, took photos of Kissy and Camie with the envelope.  The children also, asked about Camie.


They will see the photos on Monday.  They've been asking about Kissy's surgery, and caring about him.  Now ... it's time for me to make a special envelope to send back to them!

Thank you to Ms Orzel's 1st grade class!  Thank you for caring about Kissy, and his sister ... Camie.


  1. I am so happy you enjoyed the well wishing letters as much as my class enjoyed writing them' they want to write more! Animals (dogs) are important to our class! You guys are family and part of our class to us!

    1. We will write back every time! How special you all are. I'm working on a pretty envelope for your class, now. <3 Gloria

  2. That had to be so very surprising!!! It was very nice of the class to write and ask about Kissy and Camie. Who would have thought people from another state would be so passionate about animals so far away from them? Gotta love America!! Why? Because even the little ones care about people and animals they have never seen! Love, Ms. Nancy

    1. People all over the world care about Kissy, and Camie. We hear from them often, and it just means the world to us.