Thursday, July 30, 2015

Earthquake in a Snow Globe ...

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee ... this could be a scenery in a snow globe ... you know the clear glass ball of liquid, shake it up to make the snow begin swirling around the scenery ...  Photo owned by me, also.

Earthquake in a Snow Globe ...

Skip and I were talking today about something that rocked our world two days ago.  We never saw it coming ... it all came in such a way we both were stunned ... it was a good thing we were sitting down.

I could see shock on his face ... and I was like a mirror reflecting  his shock.  It was so much so that it felt like someone shook our world.  I began crying, once I saw Skip wasn't going to be able to say it was a joke.

Skip got a call while we were sitting at the dining table.  He was so dead-tired from being on a trip.  The call shattered our world ... though we recovered quickly ... in such a way we were numbed by it.

Today we were speaking about the shock, describing how it felt.  I told Skip it was like being in a snow globe ... like someone came along, picked our world up ... shook it like Hell so, it felt like an earthquake.  

That's what we likened it to.  Our world was picked up for a moment ... shook like Hell ... sat back down.  All is calm, settled now.  Just like in a snow globe. Earthquake in a snow globe.


  1. You didn't say what the call was about and that is ok. When (or if) you want us to know you will tell us. I just hope it was a good call. Sometimes good calls can put people in shock too---not just a bad call. Sometimes we are not sure whether we should be in shock or just plain stunned. Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. Well whatever shook your world I sure hope it was a good not a bad thing.