Thursday, October 22, 2015

The State Fair is Here!

The State Fair is Here!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

Laughter, giggling ... squeals of delight
Carnival sounds ... hit the balloon with the dart!
Rides going round and round ... music blaring

Nip in the air making all foods cooking smell good
Give me a sausage dog with onions, peppers please!
It's here again ... the State Fair is here again

Exhibits, cars doing tricks, animals too
Colorful lights ... big shows, bands playing, dancing
Thousands of smiling faces, hearts full of joy

The State Fair is here!  The State Fair is here!
I think I'll have a funnel cake too
Corn on the Cob, big Turkey Legs, Fried Pickles

Children being measured for rides
To keep them safe from falling off
Ice Cream cones dripping down their arms

Pigs racing ... the biggest alligator ... shortest woman
Homemade fudge ... pies, cakes too!
Cooking contests ... judges getting to taste all

The State Fair is here!  The State Fair is here!
Thousands of people going to have some fun
Get their favorite foods they craved all year!

Note by this Author:

The State Fair is here ... I wish I could be there.  I've had an accident that fractured my knee cap that may prevent me from going.

I was looking forward ... excited waiting for this time of year to do Fall things.  Sometimes ... life gives us a twist, a turn ... we go in a different direction.  For now, I take one thing at a time.

Photo/poem owned, written by me.  Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

A Few Precious Moments of Being Granny Gee ...

A Few Precious Moments of Being Granny Gee ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

Both Photos are owned by me ... they are two of  the few precious photos to validate me being 'Granny Gee' at one time.

Sometimes ... I think about a little boy I used to be close to.  I miss that little boy with my very Heart.  He looked just like my son.

We would sit on the couch talking, while kicking our legs ... having such fun talking about all kinds of things.  I would weave stories, so would he.  So much like the son I had.

I thought it was for always.  Aren't grandmothers, grandsons ... forever?  Grandmothers, granddaughters?  I am grandmother only by name.  My son would be very sad to know that they aren't growing up to know me.

You would think I would hate, dislike the mothers ... I don't.  I respect that they want their children only for themselves, and their family.  It's sad ... mothers can be like that ... cutting off a father, cutting off his family as if they never existed.

When one has a son ... the family, grandparents learn this a lot of times.  It's sad.  The mother has control ... I've seen grandparents fight like hell to see their grandchildren ... causing bad things, bad feelings ... pure ugliness to happen.

Well, this grandmother will never do such.  I've been a pawn and ... I grew up in such bitterness, ugliness ... I'll never inflict it on anyone else.  I respect people, their wishes though sometimes, I don't understand them.  I know I have my feelings ... and hope others respect them.

I've missed some of the best years of both my grandson, granddaughter.  I can say that one day ... karma will probably take its toll on the mothers.  I don't have to hate, harbor ugly ... mean feelings toward them because

Life has a way of teaching its own lessons.  I know ... I have been a student.  I have learned the hard way.  Maybe somehow ... it's some of my ... karma.

Saying all this doesn't dim my memories of a precious little boy ... a precious little girl that my Heart truly loved.  I have my treasured memories of being a real grandmother for a little while.

Note by this Author:

Photos, true story owned, written by me ... Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

I've still never understood why my son's family was cut off from my grandchildren's lives.  Whatever ... I respect it.  I'll never create a scene ... and the mothers know that ... they don't worry at all.

I'll just carry my precious memories of getting to be a grandmother for just a little while with each one with me to my grave.  At least it was better to have known for a moment how it felt to be Granny Gee than ... to never have known.

Oh ... 'Granny Gee' is the name my son gave me for my grandson to call me.  Oh, how special it was to hear, see a little golden boy run toward me smiling, calling "Granny Gee!  Granny Gee!"

I write as me, and Granny Gee in memory of my son, grandson.  My granddaughter never had the chance to learn to call me anything.  Her mother remarried to have her call her step-dad 'daddy' ... as if none of us ever existed.  Whatever her reasons for that ... I won't question them.

No hard feelings, anger nor ugliness exist in my Heart.  I grew up learning Life has many twists, turns.  Some of those twists, turns are 'off the wall' ... but, it's because of what people have in their heads ... no matter if right or wrong.

I respect, accept ... go my way.  I can't allow anymore unhappiness into my life ... unnecessarily.  I've lived too much of it from childhood into adulthood.

I've lost most all my family ... so much in my life through time.  Now ... I'm older ... I treasure what I do have.  Most of all, I treasure Skip and our Pups, Kissy and Camie ... and my few precious friends.

I don't know how in the world I grew up without all the Hellfire in me one would expect.  How in the world did I not grow up to be 'worse than worse ... badder than bad?'  How in the world did good overcome all I saw, learned, suffered as a child?

Don't Feel sorry for me ... I don't.  I'm old enough to know sometimes, things are out of our control for whatever reasons.  I went through a lot of extra grief when my son died ... because I lost my grandson, also.  Also, granddaughter.  I never understood ... I don't have to.  I've coped with it ... let it go ... everything is alright.

The sad thing is ... I was always the best friend the mothers of my grandchildren could possibly have. Why?  Because they are a part of my son, me.

It's Better When a Child Does It

It's Better When a Child Does It
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

I just watched on Dr. Phil Show about a little boy named Miles.  Miles found a twenty dollar bill in the parking lot of Cracker Barrel restaurant.  He was with his family.

Just before they entered the restaurant, a soldier and his wife, baby entered.  Then, Miles and his family entered.  Miles was happy over his find ... and was thinking of ways to spend it ... maybe a video game.

When he saw the soldier, he wrote a note ... put the twenty dollar bill in it.  He gave it to the soldier.  In the note he told the soldier that he was paying it forward.

He also, told the soldier that he reminded him of his Dad, who was in Heaven now.  The note went on alittle more ... but, this is what stood out to me ... made my Heart fill with emotion.

I wanted to share that with you.  Maybe it'll touch your Heart like mine.  Just a simple, little gesture touched that soldier's heart ... I watched his eyes as he spoke about it.

It's wonderful when grown-ups do it ... but, it's better when a child does it.

Note by this Author:

Maybe you saw this on Dr. Phil this morning.  If so, I know it had to have touched your Heart like it did mine.

Photo/article owned, written by me ... Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

#touched GrannyGeesHeart

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

She Became Silk in the Wind ...

She Became Silk in the Wind ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

A younger Granny Gee/Gloria who loved to dance!

The music played loudly
Seducing the young lass
She stood in the middle of the dance floor

She wouldn't dance until the moment was right
She felt the music seep through her body
It felt wonderful ... she was coming alive!

Cold chills came over her
Felt so good ... because she was ready to dance
Dance ... become the music ... forget the world

She never saw her dance partner again
Once the music filled her ... she became the music
She danced to ... her body swayed, gyrated

She became silk in the wind
Winding, twisting gracefully
Flowing on the breeze

She was music ... no longer human
It was commented that she was so smooth
She held her skirt above her knees

Her beautiful legs danced to the beat
The crowd was mesmerized
As she twirled, spun around the floor

Her dance partner took a seat
To watch, admire her dance
One could feel she was in another world

As the music began to come to a close
She slowly let her eyes focus on her surroundings
She loved this feeling ... she was human again

She shook herself as a thrill moved through her body
Took a deep breath ... she was ready to dance again
She couldn't just go sit back down

She stood there ... the music began to play
She slipped back into the other world
Danced to her heart's content

Her dance partner let her dance
He didn't even try to keep up with her
No way he could become music ... move like silk

The time came for the music to end
She had to come back to earth
When she did ... it was with a crash

She wanted to stay high on the breeze
Swaying, moving like silk
Never coming back ... but, dance forever

She was a human wanting to become music
Dance always, never come to earth again
Sadly ... she had to land until another day

To happily dance ... become the music
That she loved best in the world
She was music in a human body

All it took was a beat or two
To take her away
To become silk in the wind

Dancing, swaying in another world
Where she was happiest at
She became ... silk in the wind

Note by this Author:

Photos/poem owned ... written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

I have always loved to dance.  When I was younger, I couldn't stop dancing.  I became the music ... forgot the world.  I wanted to dance forever.  At one time, I could take the dance floor ... everyone would clap, cheered me on.  Happiness was dancing the night away :)

I Grabbed That Snake By Its Head ...

I Grabbed That Snake By Its Head ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny

I love snakes.  They fascinate me.  Their colors are beautiful.  They amaze me!  I become mesmerized when watching snakes.  Why?  I have no idea.

As a young girl, I would run to pick up a snake when I saw one.  I just wanted to hold, look at them.  I always had respect for snakes.  I never wanted to hurt one.

Once I almost picked up a beautiful copperhead snake.  Someone knocked me to the side when they saw what I was about to do.  I became upset until they told me why they did that.  The snake has such beautiful markings on its skin.

One day, I saw a very long, black ... shiny snake.  I ran, grabbed it by the head.  I picked it up and was admiring it.  Before I knew what happened ... the snake turned its head somehow ... bit me, leaving one of its fangs in my finger!

I went into shock ... knowing I'd been bitten.  I was numb ... I couldn't believe it.  I dropped it like a hot cake.

I went to sit down.  I was into such a shock of 'having finally been bitten'.  I didn't think the snake was poisonous.  Later I found out it wasn't.  It was just the pain in my finger, and the shock of being bitten that numbed me.  Not only that ... seeing the fang in my finger!  I pulled it out.

That ended my 'career' of picking up snakes.  I never had the nerve to do it again.  I learned that lesson quickly!  I still love to watch snakes ... I don't ever have the desire to grab a snake by its head ... ever again.

Note by Author:

Photo/true story owned ... written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Didn't matter if the snake was poisonous or not ... just the idea of being 'bitten by a snake' ... put me into a state of shock.

Fakey Smile Better Than no Smile ...

Fakey Smile Better Than no Smile ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

This is the first brace put on my leg at the hospital on October 3rd.  I had to be in a wheelchair ... this is at the Emergency Room.

I got to feel what I know some people must feel when they have been injured ... and need to still get around the best way they can.

I slipped, fell on October 3, 2015.  Since ... I have been wearing a brace, been on crutches ... and when at a store ... ride in the electric shopping cart.

The pain, suffering has been great.  Getting in, out of our vehicle has been very hard.  No one hears, sees me cry from the pain when I try to lift my leg up to get all of me in the vehicle.  I would smile if I saw someone ... I wouldn't let them see the pain I was feeling.

Every night is full of pain ... when in bed.  Trying to turn over ... having to sit up first ... then, maneuver into place.  Walking anywhere in the house is a struggle.

Having to keep an awkward, sometimes ... painful brace on isn't fun.  Having the brace to slip down, and the plastic buckle digging into the top of one's foot is awful, when out somewhere trying to get around.  It isn't easy to readjust the fittings when out ... it isn't that easy at home.

Losing the freedom to get about is ... just ... I am going to speak the truth for-real ... losing the freedom to get about is pure ... Hell.  On top of other health conditions ... it's been truly awful.

Now ... having said all of this ... mind you, I'm not complaining at all.  I am stating only a little of ... how it feels.

I had looked forward to my favorite time of the whole year ... Fall-time.  I had looked forward to wearing my boots with jeans, sweaters.  I looked forward to going to several Fall Festivals, to the State Fair.  If I do go ... it won't be easy.

I'm sad because now, I can't walk far ... I have to walk very easy, slowly.  I am beginning to move without the crutches some.  I still get off-balance.  I have to move slowly ... I have to go down our steps ... backwards.

In this experience so far ... one thing stands out to me that bothers me.  I saw a woman I always thought the world of ... she always seemed to think a lot of me ( these are those 'friends' I spoke of ) ... at Walmart when I had to go pick up medicine.

Skip wasn't here to be with me.  I had to ride in the electric shopping cart to move about in the store.  I saw the woman ... I saw her see me ... avert her eyes, not look at me.  I thought it strange ... usually when someone likes you ... they will run up, ask what happened.  She ignored me.  Friend?  I've known her since being a child.

Later, when I went outside walking on my crutches ... I saw her again.  She was near by ... she just looked at me ... kept walking.  She looked at me that time.  No smile like I was accustomed to seeing from her.  A fakey smile would have been better than ... no smile.

Note by this Author:

Photos, true story owned/written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Gloria Bates.

I know I won't speak to that woman again unless she ever comes up to me.  Then, I will smile a ... fakey smile while pretending I still like her.  Before ... my smiles were genuine.  Now ... not.

I never forget ... I forgive ... I just never forget.

The good thing is that this too ... will pass.  I look forward to looking ... back on this.

Friends are the People You Add to Your Family

Friends are People You Add to Your Family ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

If only he would do this ... or do that.  I know she is a good person, but ... she won't do right.  I wonder why this, I wonder why that.

Does it matter when it comes to having friends?  Does it really matter if they do 'like you want them to do or ... not'?  I mean, think about it.  Does it?

I know we sometimes, get frustrated because our friends keep making the same old mistakes ... do the same old things.  Damn, won't they ever learn?

You worry about them ... sometimes, you feel angry at them because 'they done gone and done it again'!  Then you think ... well, if they don't learn from the past ... they deserve it.  Then ... you go back to worrying about them.

Why do you worry?  Why do you care?  Because real friends aren't easy to come by.  When you have real friends, you truly treasure them.  Not only that, you want the very best for them so, you don't have to worry about them.

Have you ever stopped to think ... they worry about you, too?  They wonder ... why ... you make the same old mistakes.  They wonder ... if you will ever learn from past mistakes.

Why in the world are you friends to begin with?  Because ... friends accept each other just as they are ... love them.  There's something about them that endears them to your Heart.

Doesn't matter what they look like ... how they dress.  Doesn't matter if their way of talking isn't polished ... or they say cuss words every other word.  What matters is ... you know you care about them and ... the feeling is mutual.  That's having a real friend.

You don't pick a friend to only want to change them later.  Friends are special ... only that one person can be the person they are.  Real friends are rare.  If you made yourself look at 'all your friends' ... really made yourself open your eyes ... you would know I'm telling the truth.

I can look back through time at the 'friends' I had.  I remember 'pure loving them' only to find out that they wanted everything I had ... including my home, husband, child.  They didn't care about me ... but damn!  they did a good job of convincing me.  Being young, naive didn't help.

I promise I learned my lessons each time they 'bit me in the ass'.  Once in a while ... I did have to repeat to learn ... it wasn't pleasant. Life can sure be painful ... in my life ... so much of the time.

I would love for my life to be pleasant the rest of my days ... for many years.  I would just like to know how it felt to have only happiness without so much grief, pain.  Many people do ... only once in a while they have to cope with painful things.

Friends ... real friends ... I have less than the fingers on one hand.  I treasure them.  I hope they are as real as I am.  I don't have friends for the sake of having friends.  I have lots of public friends online ... out and about.  I find I really care about them, but ... I don't expect them to feel the same toward me.

After all ... the only thing required to be 'public friends' is ... when you have an encounter ... you just meet, greet each other with the biggest smiles ... talk loudly at how good it is to see them.  Anyone looking would think how wonderful it is to have friends ... like that.

Well ... it is wonderful to have friends ... like that.  They mean a lot, also.  There is genuine liking a lot of the time ... but, you don't want to be around each other for long ... it gets tiresome trying to hold the smiles in places.  I know you know what I mean ... don't say you don't!

I treasure my few real friends.  I also, treasure my public friends who make me feel special.  I just try not to 'stay around for long' ... so, they can always like me ... and most important ... so, that I can always ... like them.

After all ... friends are the people you add to your family.  Since I don't have family left that I'm close to ... my friends mean the world to me.

Note by this Author:

Photo/article owned, written by me ... Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Monday, October 19, 2015

Two Urns Sit Side by Side ... Forgotten

Two Urns Sit Side by Side ... Forgotten
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

Driving down the road in an old car
Sat two elderly people, man ... woman
Hand in hand ... singing to a melody

Eyes twinkling with pure happiness
In love as they'd been since the day they married
Soulmates, lovers, best friends for life

The man could sing along in harmony
She could sing ... but, not in tune
Didn't matter ... they were doing it together

As they did most all things
Where one usually was ... the other was close by
Some day it would all come to an end

Sometimes, they worried for the other
Sometimes ... they felt afraid
Growing old is sad ... beginning to the end

Life ... is living from birth to death
Being young ... growing old
Learning to walk to hardly walking

Young child ... old child
No one's ever lived forever
Only forever as they possibly could

They began to laugh when she sang off-key
She didn't care ... it was a joy to sing
From her very Heart ... she never missed a beat

Both rode down the road, laughing ... singing
To their heart's content
Knowing one day it all would come to an end

They would be only memories blowing in the wind
No one would miss them in this big, old world
No one was left who would care

For now, they would live as hard as they could
Enjoy life to its end ... come what may
For now, they would laugh to keep from crying

Over life they couldn't always live
When one goes, the other would be left with memories
To hold onto ... sounds of laughter, joy

Joy of living life, loving each other always
Sadness at being alone ... panic with the knowledge
Of not being able to see each other again

Tears, many tears because life can't ever be the same
Fear of being alone ... at the mercy of the world
What can the one left do ... oh what can they do?

Pray that the world will care about them
Treat them kindly, protect them until the day
The day they too, must go

Leaving behind for anyone to see
To hold in their hands
A photo, book or two ... to show they'd been here, too

No family, loved ones who cared
Who gave love while they lived
Nothing left behind to give to them

To leave in memory that they lived
No one to care ... so, they didn't care
To leave anything behind to remind them

Life is life ... death is death
It is the beginning ... the end
Ashes to ashes ... two urns sit side by side

Two urns no one cares about
Only the thought as the last one dies
Who will end up with our ashes

Will they sit on a shelf, end up in a sale
No one to treasure the remains
Of two people who lived, loved, died

The first one died knowing the other would
Keep their ashes close to their hearts
The last one died with sadness ...

No one left to care about their ashes
Wondering if their urn would be placed
Beside the other's urn ... who is going to care?

Ashes to ashes ... two urns forgotten
Sitting in a dark room, side by side
No one could see ... the loving glow surrounding them

Love after death ... one prays their urns
Would always be kept side by side
Where they belonged just as they did when living

Listen ... one can hear someone singing
Maybe it's two ... the woman's voice is out of tune
Didn't matter ... they sang in harmony

Two urns sit side by side ... forgotten
Reflecting love in the darkness
That even Death couldn't extinguish

Note by this Author:

Photo/poem written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Poem written as I sat ... thought about my life.  Life is really the way it is ... no more ... no less.

It's sad when a grandmother can't ever know her grandchildren ... it's sad that she can't ever leave anything to either when it's her time to go.  Life is what it is ... no more ... no less.

His Memory ... Their Joy

His Memory ... Their Joy
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

I would like to fly with the dragonflies
Fly in the breeze with fragile wings
Land gently on a pretty flower

I would love to be a beautiful, green dragonfly
With amethyst eyes ... golden wings
So delicate ... precious ... special

I would be a living memory that I once had a son
Who loved, was fascinated by dragonflies
I know I can't be a real dragonfly

So, I remember my son in the ways I know how

By writing, and ... making golden dragonflies
With delicate gold wire, beads of color

I leave them for people to find
A little treasure in the form of the dragonfly
Praying that whose life it touches ... brings a smile

A smile of joy, happiness in their hearts
They get to keep something special
At the same time, remember Tommy

Doesn't matter if they knew Tommy or not
Just as it doesn't matter if they know I am the one
Who made the dragonfly they found to keep

What matters is someone finds a treasure to keep
Remembers why it was created
In the first place ... his memory ... and their joy

Note by this Author:

I make dragonflies of gold wire, and colored beads in memory of my son, Tommy.  I leave them 'anywhere' for someone to find.

When they pick it up to keep ... they read the attached note.  Remember Tommy ... my precious son.

They will read that I hope the dragonfly brings joy to their hearts, a smile to their face ... and that I wish special things to happen in their life.  It is theirs to keep.

Photos/poem are owned, written by me ... Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Damn GPS Began Yelling, Calling Him Names ...

Damn GPS Began Yelling, Calling Him Names ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

This past week Skip told me something that was amazing.  He had his GPS programmed for a town in New Jersey.  Ever so often the GPS will mess up ... for instance ... try to route him through towns, take him off the main interstate.

Well, Skip wouldn't detour off his route, and it ... pissed the GPS off!  The GPS began yelling at him to 'make a U-turn and go back'!

Usually the GPS doesn't take a 'wrong turn' or if you don't follow its directions so personally.  It normally begins to reroute itself.  This time ... the GPS was mad.  The computerized voice began screaming at Skip ... called him names.  He called it ... names!

I listened to Skip tell me what that GPS did.  I began laughing ... because when the day comes that a GPS begins to take things personal ... starts to yell, scream at me ... I'm going to stomp it into the ground.

You know Skip was joking, don't you?

Note by this Author:

Skip can come up with the darnest things to make me laugh.  We did laugh and joke about ... 'suppose a GPS really did that'!

Oh ... guess what?  We have a friend whom no one can convince him that the voice in the GPS is a computerized voice ... he thinks the voice is that of a ... real woman.  He likes the 'sexy' voice.  I can't believe anyone would believe that!

True story/photo both are owned, written by me... Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

White Duck ... Black Duck

White Duck ... Black Duck
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny @ Twitter

In the middle of the small pond
A white duck swan all alone
Wishing for companionship

One day a small black wood duck
Stopped by for a drink of water
Grew close to the duck, stayed a while

Weeks went by until the black duck
Felt the need to travel on, fly
Come fly with me, white duck!

He flew all around the white duck
To get it to fly ... the white duck tried
To no avail ... sadly the duck dropped its head

I can't fly with you, I wish to go
I'm not the flying kind of duck
I can only fly short distances, not high from the ground

The black duck knew he had to go
He had to leave his beautiful friend behind
With grief in his heart ... he flew off

Promising to come back one day
The white duck swan sadly
On the pond until one day

The black duck flew down from the sky
Landed on the water just beside
The white duck as it looked up in surprise

I'm back, white duck
I'll stay long as I can ... I don't want to go
Leave you behind ever again

Everywhere the white duck went
The black duck followed like a shadow
Always by its side

Where you saw one, there was the other
As close as two ducks could be
White duck, black duck were in love

They swan on the pond each day
Happily ever after
Contented as only ducks can be!

Note by this Author:

Skip and I watch a pond we pass by often.  A white duck lives on the pond ... and for a time a black duck came ... always sitting close to the white duck like its shadow.  It was smaller than the white duck.

We were so happy the white duck had companionship.  Skip and I didn't have to worry the white duck was lonely anymore until .... one day not long ago ... the black duck was gone.

Now, the white duck swims all alone in the little pond.  We see birds stop by to visit, and an egret or two.  We worry about the white duck.  We can't help but, to.

We wish the black duck would come back.  I thought it would stay there always ... Skip said that both ducks ... weren't the same kind of ducks.  The black duck could fly great distances ... the white duck can't.

I don't know the differences between one duck or the other ... my prayer is that the black duck will come back ... or someone get a companion for the sweet, white duck.

Poem/photo ... both owned, written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee