Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Friends are the People You Add to Your Family

Friends are People You Add to Your Family ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

If only he would do this ... or do that.  I know she is a good person, but ... she won't do right.  I wonder why this, I wonder why that.

Does it matter when it comes to having friends?  Does it really matter if they do 'like you want them to do or ... not'?  I mean, think about it.  Does it?

I know we sometimes, get frustrated because our friends keep making the same old mistakes ... do the same old things.  Damn, won't they ever learn?

You worry about them ... sometimes, you feel angry at them because 'they done gone and done it again'!  Then you think ... well, if they don't learn from the past ... they deserve it.  Then ... you go back to worrying about them.

Why do you worry?  Why do you care?  Because real friends aren't easy to come by.  When you have real friends, you truly treasure them.  Not only that, you want the very best for them so, you don't have to worry about them.

Have you ever stopped to think ... they worry about you, too?  They wonder ... why ... you make the same old mistakes.  They wonder ... if you will ever learn from past mistakes.

Why in the world are you friends to begin with?  Because ... friends accept each other just as they are ... love them.  There's something about them that endears them to your Heart.

Doesn't matter what they look like ... how they dress.  Doesn't matter if their way of talking isn't polished ... or they say cuss words every other word.  What matters is ... you know you care about them and ... the feeling is mutual.  That's having a real friend.

You don't pick a friend to only want to change them later.  Friends are special ... only that one person can be the person they are.  Real friends are rare.  If you made yourself look at 'all your friends' ... really made yourself open your eyes ... you would know I'm telling the truth.

I can look back through time at the 'friends' I had.  I remember 'pure loving them' only to find out that they wanted everything I had ... including my home, husband, child.  They didn't care about me ... but damn!  they did a good job of convincing me.  Being young, naive didn't help.

I promise I learned my lessons each time they 'bit me in the ass'.  Once in a while ... I did have to repeat to learn ... it wasn't pleasant. Life can sure be painful ... in my life ... so much of the time.

I would love for my life to be pleasant the rest of my days ... for many years.  I would just like to know how it felt to have only happiness without so much grief, pain.  Many people do ... only once in a while they have to cope with painful things.

Friends ... real friends ... I have less than the fingers on one hand.  I treasure them.  I hope they are as real as I am.  I don't have friends for the sake of having friends.  I have lots of public friends online ... out and about.  I find I really care about them, but ... I don't expect them to feel the same toward me.

After all ... the only thing required to be 'public friends' is ... when you have an encounter ... you just meet, greet each other with the biggest smiles ... talk loudly at how good it is to see them.  Anyone looking would think how wonderful it is to have friends ... like that.

Well ... it is wonderful to have friends ... like that.  They mean a lot, also.  There is genuine liking a lot of the time ... but, you don't want to be around each other for long ... it gets tiresome trying to hold the smiles in places.  I know you know what I mean ... don't say you don't!

I treasure my few real friends.  I also, treasure my public friends who make me feel special.  I just try not to 'stay around for long' ... so, they can always like me ... and most important ... so, that I can always ... like them.

After all ... friends are the people you add to your family.  Since I don't have family left that I'm close to ... my friends mean the world to me.

Note by this Author:

Photo/article owned, written by me ... Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


  1. You mean a lot to me. You always have meant the world to me. I love you like a sister! You are the best friend anyone could have. I am like you-----don't hang around too long. I don't want to wear out my welcome or seem be too nosey. When we see each other------we enjoy the company and are happy to see one another. Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. I am really grateful for my handful of close friends who are unfortunately in the states but we keep in touch quite often. Then my online friends who are the greatest ever and I'm so glad I have them. Finally I have two friends at home my hubby and my cat Sid. Hugs to you.