Saturday, October 3, 2015

Remember Me For The Person I Was Today ... Not Yesterday

Remember Me For The Person I Was Today ... Not Yesterday
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

Artwork of Ocean is done by me ... Gloria Faye Brown Bates

Soft sand under my feet, warm ... damp
I walk, sway ... dance to the music of the waves
Twirling around, wind billowing my long skirt
My hair flowing in the ocean's breeze

Moonlight kisses my skin ... I raise my face
Open my eyes to the beauty that hugs me
In its splendor ... I open my arms to embrace it
I twirl in the wind in pure bliss

Waves washing to the shore race softly toward me
I run to meet them like a long lost friend
Water kisses my toes as I wiggle them in joy
I close my eyes, raise my face to the moon

Happiness courses through my body as I stand there
I listen to the sounds of the ocean
At peace with the world I let it fill my soul
My body begins to dance to the music of the sea

I hear a song no one else hears
Music only heard by someone who can take time
To be still long enough to hear
Only special people can hear this song

Hear this song that makes your soul soar in happiness
Music of the sea that fills your soul like an empty glass
No longer an empty vessel I dance through the night
Until my body is exhausted ... I want to sleep

I ran to a mound of soft sand, fell down
Lay my head upon the sand pillow I formed
Listened to music of life ... waves, wind
Let the moonlight shine over me, I fall sleep

I became the ocean, wind and waves
No longer aware I was the person asleep on the sand
No worries, thoughts to make me sad
I wasn't aware of them anymore

My soul was soaring on the breeze
In pure joy ... nothing holding me back
I hugged the wind with my soul
Looked up, soared to the moon!

I went toward the light
Drawn toward it like a moth
Silvery moonlight wrapped around me
Pulling me in like a mother does a child

I became the moon ... my light shining bright
Shining down on the world ... we were many
Many souls casting light for our loved ones
To find their way in this cold, dark world

I became the wind, ocean, waves
My soul soared to the moon in pure happiness
To shine down on another soul as the moon did me
Bring peace, happiness until they found the way

I saw my body on the sand ... I flowed back to it!
I woke up with a smile ... I was a person again!
I jumped up, ran to the sea
Let the waves kiss my toes ... I ran along the edge

I was a child once again for a short time
I ran in pure joy ... twirled along the way
Danced my way back to being an adult
Straightened my shoulders ... as I walked away

Making the transition to reality from a magical world
Coming from it a better person to shine my light
Let it glow from inside to touch the hearts of others
Light their way when they are near

Reflecting love, caring ... all is going to be alright
No matter how bad ... in time ... all will be good again
One person to another .... they light the way for others
So all can find their way on the dark paths of life

Look around you ... you see deep pain in people's eyes
Who have lived real life ... learned from it
You'll see an understanding in their eyes
From learning life's lessons ... only then ... can they be

Compassionate, loving, caring ... a light to the world
That comes from being able to feel from their hearts
When they touch your life they do it in such a way
You are a better person for having met them

You know these people when you meet up with them
They are the ones who make you feel better
When you are in their presence ... walk away
Still feel the warmth from their souls

Warming your heart like a cheerful fireplace
Burning merrily on a cold, winter's day
I hope I can reflect such a light
To make everyone feel better for having met me

I want to reflect only goodness
If I can't say something good, I'll try to say nothing bad
Though I'm not perfect ... I'll do my best
Be the ocean, wind, waves ... moon

Leaving light in my path for others to find their way
I found my way back following splashes of light
On the dark paths I've traveled in my life
Someone cared to share along their way

Until the end of my time here on earth
I want to smile ... dance the rest of my life in joy
I hope to inspire others who are sad
Let them know ... in time all will be alright again

When it comes time for me to go on my last journey
I hope someone will remember me
Not for the person who has made millions of mistakes
Remember me for the person I was today, not yesterday

Note by this Author:

Photo/ heart-felt poem owned, written by me ... Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

I hope I can reflect light as I go through my life.  I know at times I haven't because I was in darkness.  I'm not perfect but, I really do the best I can do.  Don't you think if we all did ... the world really would be a better place?  I do.

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  1. If we all be the best we can be, this world would be so much better off. There would not have to be any darkness for any of us to go into. People in this world can be so cruel. If they would be the best they could be, this world would be in so much better shape than it is. I guess it does take all kinds to make the world go round. Love, Ms. Nancy