Friday, October 2, 2015

That's Why I Am Me Today ...

That's Why I Am Me Today ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Take my hand ... walk with me
Down the halls of my mind
Let me show you the many doors
I have ... we may open one, or more

Come ... let me show you why I am me
See that door right there
I'll open it a moment ... let you see
Don't be sad for me ... that began me

See the little baby girl at the window
On tiptoes looking out at the children playing
A man comes to pick her up
Carries her to a small room full of shelves

Lays her down on the floor
Puts a cookie in her hand
I want to play she says
The man doesn't hear her

His mind is on the girl child
And what he's going to do
Let's close the door now, we don't want to see
It's alright ... it helped to shape the person I am

Another door opens ... cries are heard
A woman screaming at a preteen girl
Slapping her in the face, knocking her down
Scratching her arm leaving life-long scars

Close the door ... it's just another thing in my life
To help shape me to why I'm me today
We'll look behind this door ... see what's there
Oh yes ... more sadness, pain ... grief

One door after the other ... cries come from each room
Once in a while a door is opened ... laughter peals out
Most of the rooms in my mind are full of pain
Pain of every kind ... emotional, physical

I know how pain feels so, I try never to hurt anyone
Though at times it can't be helped
I try to be kind because I know how it feels
To be treated in an unkindly manner

The me today has a big, caring Heart filled with love
Though I guard it carefully ... staying private to myself
I care about people, animals
The bad things in my life didn't go to waste

I learned from them ... I grew stronger from them
That's why I am me today
I have weathered many of life's wildest storms
I am still standing like the redwood tree

Weather-beaten, worn down but, still here
With a smile on my face because I'm glad I'm me
I can live with myself inside ... where I'm at peace
Not rich, famous ... a nobody but ... somebody

I'll let go of your hand now ... now, look at me
I hope you see a real person in front of you
One who cares about everything ... everyone
I hope you like me

Note by this Author:

A poem written from my real feelings.  Photo/Poem are both owned by me ... #Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


  1. Wonderful heartfelt poetry. Well done. I like you that is for sure you are a beautiful and amazing woman.

  2. I have to agree with Rasma! I have known you all my life and you have always been a wonderful and beautiful person! We are forever best friends! I know you are a private person and I do my best to respect that. I am always there for you and you there for me. I love you Gloria!! Love, Ms. Nancy