Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Time To Go Home ...

Time To Go Home ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

(I don't know 'why' I wrote this poem ... I was listening to Honky Tonk music ... it just came to me :) Oh, I don't drink, nor 'is my lover with another :)

A younger Granny Gee ... photo is of me ... owned by me ... Gloria Faye Brown Bates

A bottle of beer, country music
I have only time ... and more time
I may get drunk tonight

My lover is with another
I'm all alone in this honky tonk bar
I'm surrounded by wanna-bes

Wanna take me home ... play with me
How do they know
I'm all alone ... feeling sad tonight

Just leave me alone
Let me drink this honky tonk beer
I wanna get drunk tonight

You know ... do the whole tear in the beer thing
Honky tonk music on the jukebox
I gotta move, gotta dance

Hair swaying, hips playing
To the tune of honky tonk music
My body comes alive

He comes up swaying his hips
Wants to dance with me
I turn my back and let go

It's my world I'm in
Leave me alone, I just wanna dance
Dance my sorrows away

Eyes closed, body moving to the beat
The world forgotten
I become the music I dance to

Honky tonk music, no more tears in my beer
I'm happy ... I am music
I'm in another world

Music stops ... I become aware
I'm just a mere person
Who is sad ... trying to get drunk

Dance my woes away
A man here ... a man there
Trying to pick me up

I'm not here to be picked up
They keep getting in my way
Seeing me as ... easy prey

They don't know I am
The strongest woman they've ever met
They won't ever know ... they'll never have the chance

Get outta my way, I'm going home
I don't want to get drunk, just wanted to dance
Now ... I'm ready to get outta of here

Don't you follow me
I'm not here for a man
I just wanted to have a love affair

Love affair with the music I love
Now, I'm satisfied
It's time to go home

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  1. We are still so much alike!!! I love to dance (like we did as children). I don't get drunk either and my lover is not with another either. I didn't like to get picked up. I did meet some nice people and some that were not so nice. Still-----I always said----I go in alone-----I leave alone! Love, Ms. Nancy