Monday, October 19, 2015

Two Urns Sit Side by Side ... Forgotten

Two Urns Sit Side by Side ... Forgotten
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

Driving down the road in an old car
Sat two elderly people, man ... woman
Hand in hand ... singing to a melody

Eyes twinkling with pure happiness
In love as they'd been since the day they married
Soulmates, lovers, best friends for life

The man could sing along in harmony
She could sing ... but, not in tune
Didn't matter ... they were doing it together

As they did most all things
Where one usually was ... the other was close by
Some day it would all come to an end

Sometimes, they worried for the other
Sometimes ... they felt afraid
Growing old is sad ... beginning to the end

Life ... is living from birth to death
Being young ... growing old
Learning to walk to hardly walking

Young child ... old child
No one's ever lived forever
Only forever as they possibly could

They began to laugh when she sang off-key
She didn't care ... it was a joy to sing
From her very Heart ... she never missed a beat

Both rode down the road, laughing ... singing
To their heart's content
Knowing one day it all would come to an end

They would be only memories blowing in the wind
No one would miss them in this big, old world
No one was left who would care

For now, they would live as hard as they could
Enjoy life to its end ... come what may
For now, they would laugh to keep from crying

Over life they couldn't always live
When one goes, the other would be left with memories
To hold onto ... sounds of laughter, joy

Joy of living life, loving each other always
Sadness at being alone ... panic with the knowledge
Of not being able to see each other again

Tears, many tears because life can't ever be the same
Fear of being alone ... at the mercy of the world
What can the one left do ... oh what can they do?

Pray that the world will care about them
Treat them kindly, protect them until the day
The day they too, must go

Leaving behind for anyone to see
To hold in their hands
A photo, book or two ... to show they'd been here, too

No family, loved ones who cared
Who gave love while they lived
Nothing left behind to give to them

To leave in memory that they lived
No one to care ... so, they didn't care
To leave anything behind to remind them

Life is life ... death is death
It is the beginning ... the end
Ashes to ashes ... two urns sit side by side

Two urns no one cares about
Only the thought as the last one dies
Who will end up with our ashes

Will they sit on a shelf, end up in a sale
No one to treasure the remains
Of two people who lived, loved, died

The first one died knowing the other would
Keep their ashes close to their hearts
The last one died with sadness ...

No one left to care about their ashes
Wondering if their urn would be placed
Beside the other's urn ... who is going to care?

Ashes to ashes ... two urns forgotten
Sitting in a dark room, side by side
No one could see ... the loving glow surrounding them

Love after death ... one prays their urns
Would always be kept side by side
Where they belonged just as they did when living

Listen ... one can hear someone singing
Maybe it's two ... the woman's voice is out of tune
Didn't matter ... they sang in harmony

Two urns sit side by side ... forgotten
Reflecting love in the darkness
That even Death couldn't extinguish

Note by this Author:

Photo/poem written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Poem written as I sat ... thought about my life.  Life is really the way it is ... no more ... no less.

It's sad when a grandmother can't ever know her grandchildren ... it's sad that she can't ever leave anything to either when it's her time to go.  Life is what it is ... no more ... no less.

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  1. Wow! That poem will make one think. You are so right. Will we be forgotten when one of us go? Did we make any kind of impact on anyone else in our life? You and Skip are soulmates and should be togeher even after life. It is the only way for you two to still always be together. Love, Ms. Nancy