Saturday, November 21, 2015

When I Walk in Your Footsteps ... I Carry My Own Shoes

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

I have to walk in my own shoes ... if I 'walk in your shoes' for a time ... I carry my own shoes along so, I can slip them back on when it's time to let go.  Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

When I walk in your footsteps 
I carry my own shoes along
So, when I'm ready
I can put them back on

I walk in your footsteps to see how it feels
I sense you as I go on my way
Hurting, happy ... whatever emotion comes to me
Sometimes ... I feel so much I don't know what to say

This is how I learn what you go through
A lot of times I've been through the same
Different people, different lives
Nevertheless ... I'm glad I came

To walk on your path in life
Helps me to understand, care
Feel deeply, learn from your experience
Doing this takes me there

To where your pain, happiness began
What caused it ... affected you
I cry, laugh ... become sad, happy
Because I'm feeling it, too

When I'm ready to get off your path
Understanding what I need to know
I step back into my own shoes
To walk my own path when it's time to let go

You have to walk where you need to go in Life
Just as I do ... I can't do it for you, you can't do it for me
Just as a dealer deals out cards in a casino
You don't know what's in mine ... yours, I can't see

Back on my path ... I walk in my own shoes
Dealing with what Life throws at me ... good or bad
I hold my ground ... face it head-on
No matter how happy ... sad

Note by this Author:

No matter all the bad things I've suffered in Life ... I always think about others.  

Even when I was at my lowest I could see, sense others' pain.  The only time I couldn't in my Life was when my only child died.  It took until the third year for me to begin opening my eyes. I know I missed a lot during that time ... losing my only child made me that way.

I am always sensing people, animals ... it's second nature with me. I couldn't 'a bit more change it than the man in the moon'.  I care about people, animals with my Heart.  So much of the time I have to be quiet ... there are many things in Life we can't control.  

In the past as I grew up ... I can't tell you the things my eyes have seen, ears have heard.  I wanted to 'save the world' ... but, the world was bigger than I.  

As a young person I really thought I was invincible, could conquer all ... I think we all are like that around a certain age.  The harsh reality is ... we can't 'save everything, everyone.'  Isn't it so sad?

But ... 'if I could save the world' ... I would save you from any Heartache, pain that ever came your way.  I would make sure the world was a better place for you.  Since I can't 'save the world' ... I say a 'million' prayers.  Reality can be harsh many times in Life ... I know firsthand.

Photos, poem are owned/written by me.  Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

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  1. I think at some point we all walk in someone's shoes. This is how we learn how others feel and know what they go through. Don't you think that? How else can we "know" how they feel when they go through bad times? If I have been through what someone else is going through, I can say, " I know how you feel". If I have not gone through what a person is going through how can I say, "I know how you feel?" I can't say that and be honest. I will tell that person, " I can't say I know how you feel but I can understand what you must be going through." No---I may not always understand either but I will be honest in what I am saying to them. Love, Ms. Nancy