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Hearing With One's Heart ...

Hearing With One's Heart ...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

I broke my kneecap, got a spiral fracture in my left leg on October 03, 2015.  December 10, 2015 ... I got to take it off.

Do you care enough about people to listen ... not with your ears, but with your Heart?  Do you see things though you pretend you don't?

I was thinking how I do when I can see someone who needs help and doesn't ask for it.  I walk to where I can help if someone wants me to.  I never push myself on another.  I can be there to step in to help without someone having to ask me.  If I see they don't need me ... I just pretend to be doing something else.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all did that?  Always be a helping hand close by ... sort of like a guardian angel if one needs it ... no one knowing unless out of the blue the ... guardian angel ... stepped into one's life unexpectedly, when needed.

I pay attention around me though I would appear not to be noticing anything.  That's when a lot of times I pay most attention.  I keep in mind that there are people who are like me ... when they are their at their weakest ... they don't want others to know it.

I sense whether I would be embarassing someone or making them feel bad if I offer my help.  I go about it in a way someone can ... save face.  I go about it in a way I would hope someone would help me.  I just care about how I make people feel.

I'm recovering from a broken kneecap, and spiral fracture of the fibula on my left leg.  For 2 1/2 months I have gotten to experience how it feels to be out ... away from home ... need help.  I can't believe the pure pain of a broken kneecap, fracture of the fibula.

In the whole process there were less than 5 people I met who ... didn't give a damn.  They would see me on crutches ... and let a door slam behind them not caring about holding it open for me.  Why I even held a door open for someone while I couldn't walk without my crutches ... it's my nature.

I want you to know how grateful I was to the people who went out of their way to help me when I least expected it.  My Heart would swell with gratitude when it happened.  I was amazed ... it meant the world to me.

I was glad to know to know that when it wasn't me who needed help ... those very people would go out of their way to help others.  Not only that ... when I was able, I would be sure to, also.

I'm learning how to be independent of the brace I've been wearing all this time.  It feels wonderful to be free of it ... yet, I need to get used to it.  I know I am being so careful everywhere I walk.  Even when it looks safe, I'm not taking any chances.

I know how it feels to be disabled ...  I know how it feels to have my ability to walk once again ... back.  I don't take anything for granted.  It can surely be taken from one ... be it the ability to walk, talk, do things ... a loved one.  I am so fortunate ... so thankful.

My eyes are wide open now ... moreso, than ever.  When out and about, I will put myself in a position to be there for someone if they need help.  No one won't have to ask me ... I will put my hand out in a heartbeat.  I hope you will, too.  That way ... we can all be ... there ... for someone who needs it.  We don't have to hear all things with our ears ... some things we hear are with our Hearts.  Can you hear with your Heart?

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Note by this Author:

On October 03, 2015 I took a fall that broke my kneecap, fractured (spiral) the fibula in my left leg.  Just this past week the orthpaedic said I didn't have to wear the brace.   (December 2015).

I have tried to learn many things during this new experience in my life.  I found out how it feels to be ... handicapped ... when going about daily life.

My ability to walk was taken away ... my whole life changed drastically for 2 1/2 months.  I know that even now, I'll never be completely over the fall ... I'll feel it at times for the rest of my life.

True account/photo are both written, owned by me ... Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

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  1. A lot of times, we need to experience situations unfamiliar to us so that we can become more empathetic and sympathetic. I know that for me, if I see someone on crutches or in a wheelchair, I'll automatically open the door, but oftentimes, I'm so immersed in my own thoughts I don't pay attention to anything around me, because I'm afraid I'll forget what I'm doing if I take my mind away from my mission! Maybe those people weren't intentionally rude. Maybe they were just so involved in their own thought processes, they didn't notice you. I'd like to think that way anyway.