Thursday, January 26, 2017

Dog In The Cloth House

Note:  Sharing my story I wrote on ... January 26, 2017

This is Duke, he is the dog in the 'cloth house'.  He has a 10' by 10' ... 6' high kennel.  He has lived on a heavy chain in the winter weather.  I have made sure he doesn't have to feel the winter weather.  The only thing left to do is ... to just move in with him :) <3

I don't believe in keeping dogs outside ... since I have to ... I have made Duke a 'cloth house' with canvas ... tarp on top. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Well ... I think I've gotten Duke's kennel as homey and cozy as possible.  I never wanted to keep a dog outside ... never.

We live in a small house ... and we have 2 more spoiled Pups who wouldn't tolerate Duke to live inside.  So ... I've never kept a dog outside ... and I worry for him.  I can't bear the idea of him getting cold again.  I still have images of him in my mind frozen to the ground ... not being able to get up. 

The heavy-ass chain around his neck was frozen ... it was also ... tangled around the trees, stumps.  Duke didn't have a chance in H...... of getting into his dog house.  He had to lay there until someone came to help him.

Skip and I had become Duke's guardian angels for almost 2 months when the ice storm hit here.  No one could drive on the roads for at least 3 days around here.  The man who owned Duke didn't come for a week.


Skip and I walked in the ice to Duke ... carrying food, fresh water in jugs for him for several days.  I cried a lot of tears for Duke ... more than anyone knows.

Finally one day the owner was there ... he told us we could have the dog or find him a home ... he wasn't coming back.  We didn't have the money to purchase a kennel, doghouse and such ... my Facebook Friends sent money to help me help Duke.

I have been covering Duke's kennel ... we put a thick-quilted waterproof/windproof covering around his doghouse.  His doghouse is wrapped, tucked in that big cover!  [em]happy[/em]

Now ... Duke is the dog in the cloth house!  [em]happy[/em]

Note by this Author:  

I think now ... I can relax more now that I have Duke all 'tucked in' for the coming winter weather this week.  During the days I can roll the front curtain up so, he can see all the comings .... goings of Kissy, Camie our other 2 Pups, and Skip and I.

I study his kennel everyday to see what else I can do to make sure he doesn't have to feel the cold.  I wish he could be inside with us ... it bothers me when I'm warm in the house ... he isn't.  I feel all dogs should be inside Pups, cared for like children ... loved, being near their humans.  They need that.

Photo/true story owned/written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

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  1. You are the best any animal could have!! Duke is so lucky as well as your other 2 pups. Love, Ms Nancy