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If I Were a Dog

Note:  I am sharing my true story from my writing site ... ... here on my Blog.

Duke ... our beloved rescue Pup ... we brought him home January 17, 2017.

If I Were A Dog ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Treat living beings, animals good ... because when you treat them good ... good comes back to you. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

A new chain link kennel!  What would make me comfortable living in a kennel?  Soft cedar shavings so my feet won't touch the cold ground.  To walk on something besides wet grass, wet dirt ... stepping in my own waste messing up the inside where I sleep.   

What would make me happy, cozy living in my new doghouse?  Thick, soft cedar shavings and several soft, blankets to snuggle down in to stay warm.

A nice thick, quilted, waterproof, windproof covering for my new doghouse!  Insulation to make sure I feel comforted, safe in my new home.  My house wrapped in this wonderful covering all tucked under my doghouse ... no wind can blow in at all.  I can go through the flap opening into my house ... closing behind me.  Softness on my body ... darkness where I can be at peace.  Where I can be warm.

Looking at my bucket of fresh, clean, clear water. Oh, the taste of good water ... no worry of knocking it over trying to scratch, claw to get inside my house.  No more heavy-ass chain catching my bucket, turning it over ... all my green water seeping into the ground. 

I had been drinking green water for so long ... sometimes, no water when I became tangled on the trees, roots ... how did I know that I would become tangled ... I'm just a dog.  

Oh how nice it feels to walk into my doghouse ... thick, soft cedar shavings spilling out into my yard ... thick shavings all around my house.  How good my feet feel to be warm ... away from the cold ground.

My food in a heavy container that holds my bowl secure ... the wind won't blow my food away in a tinfoil pan like before.  Eating food that hasn't been soaked in the rain ... soured because of being wet for many hours.  Days before someone comes to give me more food ... poured on top of the sour food.  Oh my ... my food is good, never wet, sour ... now.

She comes to feed me every morning giving me a bowl with soft, chopped up egg and 2 capsules of fish oil.  I love licking, eating my egg.  She fills my stainless steel bowl full of dry food in the heavy container (it used to be for a Christmas tree ... now, turned into a perfect bowl-holder for my food.  

My neck ... oh how much better my neck feels without the cold, heavy chain that was on it.  I don't have to be frozen to the ground anymore because of that chain ... I don't have to be tangled in the trees, stumps trying to claw my way to my old doghouse.  Not reaching it ... having to lay my head on the cold, wet ground ... on the ice, snow on the ground ... wait forever for someone to come find me, free me so I can finally get into my doghouse, try to get warm.

Walking on my soft, cedar shavings I don't have to step into my own waste that has accumulated over time ... until I had no choice but, to step in it.  She comes to clean my kennel each day ... checking all through the day to make sure I have food, chew bones, water ... fluffs my cedar shavings to keep all nice for me.  

Looking around me I see a heavy-duty tarp above my head to keep weather out ... my kennel is under the shed ... so, I'm double-protected.  Around my kennel is canvas to protect me from the cold winds, rain ... any winter weather.  On the front there is a canvas curtain that can be rolled up/down.  It stays up during nice weather ... if it rains, snows, wind blows ... it is rolled down.

'She' ... is 'Me' ... Gloria. I have been trying to think like a dog ... trying to think of all that would make me happy, comfortable if it were me in the kennel.  I have been trying to walk in Duke's paw-prints ... see, feel like a dog to make things good for him.  Duke is the dog I've just rescued.

I've worked hard to make Duke's new kennel, doghouse ... all the best I can for him.  Thank you always, forever to my Facebook Friends who cared, donated to make it possible for me to rescue Duke, get him here where he is safe, protected.  I couldn't have done it without all my Friends.

Walking around ... free from the heavy weight around my neck ... freedom at last from the Hell I've lived in.  I think I've died, gone to Heaven ... but, I'm still Alive to feel the comforts every dog should feel in their life.  Alive to feel love, caring ... never isolated anymore.  

No more rain falling on my head, body freezing me to death.  No more ice, snow to make my bed on until someone comes.  No more being alone where no one cares how I feel.  I'm glad she tries to think like me ... walk in my paw-prints.  I feel, reflect happiness I didn't know.  It feels good to be loved, important.

Duke has become very important ... he is one of the Bates Pups now ... he has joined the pack called The Pups.  

I hope one day he can live inside with us.  For now, unfortunately he can't ... Kissy and Camie and Duke would fight, there would be a tragedy.  So, I do the very best I can ... make Duke's outside home as cozy as possible.  

If I were a dog ... I feel I would be happy in my new home.  I've been trying to think like a dog to make it the best possible.  I will constantly try to see things through Duke's eyes ... constantly try to make his outside home as nice, cozy as possible.  Because that's what I would want someone to do ... if I were a dog.

Note by this Author:

I have been trying to think like a dog ... to see, feel ... sense what would make me warmer, cozy, comfortable.  Duke deserves the best life possible ... he has lived in pure Hell.  I went on a mission for 2 months to save him from that awful life ... a miracle happened that I thought impossible.  The man came to us to tell us we could take Duke or we could find him a home.

I panicked ... knowing we didn't have the extra money to buy him a fence, doghouse, extra food, so on I would need to bring him home.  I knew all had to be secure ... Duke is a Pit Bull ... I would have to make sure his fence was high enough to protect him ... but, how to get a fence, doghouse ... this was impossible for us at that time.  

Then ... I went online to my Friends, told them the situation.  I asked my Friends to help me help Duke.  The impossible happened ... they all donated to get Duke's kennel, doghouse and food, and what I needed to bring him home where he would be safe.

I can't ever thank them all enough for what they've done for me.  I can't ever forget them helping me when Skip was deathly ill last year.  I'll never-ever stop being so grateful, thankful to all of them from my Heart.

So ... in the back of my mind I will always be trying to think like a dog ... to make sure The Bates Pups are happy, cozy, comfortable.  I will make sure Duke doesn't ever suffer again.  

Here goes ... to me thinking like a dog.  I smile here ... I think everyone could try doing that ... it's very interesting trying to 'see things in a dog's way'.  

Maybe more people would realize that putting a dog on a chain is wrong ... maybe if people had a chain on their necks to experience how it feels ... they wouldn't ever do it again.

If a person can mistreat a living being ... be it human or animal ... they should have to experience the taste of what they dish out ... I really feel this way.  I'm a very good person even believing this.  If you can't take it ... don't dish it out ... because it will surely come back to you.  Be it jail ... or someone does it to you.  Do good things to people, animals ... good things will come back to you.

True story/photos written, owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.     


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  1. I'm not much of any animal lover but I am glad you rescued Duke. No animal should have to be treated the way he was treated. I wish Duke the best there is for an animal! I know he has a good home now!! Love, Ms Nancy