Saturday, April 15, 2017

Part 10:    Broken Promise ...                   Victoria Fairchild Saga Continues

Story owned/written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.  This story is dedicated to my friend ... Ms Nancy Smith Satterwhite to read as she recovers from her surgery.

Photo owned/taken by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.  It is of the woods nearby.

Do you ever look past the leaves to see ... if something is looking through the leaves ... at you? By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Victoria slept through the night without waking up.  She awoke the next morning feeling refreshed. She slept so good ... she sure needed it.

She was tempted to break her promise ... go back to check on the cave ... animal-people.  Should she ... should she not?

Victoria got her shower, donned jeans and a cotton shirt.  What to do ... what to do?  She made a pot of Folger's coffee ... poured a cup, sat at the dining table.  While she held the hot cup of coffee in her hands ... she went into deep thought.  Oh ... how comforting the hot cup was in her hands ... that was as important to her as drinking the coffee.  It smelled heavenly.

She watched the trees sway in the gentle wind blowing.  For almost an hour Victoria sat in a trance watching the trees.  She loved to see the trees move in the wind ... it was good therapy.  When she came back to her world around her ... her coffee was cold, so was her cup.

Victoria wasn't any closer to figuring a way to take care of the animal-people who were killing people in Rainbow Mountain Park.  She felt fear thinking about some innocent soul walking around there ... being attacked, eaten.   What to do, what to do!

She put her head into her hands ... her fingers massaging her forehead.  Victoria closed her eyes.  She took a deep breath ... jumped up.  She ... was ... going to drive to Rainbow Mountain Park but, she wouldn't get out.  She would watch from the gray van.

A short time later Victoria parked in the parking lot.  There were several cars already there.  She saw people sitting at the picnic tables and at a couple of them ... people were grilling burgers, hot dogs. She was glad ... there is safety in numbers.

She saw a little girl of about four walking, running off from her family.  She was too close to the woods.  Victoria tensed ... she thought she saw a movement in the brush.  She was going to have to get out of the van ...

As Victoria got out of the van ... everything seemed to become very quiet.  She kept her eye on the child as she moved ... she had a bad feeling.  Could she get to the child in time ... she didn't want to alarm anyone.

As Victoria got closer ... she heard a growl.  The little girl was running straight to the bushes where she saw movement!  Victoria moved quicker ... she had to save the little girl.  No one was aware the child had wandered off.  Victoria began to run ... she was very fast ... another one of her special abilities.

The little girl had reached the bushes ... hands grabbed out for her.  Growling ... snarling.  Just as fingers closed on the child's arm ... Victoria jerked the child out of the hands ... raced by the bushes like a flash.

The little girl didn't make a sound.  She didn't know what happened.  Victoria slowed down ... took the little girl to her family.  She told the family that she thought she saw a fox close by.  The mother hugged her little girl close ... no, she wouldn't let her little girl wander off again.  Her eyes were wide from fear for her baby.  She thanked Victoria.

Victoria walked to her gray van.  It was a good thing she'd broken her promise.  The little girl would have become another victim of the animal-people.  She sat in the van keeping an eye out until the last car left.  Only then could Victoria leave.

To be continued ....

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