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Part 3: Monsters Victoria Fairchild Saga Continues

Part 3:                     Monsters ...

We never know what's in those woods ... only the brave will find out ... they'll be lucky to live ... to tell it. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee for my Victoria Fairchild story.

Victoria Fairchild Saga Continues ... By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Photo owned/taken by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee ... Fall of 2016

Victoria left Ms Nancy's room.  She was in deep thought as she rode the elevator back down to first floor.  She didn't even look at her reflection in the mirrored doors of the elevator.  Now ... Victoria Fairchild always looked at her reflection anywhere ... anytime.  That was Victoria.

Victoria got into her SUV ... started it, turned up the A/C.  What to do now?  She knew what she was going to do ... she was going to do some snooping in Rainbow Mountain Park.  She had this strange sense of something big going on in the park ... she was also, going to research the papers as she vaguely remembered strange things going on there.

She drove to the local library ... went inside.  She began searching the newspapers on file.  She began findings stories about Rainbow Mountain Park ... something strange was going on there.  People were attacked ... little 'monsters' jumped out of the brush at them ... bit them on the legs ... climbed their bodies to bite them in the face, on the arms taking out chunks of flesh.

Victoria couldn't believe what she was reading.  It was like out of a horror story.  Why hadn't she heard about this ... why hadn't Ms Nancy?  She wouldn't be a victim now.  This had been going on for upwards of two years!  The mystery had never been solved.

Victoria went home.  She needed to be in a quiet place to think about how to handle this.  She didn't know how much the police was involved in this ... it didn't matter.  Victoria was going to find out what was going on.  Monsters?  Little children with sharp, bloody teeth ... evil man?  Yes ... this was up Victoria Fairchild's alley ... Victoria wanted to find them.

Victoria Fairchild was an unusual woman with many powers ... she could change into a shadow at a moment's notice.  You would never see her.  Victoria was very strong, quick like a lion.  Victoria Fairchild was a force to be reckoned with ... only a very few lived to tell about it ... the strange thing is ... they never told anyone.

Once home ... Victoria decided to walk through her secret closets.  She opened the door to a huge ... walk-in closet.  This first closet held all her daily clothes, shoes, purses ... the walls were mirrored, floor carpeted in soft blue.  This closet held all her wonderful things to dress in.

She went to the farther wall, touched the panel ... a door slid open quietly ... Victoria entered.  This was her second closet ... this was the closet with lots of clothes ... supplies.  These clothes, supplies were only for when she entered the homeless world that was behind a building she and her husband, Chip ... owned in the city.

She dressed in these clothes ... pushed a shopping cart full of Walmart bags that held clothes, food, weapons ... tools she might need.  She became a homeless woman ... blended in with the friends she had made there.

Victoria visited often to find out what was going on with her friends ... if anyone was hurting someone or doing bad things ... they told her.  Victoria Fairchild would begin her mission on taking care of them.  No one messed with the homeless people, animals ... no one.

She didn't need anything from this second secret closet.  Victoria went to the farther wall ... pressed on it.  A third door slid open quietly ... this was the room where Victoria Fairchild loved.  This was the justice room ... this was where Victoria punished people who hurt others ... hurt animals.  Victoria Fairchild believed in an eye for an eye ... tooth for a tooth.  Once a person was brought here ... chances were ... they'd never make it out ... alive.

Victoria stood in the center of the justice room.  She slowly turned around in a circle, thinking.  She was mentally preparing herself to go on a mission at Rainbow Mountain Park.  She walked to another secret door in the wall ... it slid open.  Victoria looked outside into a closed-in secret garage.

She walked to the gray van parked near the door.  Victoria opened the door ... started the van, let it run for a while.  She opened the double back doors ... she pressed a button on the side ... out came a platform that slowly sank to the ground.

On the platform was a wheelchair.  Victoria pressed the release button ... pressed another button on the wheelchair to make it move forward.  All worked smoothly.  Victoria made all go back into place ... turned the key off ... walked out of the secret garage ... through her three closets back into her bedroom.

She sat on the edge of her bed.  It was almost time ... she was going to Rainbow Mountain Park on a mission.  She was going to hunt monsters and an evil man.  From each closet she had selected things to carry with her.

Victoria Fairchild changed into a black shirt, black slacks, black boots ... stuck a pair of black gloves into her back pocket.  She donned a black knee length coat .. a black hat.  She had pinned her hair up, put on a black hairnet to hold it all in place.

Victoria walked into her homeless closet ... went to vanity that held makeup just for when she dressed to go homeless.  Victoria took a jar with black foundation ... opened it ... began rubbing it onto her face, neck and hands.  Victoria could disappear on her own ... it didn't hurt to make extra sure no one saw her at all.  Thank God for magical powers ... she still had to be careful.  Victoria could be hurt, injured regardless.

It was time to go.  Victoria walked back into her bedroom.  She was glad Chip was on a long-distance trip on his big truck.  She didn't have to explain to anyone that she'd be away for a few days.  She picked up her black bag ... touched her pocket to feel for her gun ... the other pocket to feel for her knife.  She then leaned over to touch the side of her black boot ... yes, the knife was secured, unseen there.  It was black, too.  She had several more secret weapons on her body.

Victoria Fairchild walked through each closet ... closing each door behind her... walked into the secret garage ... got into her gray van.  She started the van ... pressed the remote ... a secret door opened to the outside.  Victoria backed the van out ... closed the door.  No one could tell there was a hidden garage by looking at the house.

Victoria drove toward Rainbow Mountain Park.  It was getting dusk ... she loved this time of evening.  She blended in with the shadows ... she became a shadow as the sky darkened ... nightlights came on.

To Be Continued ...

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