Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Part 8: What To Do Now ...

Part 8:   What To Do Now      ... Victoria Fairchild Saga Continues

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee ... dedicated to Nancy Smith Satterwhite to read while recovering from her surgery.  I hope this entertains you ... takes your mind off the pain.

Photo owned/taken by me ... Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Victoria Fairchild arrived home.  She pressed the hidden garage remote ... the side of the huge house opened quietly ... closed once she drove inside.

Victoria went into the house through her 3 closets ... entered her bedroom.  She was completely wiped out.  She took her shower, put on her gown ... fell into bed ... instantly asleep.  She was safe in her house.

The next day Victoria awoke to sunshine peeping through her blinds.  She got up ... twisted the wand to open them.  Ah-hhhh ... comforting sunshine.  Victoria was a sunshine girl ... the sun made her smile ... the rain made her very sad.

Now ... how to get attention turned toward the animal-people.  She went into the kitchen ... turned on her coffeepot.  Nothing like good, hot coffee to comfort her.  She would sit at her dining table by the glass doors in the dining room.

She kicked back in her dining chair ... sat ... drank her hot coffee as she looked out at the flowering garden.  She sat in deep thought and at the same time ... enjoyed the bright colors of the flowers.  The warmth from her coffee cup felt so nice ... pure comfort.  She loved to place her hands around a hot cup of coffee.

She drank almost the whole pot of coffee while in deep thought.  When finally she was ready to get another shower, dress ... she still hadn't any idea what to do.  She did know she was going to visit Ms Nancy in the hospital ... and try to find out what happened to the child that attacked the EMS girl at Rainbow Mountain Park.

A couple hours later found Victoria going up on the mirrored elevator ... to 4th floor ... room 401.  Ms Nancy was sitting up in bed when she entered the door.  She smiled brightly at Victoria.

Victoria walked over to the blue chair to sit.  They began talking at the same time.  Victoria let Ms Nancy tell what happened once again.  Victoria told Ms Nancy that she wanted to tell her something ... it was awful but, true.  Also ... that she was very lucky to be alive and not to go back to Rainbow Mountain Park.

Victoria related all that happened in the cave.  Ms Nancy began shaking ... she was in shock.  It was too much for her to take in all at once.  Victoria!  Oh my God ... I can't believe it!

Victoria and Ms Nancy were very close.  Ms Nancy knew about Victoria's special powers ... she had occasion to witness them when on missions with Victoria.  She asked Victoria could she do anything at all to get rid of those people.  Victoria told her no ... there were too many people and they were vicious ... animals, cannibals.

Victoria expressed her concern over how she could lead the authorities to them ... and keep them protected at the same time.


Ms Nancy moved her leg, foot ... groaned from the pain.  Victoria asked her what kind of injury did she get from being attacked.  Ms Nancy said the doctor thought her Achille heel was torn ... thankfully it wasn't.  She had several fractures in her leg.  Her face had a bite mark on it ... it was healing nicely.  Her arm had suffered bruises.  She was lucky for it not to be broken.

Victoria got up to leave.  She walked over to hug Ms Nancy.  She could smell the scent of Ivory Soap on her.  She smelled so clean, fresh.  Victoria hugged her with deep affection.  I love you, Ms Nancy.

How can you tell someone something unbelievable ... you have to show them. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

To be continued ...

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  1. Victoria is very smart and wise to take her time to think on how to handle this. Thank you again Gloria!! I love it!! Love, Ms Nancy