Monday, June 5, 2017

Fat As A Tick! Part 8... of The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga

Fat As A Tick!          Part 8 ... The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga ...  written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

If you recognize someone truly evil ... don't let them know it ... bad things could happen. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Walter Sebastian was just pure damn bored.  I've got to think of something fun to do he thought.  What? When ... where?

The light bulb went off in his head ... the park!  There were always lots of people in the park ... doing all kinds of things.

Surely to goodness, he could find one little person to have fun with.  He was going to drive to the park ... stroll ... sit ... observe.  He knew what he'd like to do ... time would tell.

You see ... Walter Sebastian loved to lurk around crowds of people ... he was like a wolf traveling the perimeter ... ready to pounce on a victim.  No one ever saw him ... no one ever knew Walter Sebastian was around.

How can you see someone who blends in with his surroundings?  How can you see someone who is neither ugly or pretty?  Our eyes are drawn toward beauty ... if it's ugly ... our eyes are drawn to the ugly.  Whoever looks at the ... in between?

Walter Sebastian was God ... he could do anything he wanted to.  As a young boy, he learned he had such power in his hands.  One could ask his childhood friend ... if he were still living.  Damn if he didn't take care of his ass.

No one ever suspected little Walter Sebastian.  That was the day he realized if he wanted to have excitement in his life ... he would have to take matters into his own hands.

Not only that ... take the ones out who could 'see him for what he was'.  Believe it or not ... some people instantly recognized how evil Walter Sebastian was ... he always knew when they did ... it was always in their eyes.  They never lived to tell what they saw ... Walter Sebastian took their asses out.  Damn the bastards and their mamas too!

Walter Sebastian sat on the bench at the park.  He wore his black sunglasses and a straw hat.  He sat watching everything that moved ... while a strange little smile played on his lips.

Nearby an old man sat in a wheelchair.  He had a quilt over his legs.  Colors of blue, green, red, white, purple stood out ... it was a pretty quilt ... cheerful too.

Walter Sebastian noticed a foley bag on the side of the wheelchair.  It was almost full of piss.  Walter Sebastian kept looking away to study people walking by ... is that the one?  His eyes kept coming back to the man sitting in the wheelchair ... the foley bag.

Without realizing it ... Walter Sebastian got up from the bench.  He walked over to the man in the wheelchair.  The man was napping.  Walter Sebastian looked around ... he didn't see anyone around.  He unlocked the wheelchair ... pushed it on the paved lane that traveled throughout the park.

Soon he saw an opening in the shrubbery ... he pushed the old man through.  He saw they were on a path that animals probably made.  He waited for the old man to wake up ... he slept soundly.

Walter Sebastian came to a clearing ... he parked the wheelchair.  He sat on the tree stump close by ... the old man never woke but ... his piss bag was full by now.  Walter Sebastian watched ... waited.  He wanted to see what would happen.  He'd never thought of a foley bag before ... he was curious to see ... he was grinning as he imagined it blowing to hell with the man with it.  Pissing in the wind!  Walter Sebastian had a sick sense of humor.

The foley bag began to swell.  Damn ... didn't the man feel anything?  The old man slept never feeling the pressure it had to have put on his penis.  Walter Sebastian walked over to the old man ... pulled the quilt back ... the man was in a hospital gown. That made it easy to just pull it up and look.

The bag kept swelling ... the tubing began to swell.  Walter Sebastian knew something had to give!  He began grinning ... waiting to see what would happen.

The old man began to move in his chair.  He was mumbling something about it hurt ... it really hurt!  Walter Sebastian grinned ... this was more like it!  He loved action ... pain made good action.

The foley bag was swollen as fat as a tick ... Walter Sebastian knew it was a matter of time before something happened.  He imagined it busting wide open ... drowning the old man in his own piss.

The tubing popped out of the old man's penis.  Piss was spraying everywhere ... including on Walter Sebastian.  Damn if that didn't make Walter Sebastian some kind of pissed off  ... the saying someone told him once went through his mind ... 'it's better to be pissed off than pissed on!'

Walter Sebastian was angry as hell ... son of a bitch!  The bastard pissed all over my ass!  What made it worse was ... the old man never apologized.  Didn't matter that the old man didn't know anything much less his name.  He didn't even know he was in the world.

Walter Sebastian stood there no longer grinning ... oh no ... Walter Sebastian felt the flames of hell shoot through him.  Somebody was going to have a bad day!  His eyes glowed red as hell's fires ...

He jerked the old man up from his chair ... threw him back into the wheelchair.  The piss smelled bad ... Walter Sebastian almost vomited.  Then ... he vomited all over the man.  Walter Sebastian grinned ... this was fun!  He'd never done this before.

Mr. Worthington!  Mr. Worthington, where are you?  Walter Sebastian heard someone calling for the old man.  The old man tried to answer ... couldn't.  Walter Sebastian had cut the tubing from the foley bag ... made the hole big enough... to stretch over the old man's face.  He grinned as the old man took his last breath.

The excitement wasn't as much drama as he had hoped but ... it was still good.  Not that he was going to do it ... but he bet it'd been more fun if he'd duct-taped the tubing to the old man's penis.

It couldn't have popped out then.  As Walter Sebastian walked off ... he chuckled to himself ... it was amazing ... that foley bag looked like a fat tick ... before it popped!

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  1. Sebastian is a mean rascal! I guess he doesn't know that what goes around will come around! Love, Ms. Nancy