Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Never Talk To Strangers ... Part 9 of The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga

'Never Talk To Strangers' by Camille Lunsford   ... Part 9 of The Walter Sebastion Corbett Saga

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

'Yep...never talk to strangers' ... By Camille Lunsford.

Walter Sebastian was headed to the convenience market just down the road.

' Damn! Out of Winstons! Can't have that!' he said as he gathered his little dog, Mischief, in his arms and headed for his 1988 Caprice Classic.

Once at the store, he went inside, smiled that devilish grin, and got his Winstons. 'Ah, what the hell, ' he grumbled. 'I feel like celebrating today!'. Walter Sebastian walked to the back of the store and got a 6 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

After he paid, he walked outside the store, stood and smoked a cigarette, watching people.

A red, dented Mustang pulled up to the gas pump. A beautiful, strawberry blonde girl got out.

"Damn. What a cutie!" said Walter to himself.

Just as she went inside to pay, Walter got an idea.

"Come on, Mischief, 'as he pulled the matted little Shih Zu out of his car.

Dog in hand, as a lure, and with a frail, sickeningly sweet smile, he approached the strawberry blonde.

'Excuse me, Miss' he said to the girl, who looked startled and puzzled.

'Do you think you could help me and snap a picture of me and my little dog?' he asked.

'I have trouble with this new fangled phone' Walter chuckled....as he feigned ignorance.

'Ok...sure', said the strawberry blonde with a high ponytail, and cut-off blue jeans.

'Here, let me show you which button you push, I think it's right here', Walter came behind the girl to assist her in using his phone.

She could feel his horrid breath on her neck. He reeked of Winstons.

'Now, open your passenger door, don't run or scream, or I will kill you. Understand?'

The girl shakingly opened her passenger door and Walter Sebastian and Mischief climbed in.
'Get in your side and shut the door!!'  The girl got in.

'Take me to Walmart' shouted Walter.  The girl, shaken and distraught, proceeded to drive him to Wal-Mart.

'What's your name, Miss?'  ' Uh....Summer, said the girl.

'How pretty. Tell me, do I look sexy in my polka dotted underwear?' Walter asked as he unzipped his pants to show her.

Summer fell silent. 'Say I look sexy!'

'You.....look sex...y...' the girl said, shaking as she pulled into Wal-Mart. Walter smiled. 'That's better' he said.

'Well, are you going in?" she asked.

' Damn. I forgot my shopping list! Oh well, I come here all the time. ' Walter smiled that creepy smile.

'Say, you hungry?' he asked Summer. I have an apple. You like apples?'  ' They are Ok,' she said.
' The seeds are the best part, ' said Walter, laughing to himself, as the girl looked confused.

'Take me back to my car!' shouted Walter Sebastian to the girl.

They arrived at the convenience store. As Walter got out Mustang, he looked at the frightened girl. 'You know, you really shouldn't talk to strangers. Lot of weirdos out there. Maybe we could...uh...have dinner sometime, Summer?'

Frozen in fear, Summer didn't say a word.

Walter Sebastian laughed as he shut her car door.

'Yep...never talk to strangers' he laughed to himself as he walked to his car.

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  1. You're so right! We should never talk to strangers! I hope all adults with children will teach them to NEVER talk to strangers! Love, Ms Nancy