Thursday, July 13, 2017

Victoria Fairchild meets Walter Sebastian Corbett! Part 24: The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga

Victoria Fairchild meets Walter Sebastian Corbett!  Part 24:
The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga

When two forces meet ... one evil ... the other good-evil ... it's possible all hell will break out. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Weeks went by ... no one missed Zelma Struthers.  One Sunday morning someone mentioned Zelma hadn't been to church for a while ... wondered why.  A woman said she thought Zelma had gone to visit her daughter in Florida.  This was about the time she always went.  We'll be hearing from her in about 3 months she said.

Walter Sebastian was becoming bored with his pretty wife.  She was good as gold ... he couldn't ask for a better wife.  Maybe she was ... too good.  Walter Sebastian wanted some action ... any kind of action.  Thank God, she was working again.  He had all day to do as he pleased.  Right now, Walter wanted to have some fun.

Walter Sebastian drove to the park, walked around for a while ... sat on a bench under a big oak tree.  He was trying to think of something fun to do when he noticed a beautiful blonde-headed woman jogging.

The woman was dressed in black with a pink cap on.  Her sneakers were pink.  Damn, she was beautiful.  Walter Sebastian hoped she'd stop to get a breath here at this very bench he was sitting on.

Be damned if the woman didn't stop ... she walked to the bench, smiled at Walter ... sat down.  They struck up a conversation ... soon, they were talking up a storm.

What's your name he asked.  My name is Victoria Fairchild.  Walter extended his hand ... told her his name was Walter Corbett.  It's nice to meet you, Walter.  Victoria's voice sounded like music ... music that made Walter want to ... dance with her.  He liked this woman.

Victoria felt strange vibes from this man.  She wasn't sure if she liked him or not.  There was something ... unpleasant? about him.  She couldn't put her finger on it.

Got to go, Walter.  It was nice meeting you.  Victoria rose to her feet in all her glory ... she took Walter's breath away.

He watched her as she jogged away.  Walter knew he'd be right here tomorrow at the same time.  He wanted to have some fun.  All the while thinking that ... Walter felt ... just a twinge of ... unease.

Walter Sebastian had supper ready for his pretty wife when she got home from the hospital.  He was whistling up a storm.  Grace walked over to him ... kissed him on the lips.  All of a sudden Walter wanted her ... wanted her in a bad way.  He was so hard.

He picked up Grace, carried her to the bed.  In his mind he could see Victoria Fairchild.  He hurriedly took Grace's clothes off ... with her help.  He didn't wait to play ... he had to get into her now.

He pushed her legs apart ... pushed into Grace hard.  He couldn't stop ... Walter kept on until he climaxed.  He saw that Grace had climaxed at the same time.  He was glad because he didn't have time to warm her up.

The next day found Walter sitting on the same bench at the park.  Sure enough ... he didn't have to wait long ... Victoria Fairchild came jogging up the path.  She smiled at him as she slowed down.  Hi Walter!  Victoria sat down on the bench to get her breath.

Walter Sebastian began to get ideas in his head.  He might just have a little fun with Victoria.  He'd think about it as they talked.

To be continued ...

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  1. Walter doesn't know what he got coming! That's what happens when you try to get too close to a person you don't know! Look out Walter!! Love, Ms Nancy