Thursday, December 15, 2011

60 Year Old Prostitute and $37.50

Today when Skip and I were talking... I told him that he really needed to catch up on the last 3 times I've written  here on my blog.  I told him that I told something he didn't know I'd told ..about him! 

We have alot of friends and acquaintances, as well as all the people who are 'everywhere' following my blog!  They know but, he didn't know!  :))  I told him that so and so was going to be asking him about being hypnotized and he wouldn't know what they meant!

I told him about experimenting to see if I could 'hypnotize' him ...later!  He listened to me and this is
what he said:

That's alright... I hypnotized you the other day and told you that you were a 60 year old prostitute and I
snapped my fingers... and you got into the truck and drove into town ...and you came back with $37.50!!!

I laughed so hard!  Skip is definitely a very witty person who can make me laugh when no one else can.  Tommy loved his humor just as I do.  One never knows what he is going to come up with.  My mother loved his humor, also. 

But... I should have expected him to do something like that!  You see when I 'get the best of him'..... that's his way of 'getting me back'!  He will say something so off-the-wall like that and make it sound like he's the one getting the best of me!  Now... the ball is in his court.

I will be get that ball back into 'my court!

We are 'real' people.... and we are good people though... sometimes we say things such as this.  I can't apologize because it really is 'just too fun and too funny!'  One never knows what either of us will say... because... we don't even know.  Life is that way!


  1. Hi Gloria-----That sounds like something Skip would say! Ha! Tell him I said you are worth more than $37.50! Keep writing! Love, Ms. Nancy

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