Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Everything Is Alright ... Until The Dog Runs

Everything Is Alright ... Until The Dog Runs

Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

My stage where my many colors show ... no one can see when I am being silly!  

We all have a secret place where we just be silly without fear of someone seeing us ... thinking we are crazy. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Well ... this morning there was a silly woman walking a dog in the meadow close by ... she was exercising while she walked. When she bent over to touched her toes ... it was at the exact time the dog decided ... to run. How about that? 

This silly woman I know decided the other morning she wanted to see how it felt to wear her pants differently ... I saw her pull her pants down to just below her .......  Of course, she pulled her shirt down so no one would see her panties. I watched her trying to walk her dog ... walking in a very strange way. The dog decided to run ... I watched her holding on to her pants with one hand and to the dog with the other ... across the meadow, they flew until she got him to stop. 

This silly woman does silly things when they come to her mind. I know 'why?' She loves to 'walk in other people's shoes to see how it feels'. She loves to mimic people in her mind (never making fun) to see how it feels ... for a rare moment she 'becomes' that person. She does this in the meadow close by while she walks her dog ... no one sees her so she can be herself ... and 'be others'  Then ... she laughs at herself, looks around hoping no one saw her ... being silly! Everything is alright until ... the dog ... runs! 

Oh, I don't know this woman's name ... I see her ... all the time.   I know she has many colors ... if you think she's drab ... you won't ... if you happen to see one of her many colors 

Monday, June 26, 2017

I Wanted To ... 'Try Someone On'

I Wanted To ... 'Try Someone On'
Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Sometimes, I 'walk/run in other people's shoes' ... to see how it feels. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Okay ... all of you have followed me for years ... that means you know ... I try 'to walk in others' shoes' ... to understand ... to feel ... to see if I want to do what they do.

You know I'm open-minded ... I understand people are different ... their experiences in life shape them just as they do, have my own life.

I'm always people-watching.  I love to people-watch ... clothes, actions ... talking, laughing ... running ... walking.  Just everything a person can possibly do ... I am fascinated.

I even 'try on different expressions' I see people use when doing, talking to someone ... or like telling the news.

Somehow ... sometimes, when I do that ... for a second ... 'I can feel them ... I can walk in their shoes for a moment ... I 'become' them for a moment'.  Does it make sense?  It does to me!

I feel happy things ... sad things all the way to the most ... awful things.  My mind is constantly imagining ... how others feel ... why they do things.  That's why I never intentionally hurt other people ... I know how it feels.

I never make fun of others ... I've known how that felt as a child, different times in my life like when I was sick with cancer ... they didn't realize I looked the way I did because of chemotherapy and being so sick.  Yes, I realized what they were doing ... I was too sick to care.

Being made fun of when I was very sick was by someone I loved very much ... my sister ... though I never was around her.  Skip was on the road ... this was some years ago ... my Grandmother Lola died ... she played such an important part of my life ... I drove for over an hour to get to her funeral.

My face was red from the chemotherapy drugs ... I wore a wig ... I honestly ... pure looked ... like Hell.  I didn't feel well ... who could I tell?  I didn't know my father's people and ... I'm glad I didn't. There wasn't one relative there at my Grandmother Lola's funeral who would have cared.

I dreaded going into my aunt's house ... have you ever felt so bad ... been so sick ... that each step you felt you were going to faint?  That was how I was that terrible day.

When I did ... I noticed without appearing to notice (you all know how to do that I'm sure) ... my youngest sister sitting with her daughter-in-law ... they began laughing at me ... sometimes, out loud.  Yes, I looked like Hell ... they had no idea I was battling for my own life.

I wished I had never gone to that funeral ... and by the time I realized what my Grandmother Lola had done ... I really wished I had never known her.  There must have been a reason for me to be there ... I never saw it but, when I left there I was more devastated than when I got there.  That's another story for another time.

Anyway ... when I tell you my little story of ... 'walking in someone's shoes this morning' ... know that I am not disrespecting anyone ... I know we all do the things we like to do to ... be ourselves.

Well ... I wanted to 'try someone on' ... so to speak.  I'd been meaning to do that for a long time to just at least understand 'why?' they did ... that.  I was going ... 'to walk in someone's shoes' to see how it felt!

By the time ... I 'tried them on' ... I wasn't thinking about them and wondering 'why they did that' ... it became 'what in the Hell am I doing and I hope no one is watching me'!

I was walking The Dukester this morning and the idea came to me to try something I'd been seeing for so long and wondered 'how in the world did they stand to do that?'

I reached around my waist ... pulled my jeans down to the bottom of the cheeks of my .....  I left my underwear in place and began ... walking The Dukester ... just like that.

Around the meadow we walked while I ... waddled with my jeans below my .....  I wanted to pull them up but, I deliberately didn't.  I had to know how it felt.

I tried to run ... but, there wasn't anyway I could run.  The Dukester jerked me forward and I nearly lost my pants!  I was holding his leash ... and holding my pants up with my other hand.

Can you picture me ... walking ... running around in a beautiful little meadow with wildflowers ... holding a leash in one hand to hold on to The Dukester (our Pit Bull) ... my other hand trying desperately to hold my pants up.  My walk/run was very strange ... I was trying to walk like someone I saw walking like that.

I have to say I began to laugh hysterically when I told Skip what I did ... he just stood there.  He just stood there and looked at me.  The longer he stood there looking at me ... the more hysterical I became ... I didn't lose my pants while walking like that ... but ... I did laugh my ... ass ... off!

I found out that I don't knock anyone for wearing their pants like that.  I respect how others choose to dress.  Just because I'm different ... that's okay, too.  I just had to 'walk in those shoes' at least one time to know how it felt.  For me, it didn't feel good ... it didn't feel right.

Note by this Author:

I do silly things, crazy things ... just for the heck of it.  Skip said I was the only person he knew ... who knew how to entertain herself.  I'm smiling because he and Tommy used to laugh when we all were being silly ... happy ... doing crazy things, pranks.

It's strange how ... maybe you do the same ... when you watch something... someone ... over and over ... you get the urge to speak like them ... to act like them ... to do their walk.  For a moment ... you ... really 'feel' them ... for a moment ... you ... are them.  Sometimes ... it can be so funny when you are laughing at yourself ... just as I did.  I wasn't good at being ... someone else at all!

So ... this morning ... I ... tried someone on ... and it wasn't for me.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

I'm Your Warm Blanket ... Prayer

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

My description of Prayer: when a nurse brings a warm blanket to put over you when you are chilly ... comfort. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I have a friend who is going into surgery on Tuesday ... I feel connected to her because of Tommy ... he didn't get a second chance because he didn't know how ill he was ...

I want to ask all my Friends to say prayers for her. I know all of you know Tommy, and about Tommy ... would you remember Laurel Ramsay-Boudreau in your prayers? <3

She touches my very Heart ... we all can be her ... warm blanket to protect her from the cold <3

Here is a little poem I wrote for her to let her know she is cared about very much. <3

I'm Your Warm Blanket ... Prayer
Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Note: I was thinking of my Friend, Laurel Ramsay-Boudreau ... who will be having surgery on Tuesday ... would you say prayers for her ... let's be her warm blanket ... in prayer. I wrote this poem for you, Laurel ... out of pure caring for what you are going through. I pure care. I feel connected to you through Tommy <3

I'm your warm blanket when you are chilly
When you are going through the sad things in life
If you get cold ... let me warm you

Everything is going to be alright
Your friends will lift you in their prayers
Over the places that make you afraid

Warming you when you are chilly
Are prayers from everyone's heart
Holding you close in their mind

This is your warm blanket for the days ahead
Just remember ... in our minds we are many
Sending prayers just for you ... so you won't be cold

Monday, June 19, 2017

I Wanted To Hug All The Sounds Around Me ...

I Wanted To Hug All The Sounds Around Me ...
Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I had to write words to what I felt as I walked ... silly words that made a song inside my head. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Walking my dog in the meadow surrounded by trees
Listening to the sounds around me
I felt ... I wanted to hug them all except ... one

My Dukester ran here ... there ... to sniff
I could hear his soft chuffing as he ran
Butterflies chased him as he went

I could hear a big bullfrog calling
Calling for who I don't know
Maybe his mama, girlfriend .. I don't know who

Birds whistled, sang their songs over my head
Flew all around to sit on limbs ... fly away
Something tells me they have babies around

Ur ... Ur.. Ur-rrrrr I could hear a rooster, too
I wonder if it was a chicken instead
Do roosters crow during the day?

I stood still for a moment to hear a quiet sound
It was the wind ... I could feel it on my face
I wanted to hug it all ... the wind too

A dragonfly flew close to my face
Did it look at me to see who I was?
Could it have been Tommy ... looking for his mommy?

In the distance I heard the sound of a chainsaw
I had been thinking I wanted to hug the sounds around me
Except the chainsaw ... I'd rather hear it in the distance

I stood with my eyes closed ... I hugged all the sounds around me
Except the chainsaw ... I hugged them with my Heart
I love those sounds ... it means the world around me ... is alive

Note by this Author:

Some silly words that came to me as I walked The Dukester this morning ... I don't sing ... yet I was walking singing ... 'I want to hug the sounds all around me'.  Isn't that funny?  :)

Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee. Photo of The Dukester ... our rescued Pit Bull dog owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Something Bad Is Going To Happen ... Part 19 ... The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga

Something Bad Is Going To Happen ...   Part 19 ... The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga
Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I recognize you ... in that sheep's clothing you have on. Nobody can see you ... but, me. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Walter Sebastian looked up into Grace's face, said ... 'Grace, I don't know what to say.  I'm honored you would want to take me home with you.  Yes ... I will go on one condition'.

Grace asked him what was the condition.  Walter Sebastian said ... 'Grace, I feel I need to get to church, thank God I am still here'.  Grace beamed ... God, she loved a good-christian man!  Mr. Corbett was a good man ... there's no way there could be ... bad ... in that man!

Oh yes!  We'll be in church on Sunday morning!  I would love to take you to my church.  You will love the people there.  They don't just go to church to be looked at in their fancy clothes ... they are sincere, God-fearing people ... she smiled at Mr. Walter Sebastian Corbett ... 'just like you, Mr Corbett!'

Mr. Corbett had one more thing to request from Grace.  What is that, she asked.  I want you to call me Walter ...  Grace loved it ... she would love to call him Walter ... it felt good rolling off her tongue ... Wal ... ter!  Walter! Walter! Walter!  She grinned.

Well, Walter ... are you ready to get ready ... to come home with me?  Walter closed his eyes to thank his God ... opened them and said, 'yes!'

Several days later found Walter Sebastian living at Grace's home.  They were getting along splendidly.  Tomorrow morning ... first thing ... they'd be sitting in the first row in church.  Both were excited ... Grace excited because finally ... she had a man in her life!  Walter excited ... because he'd be in God's house to thank him for surviving the shark attack ... and for the good woman who took him in.

'Amazing grace ... how great thou are ... that saved a wretch like me' ... people were singing this beautiful song as Walter Sebastian and Grace walked into church.

Walter felt tears overflow his eyes ... God, how grateful he was for his beautiful life.  It felt so good to know he was a good man.  His heart felt light ... he knew that before the shark attack ... he must have been a helluva man ... a damn good man ... someone who never sinned.  He meant to be the best man in this world.  God let him live when he didn't have to ... and like frosting on the cake ... he gave him a good woman to boot!

Grace saw the tears in Walter's eyes ... they touched her heart deeply.  Again ... she felt such love for Walter.  He was just perfect ... just perfect.  She was proud of Walter as she watched her friends turn their heads to see who was with her.

Her friends had never seen her with a man ... he must be some kind of special ... for Grace to bring him to church with her.  That by itself was a positive sign ... Grace was the best woman in the world ... a truly good woman.  They would accept Walter Sebastian as one of their own.  He had to be ... the best man in the world.

After the service ... Walter found himself and Grace ... surrounded by many people.  All of them were smiling, talking ... they were very happy to meet Mr. Walter Sebastian Corbett.  If he was in Grace's company ... he had to be a good person.  The best person!

The next several weeks went by ... in a wonderful cloud of love, colors, happy feelings.  Walter knew he'd never been so happy in his life ... even if he couldn't remember who he was.  As for Grace ... she had grown even more beautiful ... the glow of love only enhanced her beauty.

Last night they'd consummated their love ... it had been out of this world ... one could say it was just heavenly.  Walter was so gentle with his Grace ... Grace was ... just graceful ... love-making was beautiful in a good-good way.  It was perfect.  He treated her body as if it were porcelain ... gentle.  He would never hurt this special lady in his life.  God, he was so thankful for her.  He was glad he was a good man ... because he'd never have a good woman like Grace.

Sitting side by side on the couch ... Grace and Walter ... watched the news together.  Walter couldn't believe the awful things that went on ... shootings, stabbings ... murder here ... murder there.  Walter commented on how bad it was getting ... Grace told him he was so glad he was in her life ... to protect her.

Next Sunday morning ... Walter and Grace went to church.  They sat beside a heavy-set woman.  Her face was hidden by her big-ass hat.  It had red roses ... green leaves on it.  The hat was black.  The woman was dressed in a black dress.  For some reason ... Walter didn't like sitting beside her.  He didn't know the woman ... but ... she made him feel uncomfortable.

He forgot about the woman ... he was singing with the congregation ... 'what a friend we have in Jesus'.  He and Grace looked at each other and smiled.  Walter Sebastian turned his head to smile at the heavy-set woman ... froze.

There was something about the woman ... for a moment he felt he knew her.  A dark cloud came over Walter ...  as the woman grinned at him.  She recognized Walter ... Walter didn't recognize her.  She was the woman who sneezed ... puked ... and blew snot into Walter's mouth in church ... in his prior life.  Of course, Walter Sebastian didn't remember.

The big-ass woman grinned at Walter ... with her evil grin.  Oh yes, she remembered this man ... she also, recognized evil when she saw it.  She was a bad-ddddd woman, herself ... she tread where the devil wouldn't tread.

She saw a male carbon copy of herself when she looked at him.  She didn't know his name.  She remembered when he looked at her and deliberately sneezed his damn snot in her face ... grinned.  There had been a big booger sitting on her nose ... his damn booger ... she had walked in front of her friends with that shit on her nose!

She'd never forget the embarrassment, anger when she saw it in the mirror at church ... she washed it off ... even today it felt as if it was still there!

When people began looking ... the man pretended to help her.  Damn his soul ... if God didn't ... she would!  The man turned away to the woman he stood beside, moved closer to her.

The heavy-set woman smiled big ... threw her head back ... began singing ... 'bringing in the sheaves, oh Lord ... bringing in the sheaves'.... yes, she was going to get his ass.  Standing there like a hypo-fucking-crit!

Walter Sebastian couldn't bring himself to look back to the heavy-set woman.  There was something evil about the way she sneered at him. It was as if ... she knew him, hated him ... wished bad for him.

Something niggled at his mind ... like a tiny fish nibbling on bait thrown out in the water on a hook.  Nothing happened ... though he felt there was something ... he should remember.

Hell, all he knew was his name or what he hoped was his name.  When they found his umbrella, cooler ... they saw the name ... Walter Sebastian Corbett.  It was written in a Sharpie pen on his cooler ... the pole of his umbrella.

Grace squeezed his arm ... 'Walter!  I want you to meet one of my dearest friends, Zelma Struthers!'  Walter came out of his deep thought ... looked straight into the heavy-set woman's face.  He felt a darkness in his soul ...  He smiled a sick smile at Zelma.  'It's nice to meet such a dear friend of Grace's' ... he said.

Zelma loved this ... she could see she made the man uncomfortable.  Walter ... that was his name ... Walter!  She grinned the sweetest smile at Walter ... this time it was pure candy-sweet ... all the evil was gone as if it were never there.  Walter immediately felt better ... it was if the sunshine came out on a cloudy day.  He must have imagined things.  He was just happy all felt ... good, right now.

Zelma asked Grace if Walter could come ... help her lift a heavy piece of furniture to move into another room.  'Oh sure ... I know Walter would love to help you ... wouldn't you, Walter?'  Walter didn't want to go anywhere near Zelma ... he felt something bad would happen.  Why did he feel this way!

It was too late ... Grace had already volunteered Walter ... to help Zelma.  For a split-second ... Walter saw evil peep out of her smiling eyes ... like a bird settling on a twig ... gone the next second.  Something bad ... something bad-ddd was going to happen ... Walter felt it in his soul.

Zelma was talking up a storm ... she had Grace laughing, talking.  Walter didn't smile anymore ... he felt he was in the presence of evil.  How in the world did ... he ... know what evil was?  He was a good man.  He felt something dark ... tug at the corner of his mind.  It felt as if ... it were a hand getting ready to jerk a sheet off the bed to reveal ... reveal what?!  He knew his ... sheets were clean.  He was a good man.

Walter and Grace went home.  Grace was chattering up a storm.  Zelma was a wonderful friend ... she'd been there always for her.  Yes, Zelma would be there through ... thick and thin for her.  She couldn't ask for a better friend than ... Zelma.

Walter Sebastian felt ... fear?  Fear?  He didn't want anything bad to touch his good life.  Why did he feel Zelma was a bad sign?

Walter had just finished making pure love to Grace.  It was a beautiful hour ... like walking in a field of soft-colored pink flowers underneath the blue sky full of fluffy white clouds ... with a rainbow full of soft, pastel colors.  The birds sang beautifully when the special moment came ... for both of them.  They held to each other tightly ... the phone rang.

Walter Sebastian knew in his heart ...  it had to be Zelma calling.  Who else would it be?  Grace seldom talked on the phone ... with the exception of her closest friends and the pastor of her church, and the hospital.

Sure enough ... could Walter come over to help her?  Yes, yes ... she'd be waiting for him to get there.  Soon ... Walter Sebastian was driving toward Zelma's house.  He had a bad feeling in the bottom of his stomach ... something bad is going to happen ... he thought.

He Couldn't Have Asked For A Better Thing From His God... Part 18 ... of The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga

He Couldn't Have Asked For A Better Thing From His God...     Part 18 ... of The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga
Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Isn't it strange how the tables turn ... just that easy one can go from evil to being good? Where did the evil go? By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Walter Sebastian was in love ... he didn't feel the pain very much now from the numerous shark bites.  Damn if that shark didn't give him hell!  Wonder why the bastard didn't just kill his ass ... be done with it!

The last thing Walter remembered about the attack was his ass was way up in the damn air ... he was looking down into the eyes of a woman whose mouth was wide open as a cave ... that was it.  Walter Sebastian couldn't remember past just before the fall.

He couldn't help but try to remember who, what ... where he was from.  He did have the feeling that in his prior life ... he must have been a good man!  He felt like praising the Lord now ... he was lucky to be alive.  Thank you, Lord!  Amen and Hallelujah!  My ass is still here.  I promise you I will do so much good that no one will be able to stand me.

Walter was smiling when Grace walked in.  Time stood still as he watched her cross the hospital room.  He saw she fit her name,  Grace ... God, she was beautiful.  She walked with such poise ... smiling the softest, sweetest smile.  Walter Sebastian didn't know he was also ... smiling the sweetest smile.  Not only that ... laying there vulnerable to the world in his weakest state ... he looked so damn cute, sweet to Grace.  She was in love with Mr. Corbett.

Grace had learned from the doctor that Mr. Corbett could go home today if he had family to go home to.  She had come to talk to Mr. Corbett ... she had an idea.

Grace handed Walter Sebastian a cold can of Coca-Cola and a package of peanut butter crackers.  Her hand was wet from holding the can of Coke.  She reached for a paper towel to dry it off.  Walter Sebastian watched her as she moved her body ... what a beautiful woman.  I would love to make her mine.  He only had respect for her ...

Mr. Corbett, the doctor told me you could go home today if you had family, friends to go home to.  Do you have someone you can call, Mr. Corbett?  Anyone?  She knew he couldn't remember anything before his fall ... hopefully if he couldn't ... he would go along with her idea.

Walter Sebastian closed his eyes ... she watched him as he tried to remember something.  He finally opened his eyes ... I don't know, he said. I can't remember anything.  I must be a part of something good because ... I feel close to God.  I have this feeling I am a good man.

Grace beamed ... Mr. Corbett, I have an idea.  Would you like to come home with me?  I am going to take my vacation ... be off for the next month.  I could care for you while you try to remember who you are ... if you have family ... friends.

Walter Sebastian lay there ... he couldn't have asked for a better thing from his God.  Amen!  Hallelujah!  He looked up at Grace and said .....

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Walter Had Found Him A Good Woman ... Part 17 of The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga

Walter Had Found Him A Good Woman ...    Part 17 of The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga
Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Funny how the tables turn when setting out to hurt someone ... by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

The beach had one more visitor ... Walter Sebastian.  He was dressed in his black swimming trunks ... with white polka dots.  No noticed him sitting under his blue and white striped umbrella.  He had a red and white cooler sitting beside him as he sat on his yellow and white towel.  All and all ... Walter Sebastian made a happy beach-goer picture when seeing him from afar.

He leaned back on his elbow while watching lots of people playing in the water.  Ocean waves washed in on the sand ... chasing little children making them squeal with glee.  Mothers and fathers grinned with pride, happiness while they watched their little Johnnys and Susies play.  Oh, look at Susie jump that wave!  What a big boy you are, Johnny!  That's a beautiful sand castle you built, Susie!

Walter Sebastian scoffed under his breath.  Mommy, Mommy ... Daddy, Daddy!  Can I go out farther in the water?  Can I have a cookie while I play?  Can I ... can I ... can I?  There wasn't any end to the questions the little Johnnys and Susies asked.  Walter Sebastian was getting ready to put an end to that.  He almost laughed aloud thinking about all the scuffling and shuffling getting ready to go on!

He began to get up from his towel ... something made him sit down ... take a long look around.  For a moment he thought he felt sadness for what was about to happen!  What the fuck?  Tears filled his eyes ... made his heart squeeze.

Walter Sebastian was reminded of being saved in the little church.  But, that wasn't real!  I don't need God in my life ... there was a spiritual battle going on inside the very evil Walter Sebastian.

If one noticed ... of course, no one ever noticed Walter Sebastian ...  Walter was making all kind of expressions.  He had never had such an attack before ... good trying to overcome evil.

His hand reached for the little vial of blood ... he meant to walk into the ocean to spread it throughout the water.  He wanted to see some wild action.  Each time Walter Sebastian tried to stand up ... his legs gave way ... he fell back onto the yellow ... white towel.

By this time Walter Sebastian was good and mad.  Nothing ... he meant nothing was going to keep him from walking into that water ... open that little vial and let the blood flow!  Nothing!

He made it up onto his legs ... stood there for a moment to get his balance.  He couldn't figure out what in the hell was going on.  That hadn't ever happened to him. Never!  It must be because he went to church.  He looked up to the blue-blue sky and yelled one time at the fluffy white cloud overhead ... 'I was just joking, God!  I was pretending to be saved! I'm not your man!'

All became quiet ... Walter Sebastian looked around ... he couldn't hear the squealing, parents calling to their children.  He heard a voice say, 'Walter, don't do it!  Don't do it, Walter!  You have a chance to turn back'.  Walter Sebastian turned around ... his heart was heavy with pain ... he couldn't hurt these innocent people.  Tears flowed from his eyes ... he held his hand over his heart.  I can't do it, I just can't do it!

Walter Sebastian stood in one spot staring out over the waves.  He listened to the seagulls sing ... he felt the wonderful warm air on his skin ... he felt ... he felt a sensation of pure heat come up through his feet from the sand.  What the ... Walter Sebastian had never felt anything like this before.  He didn't know what to make of it.

'Go forth ... my son!'  Visions of people thrashing in the waves ... bloody waves filled his mind.  Screams ... not squeals of joy ... filled his head.  A good horror movie ... Walter Sebastian's next thought was, 'I want a Coca-Cola and peanut butter crackers!'

Walter Sebastian began walking toward the water ... his hand fondled the little vial in his pocket. Walter Sebastian was tired of playing.  Good ... my ass!  Determination was in his every step toward the water ... he meant to do what he came to do ... that was to have fun.

He waded out waist-deep ... stood a few minutes to feel the warmth of the water ... Walter Sebastian closed his eyes to enjoy it.  His hand opened the lid of the vial while fondling it.  He didn't realize what he had done.

A dark shadow beneath the water came barreling toward Walter Sebastian.  He never saw it coming ... Walter Sebastian flew up out of the water into the air a good twenty feet.  He was in shock ... his thoughts went crazy!  What!

Walter Sebastian passed out just as he hit the water.  People had scattered ... ran to shore.  There wasn't anything they could do for Walter Sebastian.

The room was sterile white ... voices were muted.  A jab of pain ... was that ... where am I?  Walter Sebastian opened his eyes ... looked around.  A nurse had just given him an injection for pain.

She saw that Walter was awake.  She began to talk quietly to him.  The nurse told him he'd been attacked by a shark.  What a lucky man he was!  He had a lot of bites on his body but, he was going to live.  Walter had almost lost his right leg but, thankfully ... he was going to get to keep it and he'd recover from the injury.

The strange thing was ... Walter Sebastian couldn't remember anything.  The nurse smiled sweetly at Walter ... she leaned down ... kissed him on his forehead.  I'll be back later, Mr. Corbett!

Walter Sebastian couldn't remember anything ... he barely remembered being Walter Sebastian Corbett ... anything else was a blank.

A vision came to him of himself sitting in church ... getting up, walking up to the preacher ... being saved.  Walter Sebastian knew he must be a good man.  Praise the Lord!  Amen!

He knew as soon as he got out of the hospital ... he'd be sitting in church the first Sunday morning he could.  He wanted to give thanks to God for saving him ... he was happy to be alive.  Hallelujah! Walter Sebastian felt on fire for the Lord!  He didn't know why ... a shark attacked him ... but, it must be a sign he wasn't close enough to the Lord.  He'd remedy that.

A trip to the beach ... made Walter closer to his God.  He must have always been a good man he thought.  The only memory he had was the church he saw in his mind.  He was so glad because ... suppose he had died during the shark attack ... he'd been sure to have gone to hell.

The nurse entered the room ... her name tag said ... Grace.  Walter Sebastian was fully awake now. Walter Sebastian was in love ... the stranger thing was ... so was Grace.  The room filled with electricity ... sparking from Walter to Grace ... Grace to Walter.  Love was in the air ... Walter had found him a woman.

Walter asked Grace if he could have a Coca-Coca and a pack of peanut butter crackers.

Walter Sebastian Was Going Back To The Beach ... Part 16 of The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga

Walter Sebastian Was Going Back To The Beach ...    Part 16 of The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga
Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

When Hell bust open ... I want to be drinking Coca-Colas and eating peanut butter crackers! By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Several hours later ... found Walter Sebastian waking up from his nap.  His room glowed with sunshine ... Walter Sebastian felt a beautiful feeling in his heart.  Oh, God ... thank you for everything ... what the hell?

It all came back to him ... he'd been saved while at church this morning!  He didn't want to be saved ... he was bad ... he was very, very bad.  As bad as they come ... there wasn't any saving Walter ... but, it seemed there was a tiny shred of human decency left in Walter Sebastian.  Walter Sebastian was going to get rid of that.

He stretched out on his big bed ... his eyes caught sight of his shorts.  As bad as Walter Sebastian was ... he loved colors.  He didn't let others see that about him ... thus the colorful shorts that were hidden from others.

Purple polka dots on a green background.  Purple and green were Walter Sebastian's favorite colors. He could stare at his shorts all day.  He slid out of his shorts ... held them up to look at them.  They were still ... clean.  When he showered ... he would put them back on.  Walter didn't believe in washing clothes unless they were dirty.  Dirty was when ... he saw something on them.  Walter never smelled his own ... dirty.

Two times Walter Sebastian had gone to church to find a woman ... each time had been a disaster. Walter Sebastian was going to go to church one more time.  Walter Sebastian did everything in ... threes.  Walter Sebastian never did anything past a three ... there wasn't ever a ... fourth time.  If there was ever a fourth time ... that would be because Hell froze over.

Walter Sebastian was in his own little world ... he pleasured himself.  He always seemed to be jacking off.  Walter needed a woman and he needed one bad.  When Walter finished ... he felt a ... what in the hell was that feeling.

He tilted his head to the right ... a voice spoke in his head ... 'Praise God!'  He blinked his eyes, shook his head.  No way was he thinking about ... God.  That was the furtherest thing from his mind. Besides ... with all the things he had done ... there wasn't any coming bad.  He had taken ... evil ... to a whole new level.

Walter Sebastian decided he was going to the beach for a little while.  He put his Coca-Colas in his little cooler ... bagged up his peanut butter crackers ... grabbed a yellow and white towel.  On the way to the car he would grab the blue ... white striped umbrella.  Damn ... he almost forgot the most important thing ...

The little vial sat in the refrigerator in a tray with other vials.  Each held a red liquid ... blood.  One little vial always brought Walter Sebastian so much fun ... he grabbed one, put it in the pocket of his swimming trunks.  Today he had on black swimming trunks with white polka dots.

It was time to go to the beach.  Walter Sebastian was looking forward to sitting back under his umbrella with his Coca-Cola and peanut butter crackers.  Damn the two together tasted so good!  He couldn't wait.  Walter Sebastian was going back to the beach!  Things were just too good since he went to church ... Walter couldn't have that.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Walter Sebastian Got Saved! ...Part 15 of The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga

Walter Sebastian Got Saved!          ...Part 15 of The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga
Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Sometimes ... even evil people can be good ... at least for a ... few minutes. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Walter Sebastian came into his house slamming the door as hard as he could.  The door vibrated with his anger.  Damn son of a bitch!  Damn that fat bitch and her mama, too!

He was so angry ... he paced the floor around and around.  He didn't stop until he'd circled the room fifty times.  Walter Sebastian fell onto his plush, floral couch.  He didn't see the flowers, leaves ... colors on the beautiful couch.  He didn't give a shit for nothing.  Oh, he was some kind of mad ... he might just go take her ass out!

Finally, Walter Sebastian calmed down ... he got up ... stripped his clothes off and put them in the utility room.  He walked naked into the shower ... turned on the cold water ... made it warm.  Damn, he was still mad!  That puking ... smiling bitch!  Smiling-puking bitch!

When Walter Sebastian got mad ... he was pure mad ... no in-betweens like just a little mad ... a lot mad.  Walter Sebastian was madder than a bear ... as a matter of fact ... Walter Sebastian would fight a bear as mad as he got.  He had such rage inside ... so hot you could hear the flames of fire burning in hell.  His eyes turned blood-red ... Satan stared out of them.  God forbid someone came into his personal space when he was this angry.

He felt better once he was clean ... put on his signature shorts ... always polka dots of every color in the world.  Today his polka dots were purple on green ... his favorite colors.

Walter went to his bedroom to lay down.  He got comfortable laying on his back ... two pillows under his head ... shoulders.  His hands went to a familiar place ... Walter Sebastian needed comfort ... he found it when he began touching himself softly.

As his hand picked up speed ... Walter Sebastian arched his hips upward to the sky as the fireworks went off.  He fell back to the bed exhausted ... fell asleep with his strange little grin on his lips.  He knew what he was going to do ... he was going back to church ... fifty miles away.

The following Sunday found Walter Sebastian walking up the steps to go inside the big church fifty miles away.  He could hear the hallelujahs and amens as he entered the door.  He looked to the preacher as he walked up the aisle to take a seat ... the preacher smiled ... said, 'welcome, brother'.

Walter stepped inside a row of seats ... sat down in the first empty space he came to.  He waited to look to see who he was sitting beside.  When he did look ... he knew instantly this was the one!

He felt a throbbing in his polka dotted shorts ... today they were Sunday yellow polka dots on red.  He reached to the back of the pew in front of him ... took a book out of the book holder.  He placed the hymnal in his lap ... his book raised up ... down ... with no help from his hands.  He had a hard on!

He sneaked another peep at the woman he was sitting beside.  Walter Sebastian knew he'd found ... the one.  Damn ... he couldn't sit still for the feelings in his shorts. His hips wanted to move hard under the hymnal ... to the beat of hallelujah and amen!  It was all Walter Sebastian could do to sit still.

AMEN!  Walter Sebastian said it with passion he felt for the woman beside him.  He never looked at her ... people around him turned to see the passionate man.  He smiled as he looked into their smiling faces.  HALLELUJAH! Walter Sebastion appeared to be a god-like man worshipping his God.  No one knew the passion was in his shorts and on the beautiful woman beside him.  The harder he got ... the louder he got!  AMEN!!!!!

The woman smiled sweetly at him when he turned his head to look at her.  Walter Sebastian smiled back ... he could tell she felt something toward him ... he played on it.  He touched her hand, whispered, 'ain't life grand with God in it!'  She touched his hand back, whispered ... 'yes!'

Walter Sebastian closed his eyes and said, 'Amen, Sister!'  He couldn't wait to get some of that ... holy ... spirit.  Yes, Walter Sebastian felt like a bona-fide christian now ... the ones who sinned when everyone was looking the other way.

Oh, how Walter Sebastian smiled ... he was charming everyone.  He sure was handsome the woman thought.  She hoped he was single. Soon ... the preacher was calling people to come home to God ... come be saved.  Walter Sebastian stepped into the aisle ... walked to the preacher.  The preacher held his hand out to Walter and said, 'come ... my son'.  Walter Sebastian was thinking the same thing only in a different way.

Walter Sebastian walked up to the preacher and said, "I want to be saved from my sins.  He stopped, looked up to the ceiling and said, "I'm a sinner, Lord".  Oh, how the preacher beamed. This was what God called him to do ... save those nasty sinners!

He put his hand on Walter Sebastian's head ... shook it a time or two.  What's your name, son?  Walter Sebastian told him.  'Walter, God loves you!'

Amen!  Hallelujah! Say it like it is, Pastor!  Walter Sebastian could hear the congregation behind him.  They were getting into him getting saved ... so God could forgive his sins.  For just the tiniest of moments Walter felt something ... good.  Fuck that!  He didn't want to be good ... he felt it again.  He felt something fill his heart up ... Walter ... wanted to cry!

What the hell, Walter thought.  What is going on here?  The preacher had his hand on Walter's head ... the other hand in the air beseeching God to save this man.  People had congregated around Walter with the touching of hands ... Hallelujah!  God save this man!

The air was electric ... Walter could feel his hair stand on edge.  Damn ... he was going to get saved whether he wanted to or not!  The preacher slapped his shoulder ... I save you in the name of the Lord!  Walter Sebastian was confused ... he was such an awful person ... he hated everything ... he just came here pretending to get saved so he could get him a ... godly woman.

He went along with what was happening.  He wasn't going to be saved ... he was waiting for his chance to get out of this church ... woman or no woman.

He shook hands with everyone as he made his way out of the church.  He got to the door where the woman stood.  She was beautiful standing there in her soft, light blue dress.  It flowed about her shapely hips down to her ankles.  Her long hair was curly ... fluffy brown.  Their eyes met ... yep, there was an attraction alright.

She walked out with him into the parking lot.  They talked small talk ... each wanted to say more.  Walter Sebastian asked her would she be at church next Sunday.  Oh yes, she said ... she was at church every Sunday morning ... Sunday night and prayer meeting every Wednesday night!

For a few minutes Walter Sebastian let himself feel how it would be to be a christian.  He felt unusual happiness in his heart ... he wanted to have a woman ... settle down.  A woman like this one!  He didn't even know her name.  What is your name?  Maggie ... he loved the sound of her name.

Soon, Walter was driving away.  What just happened back there?  He didn't want to feel those good feelings ... how in the hell did that happen to him?  Walter was quickly getting in the mood to do something very bad ... fuck being good.

As Walter drove his new car to his new home ... a lot of thoughts filled his head.  Thoughts he didn't want to think.  He'd be glad to get home.  He just wanted to rest his brain.

An hour later found Walter Sebastian laying on his bed asleep.  He had taken only his shoes off ... he was mentally exhausted.  He'd think about things when he woke up.

Suppose God Had It In For Him? ... Part 14 of The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga

Suppose God Had It In For Him?       ... Part 14 of The Walter Sebastian Corbett Saga
Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Sometimes ... strange things happen to prevent something bad ... from happening. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

She sat alone on the bench.  She was by far the most beautiful woman in there.  She had her head bowed ... hands folded in her lap.  Her blonde hair fell in long layers ... layers of pure golden curls.

Was that a tear rolling down her cheek?  Did another one come behind that one?  Her shoulders shook as she cried silently ... no one noticed as the woman moved very little ... except ... Walter Sebastian.  He liked sad, broken ... needy women.

He walked into the church ... sat down just behind her so he could keep an eye on her.  She ... could ... be the one.  He had to check around first to see what the church ... had to offer.

Soon the church filled up ... every pew full.  A heavy-set woman sat so close to Walter that he felt suffocated.  He wasn't used to anyone being in his personal space.  He almost lost it but ... regained his composure.  He looked straight into her eyes as he turned ... such sweet, friendly, blue eyes full of happiness.

Happy people made Walter Sebastian feel uncomfortable.  He preferred unhappy, broken people ... he liked to finish ... breaking them.  That was the main thing in his whole life ... to finish off people.  Get their broken asses out of the way ... always whining, crying about something.

Walter Sebastian sneezed ... before he could pull his handkerchief out.  He sneezed snot right into the happy face smiling at him.  The heavy-set woman began to hyperventilate ... Walter Sebastian began to apologize.  It didn't do any good ... the woman was sickened at what flew in her face ... a big gob sat on her nose!

Walter couldn't wipe it off ... he wouldn't have if he could.  He pure loved this shit ... the old bitch had it coming.  He got rid of that happy face unintentionally.  How about that!

The woman pulled her skirt up to wipe her face ... looked at it ... immediately began to vomit.  People had begun turning around in their seats to see what the commotion was.  Walter Sebastian began patting her on the back ... that puking bitch looked him straight into the face ... began to smile.  She sneezed ... puke and snot flew into Walter's face ... open mouth.

Just before she sneezed ... Walter Sebastian sensed she was just as evil as he was.  Her smile gave it away.  She began to pat him on his shoulder, apologizing ... he pushed her hand away ... stood up ... got the hell out of there.

Walter Sebastian drove home madder than hell.  He couldn't believe what happened.  There must have been some power he couldn't see at work to stop him.  He went in the church with a plan ... he never saw that coming.

He wouldn't go back to that church.  The next church he went to would be many miles away.  Walter Sebastian sat by his pool ... he had gone to church because he was lonely ... came home with his tail between his legs.  He couldn't believe it ... he kept shaking his head in disbelief as he kept replaying what had happened ... over and over in his mind.

He felt it was God's way of joking with him.  He just didn't feel good about that.  To hell with the hallelujahs and amens!  To be honest though ... Walter Sebastian hated to admit it ... it made him a little afraid to go back to church.  Suppose ... God had it in for him?