Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Donations For Precious Camie...

This is what is going on in our life most important now... raising money to pay for Camie's medical care, and to keep money on her vet account when such times happen like this. I hope anyone will help... even a dollar would help. You can call her vet directly, or donate to her GoFundMe account. The information is below:


Camie is loved so very much by my husband and I.... and our other two dogs. She is part of our whole world. We wish that we were able to cover all the expense. We would never ask for anything for ourselves... but, we will to help our dogs. They are all we have in this world.

Please help us ... help Camie. Please donate directly to her vet, Dr. Fontenot... or to this fund.

To donate directly to Camie's medical care... to her vet, you can call or mail donations. This is the information:

Dr. David Fontenot
115 N. Church Street
Louisburg, NC 27549


Or... you can donate to this fund...

It all goes to the same place. Thank you very much for caring, and donating. Below, you can read where I asked you for help to save Camie, when I rescued her on July 4, 2013.

I had hoped she could always be well... sadly, she'll always have this. I stopped the donation campaign for several months to see how she did. Now, I have to begin it again. This last visit cost $184.00. Thankfully, there was still enough on her vet account to pay for this visit.... and leave $26.00.

I would like to thank each, and every person in advance for helping Camie. It means our world.

You can come be friends with Camie on her Facebook page at: I update it every day... and when she goes to the vet... I post photos of her invoices so, everyone can see where their hard-earned money goes... and how she is.

I post photos of her, and our other two Pups, Kissy Fairchild, and Sweet Chadwick. They love her very, very much.

Her Facebook page is where you can keep up with her, also. Thank you from my heart for your help. Gloria

Precious Camo

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Demodectic Mange... Red Mange

This is Camie... (Precious Camo) .....  she was beginning to get better from the medicines.... it took months for her to get on even keel.

Demodectic Mange... Red Mange
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

She is being treated again for a medical condition she'll always have. It's better to begin treatment at first signs it's beginning all over. It's going to be a long process... expensive process to get her on even keel, again.

She has demodectic mange, sometimes... called 'Red Mange'. This type of mange will make a dog suffer unmercifully. Their hair falls off their whole body... the skin becomes an oozing mass of blood, clear fluids. It's pitiful.

I rescued our Pup last July 4th. She lay dying on the cold, wet ground. When I picked her up... maggots fell off her little body. My thought was... if she was going to die, she wasn't going to be alone.

Last year, I did all the vet said to do; faithfully gave her medicines. People donated for her medical care. We couldn't afford it... and it meant the world. People have begun donating now. Her medical care is very expensive.

This type of mange can't be cured, or heal unless you get help from your vet. You can't simply dip it in a dip, expect it to get well. It doesn't work on this type of mange. I didn't know ... but, I learned as fast as I could about this horrible skin disease.

You can look up 'Demodectic Mange' or 'Red Mange'... to see how awful it is.

You can see real photos on our Pup's Facebook page.... I put photos on without sugar-coating. I wanted everyone to see what a horrible thing it is to let a dog suffer with it.

Come be friends with Precious Camo (Camie) on her Facebook page... learn about ... Demodectic Mange.

Monday, April 21, 2014

When Females Fight... I Love It!

When Females Fight...  I Love It!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.................................. Summer 2013................................

Okay... now, this is something probably a lot of you never grew up knowing... seeing in your life.  You'd be shocked, sick to your stomach to see such a display of raw emotions... between two females... sometimes, several females.

Unfortunately, as a little girl... I grew up to the tune of ... women fighting.  Their instruments were their voices that screamed... moaned... cried.

Painful music... someone was hurting... someone was being hurt... colors of blood on an old, bare... wooden floor... you could touch the nails in it.  I used to... when I sat cross-legged as a little girl to watch.

I would sit crying, jump up to run help... if it was my mama being attacked.  My little hands would slap, punch whomever was hurting my mama.  I would cry out, "don't hurt my mama"!

Sadly... shockingly... sometimes, I... loved it.  I know this shocks you to know that a small child ... sometimes, loved the music of a good fight between females.

It's true... no matter how sad, awful it is.  It can't be changed now... I can tell you about it, though.

As a child I saw a lot of tempers flare constantly... grown-ups and children alike.  We all were high-tempered... it was learned at an early age.

I have a high temper even today... I have learned to control it through time... though time to time, I become very angry.  I don't like to ever be that way... it takes several days for me to get past 'being mad'.

I enjoy peaceful, quiet things ... completely opposite of all I grew up around.  While I write these words about myself... I never forget ... I wasn't the only child 'there' who grew up the same way as I did.  There were always a lot of children who witnessed all I did.

In my Grandma Alma and George's house... there was an arena... I learned to call it that as I grew older.  I have always looked back in my mind at 'that one spot' in Grandma Alma and George's house.

That 'was the spot' where many heart-breaking fights occurred.  Grandma Alma couldn't walk to get away... George couldn't see what was happening... so, whether they liked it or not... they had to sit through... every performance.

While Grandma Alma sat in her old, cloth rocking chair... George sitting in his cane-bottomed chair... there would be an audience around the 'edge' of the arena.  There were little witnesses... children...  'all eyes, ears' sitting around to watch 'what was going to happen'.

Sometimes, the children 'knew' someone was 'going to get their ass whipped'.  They knew because they would hear the older females say it.  Sometimes, when I heard it... I was glad... I was going to 'see so and so... get an ass-whipping'.

Why was I glad?  Because ... probably at that time the one who was going 'to get it'... had been mean to me.  I wanted to see them 'get their medicine back'.  Maybe someone had treated my cousin, or Grandma Alma, George badly... I wanted to see 'their ass get whipped'.

When I saw it... I 'pure loved' it.  They deserved it.  They got 'their medicine back'...

As a child, I hated to see unfairness, cruelty, people treated bad.  I was glad to see 'things happen back to the one who did it'.  It might not be a nice thing for a child... nevertheless, that's the way it was.  Life happens...

I grew up with primarily females in my life.  It taught me to 'hate' females... though, I love them.  I just don't take a lot from them... only enough ... 'for them to realize that I'm only going to take so much'.  I give them a chance ... to stop.  My number is... 'three'.

I'm the nicest person in the world... I'm not the nicest person in the world... when pushed.

I'm sure you are like this... I try to be as good as I can... once in a while... life happens where you don't have control over circumstances.  You know what I mean... I know you do.  There comes a time when you have to take a stand... hold your ground.

To this day... when I see females fight... it's on tv.  I usually see it on ... of all things... The Jerry Springer Show.  We watch it from time to time.  It reminds me of when... I was little.

To this day... when I see the female who caused a lot of grief to others... I love to see her 'ass get whipped'.

Skip says it's because I 'have a hate for women' from being mistreated as a child.  It could be... it could not be.  Depends... :)))  Life is what it is.  Life happens.

Now... don't think I'm a bad person.  You all who know me by now... know differently.  I'm most definitely a good person.

It's just things like we all have grown up with that stems from child-hood that shapes us to the person we are now.  It doesn't mean I want to see all females... or any females fight.  If I do see them, and like to see it.... you can bet I'm watching to see the one who did bad... get her medicine back!

Notice, I don't speak of men, don't you?  I didn't grow up around men... very few of them.  For the most part, I grew up thinking men were more honest, less treacheous when it came to ... females.

I can say I grew up to never let myself be abused physically by a man.  Only once did it happen... and the man knew it was almost a fatal mistake to ever put his hand on me.  That was when I was very young...

Growing up hard can either make one weaker... or become stronger.  One can become broken, never to be 'fixed' again.

I didn't become broken... it took years of many things happening in my life that doesn't normally happen in others' lives... to grow the strength inside me.

I became very strong... yet, I am fragile... I still feel pain... I still hurt. I'm glad... 'I feel for people, animals'... I have a big heart.  I ... care.  I'm a good person... I love.

When females fight, I love it... when the ... mean, nasty ones ... 'get their ass whipped'!  They deserve to feel the pain they wreaked on others... that's how they learn it isn't right... how it feels.  I love to see at such times... females fight!

Note by this author:  Truthfully, I don't like to see anyone fight.  But... if they do... this would be the kind of fight that would give the 'bad guy' their medicine back.  Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

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Sunday, April 20, 2014


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee





Saturday, April 19, 2014

"No, We Don't Supply Toliet Paper Anymore... People Kept Stealing It"!

"No, We Don't Supply Toliet Paper Anymore... People Kept Stealing It"!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/Granny Gee..... Summer 2013......................................................................

Riding down the road with his friend, John asked him to stop at a local store.  They'd just gotten back from a trip they'd been on.  Home was probably ten miles away... but, John couldn't wait to go to the bathroom.

Earlier, he and Jim had eaten lunch in a town fifty miles away.  They ate hotdogs, french fries... drank Pepsi Cola.   John began to feel a strange sensation in his stomach.  It was gurgling, and he knew he 'had to go'!  The hotdogs had made him sick... probably damn food poisoning.  He knew the symptoms.

They pulled into the parking lot.  John told Jim he couldn't wait for him, he 'had to go'.  He didn't want 'to go' in his pants!   He walked, almost ran to get inside the store.

At the counter was an older, fat guy in a dirty tee shirt.  He looked nasty... John didn't give a damn.  He just wanted to use his bathroom.

He asked the old guy if he could use the bathroom.  The old guy told him it wasn't a public bathroom... but, 'if' he had to use it... the door was... right there.

John entered the bathroom, closed the door.  He began to frantically unbuckle his belt... jerked his pants down.  No sooner than he began to sit... everything in his stomach gushed out of him.

He began making the sounds everyone would laugh at, including him... but, this wasn't funny!  He knew the old man could hear his... misery.

He sat there with his head in his hands.  Damn, his stomach was cramping.  Finally, John felt like he had finished.  He turned to get toliet paper, discovered there wasn't any on the spool... what the f___!

He stood up, pulled his pants up just enough not to soil them... went to the door.  He opened it a crack, saw the old guy sitting on his stool.  He asked him if he had toliet paper.

The old guy looked at him... blinked his eyes, said... "no, we don't supply toliet paper anymore, people began stealing it'.  John looked closer at the old guy, asked him was he kidding.  The old guy told him, "no, I'm not kidding.  We don't supply toliet paper anymore.  People began stealing it"

John stood there a moment... to see if the old guy was joking.  He soon realized the old guy was telling him the truth.  In fact, the old guy had begun to read his newspaper.

Son of b____!  John was pissed.  What in the hell was he going to do now?  He finished pulling his pants up gingerly.  He prayed he could 'sit just right' on the seat until he got home, not mess his pants up.  Ain't this just a b___!

John came out of the bathroom, let the door slam.  The old guy didn't look up as John walked by.  John really wanted to slap the hell out of the old guy.  He managed to walk out of the store without further ado.

He walked to the pickup, got in.  He adjusted his buttocks so, he wouldn't soil his pants.  He sat there the whole while until he got home... his cheeks squeezed together.

In his mind, he cussed that old guy out.  He couldn't believe what the old guy had said.  "No, we don't supply toliet paper anymore, people began stealing it".
Note by this author:   This really happened to someone we know... it isn't funny... but, it is... truthfully, if it were one of us... we wouldn't be laughing.
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I Will Know Only When ...The Time Comes

I Will Know Only When ...The Time Comes
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Tommy's Chest...  This is all I have of ... my son.  Opening the lid to this chest is one of the hardest things to do.  I have tried... it's heavy with grief.  I've opened it twice since May 29, 2010.  Inside are Tommy's things... also, my tears from when I looked in it.

I guess it stands to reason, for me to have Tommy on my mind a lot lately. Another holiday will soon be here... all mothers think of their children. Holidays were special through the years... made that way for a child.

Looking at Tommy's photos... I can't believe he's not here. In his photos, I see a strong, big guy with a sunshine smile. I can still hear his voice in my mind. Oh my God... I really can.

I still know what it sounds like. Suppose I ever heard someone speak like him? I don't know what reaction I would have. My stomach feel like butterflies are flying around in it. Panicky...

I've been thinking about his chest ... in my mind, I can see it. It's a beautiful, deep red, upholstered chest. It sits in my art room... I wish I could get it, bring it to the table... open it, take the few things out that are... his.

I would like to hold them in my hands... close my eyes... 'feel' them with my heart. Smell them... to see if I can find the scent of my son. Maybe on his hat... the hat he had on... at his last moment on the beach.

There's a plastic box in his chest... one that I would have to open, take the contents out. This ... is the box that can cause me intense pain, grief. I can't talk about it... now.

I don't know if I will get the courage to take his chest down from where it sits... bring it to the table at this holiday. I will know only when ...the time comes....







Monday, April 14, 2014


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Precious Camo/  Camie is sick again.  Please help me with her medical care.

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee
Thank-you from my very Heart... Camie has become our world, also... the moment I rescued her last July 4th.  Our three Pups and Skip are my whole world.  They are all I have since Tommy died.


Some people aren't sure where to donate... here is the info, again.

You can simply just call Dr. Fontenot's office, and tell them you want to donate directly to Camie's Account.  919-496-2638     His website is:

You can donate online to her fund:  (Precious Camo)
GoFundMe takes a small amount, 5%.... from each donation.

Thank you from my very Heart.  Gloria/Granny Gee

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Photos As I Promised... Of Camie When She Was So Sick Last Summer From This Terrible Medical Condition...

Photos Of Camie Are Below To Show You What This Terrible Medical Condition Does To An Animal... She was Almost Dead When I Rescued Her.

The Photo Above Was Taken This Week. She Is Sick, Again.  Demodectic Mange has to be treated by a vet... someone who knows what medicines to use...

Photos of yesterday's Invoice for medical care.  Thankfully, there was enough money left from last summer's donations to pay for visit, medicines.  There is $26.00 left on her vet account....

Please Help With Camie's Medical Expenses... Below is how she looked from this terrible skin disease last year when I rescued her.  

Some of her hair has been coming out for the past 2 weeks when I gave her .... her medicinal bath.  Her body has 'sores' on it... and she cries when she scratches.  

Medical care is so expensive... please help us help her get better.  Below is what this terrible disease does to a precious baby.... I can't let it happen to her again.  

Thank you from my Heart for the ones who have already donated to her medical care.  

You can donate directly to her vet, Dr. David Fontenot by calling 919-496-2638.  His office address is:  115 N. Church Street, Louisburg, NC  27549


You can donate directly to her GoFundMe account.  They get 5% of each donation for a fee to handle it.  

Thank you from my Heart.  I will post each Invoice on her Facebook page when she goes to the vet.  Each day I update her Facebook page for all her friends.  Come be her friend, too!



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By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee
Below, you will see a little puppy snatched out of the arms of Death, as she lay dying on the cold, wet ground. The ground had begun claiming her little body… maggots fell off as she was lifted into arms that held onto her… arms that meant to save, rescue her.
From that moment on… the struggle began to save a little puppy named Camo. Her new Mommy cheated Death…. ‘No, you can’t have her, I won’t let her die here all alone, suffering, crying for someone to care’!
From that moment, magic happened. Camo became ‘Camie’… renamed by her angel. Her angel who was her new Mommy’s friend in another country. Someone who’d been ‘there’ for her Mommy, when her son, Tommy… died.
Her new Mommy began giving her medicines, treatments paid for by Camie’s Angel… her angel who looked after her from another country.
Once Camie’s new Mommy’s friends began finding out that she’d rescued a little baby puppy from Death’s arms… they also, began to send money to Camie’s vet … to keep money going to be able to give Camie long-term care. To afford the surgery needed to keep her from having puppies. To afford the vaccinations she’ll need once she is well enough to get them.
Camie’s new Mommy (me!) started Camie her own Facebook page where anyone can come to visit…. Precious Camo. The Facebook link is:
Here, you can follow Camie’s journey from dying… to each day on her journey back to wellness. She has a long ways to go… but, her Mommy will do her part, as her friends help her with Camie’s medical care.
Thank-you, Camie’s Angel (this is the title of the new book I’m writing at this very moment… it will be published before I finish my other books)…. Thank-you, everyone who followed behind her to help us with money we don’t have… for Camie’s medical care. Thank-you in advance for money you donate.
You can donate to Camie’s medical care by sending money directly to her vet at:
Louisburg Veterinary Clinic
115 N. Church Street
Louisburg, NC 27549
Dr. David Fontenot
If you donate by calling, sending to Louisburg Veterinary Clinic… let everyone know if you’d like…. by posting on Camie’s (Precious Camo) Facebook page: Thank-you all, it means the world to me.
Come, be her friend… watch her now… become only more beautiful as her hair comes back…. come, watch this little puppy become ‘herself’… like neither you, nor I… have ever seen, known. None of us knows ‘how she looks when she is healthy, well’! I’m excited! I will see just like you do!
Camie... Day 23... July 26, 2013 001
Camie... Day 23... July 26, 2013 006
Camie.. bed.. 7.30.13 002
Camie.. bed.. 7.30.13 006
Camie.. bed.. 7.30.13 008
Camie.. bed.. 7.30.13 027
Camie.. bed.. 7.30.13 031
Camie.. bed.. 7.30.13 019
Camie.. bed.. 7.30.13 018
Pups  7.28.29...13 026
7.17.13  Camie 029
Camie's Spa...Day 16  7.19.2013 036
Camo.. Camie  Day 6   7-9-13 001
7.17.13  Camie 027
Precious Camo ..Cameo.. Bates 7-07-2013 006
Camie's Spa...Day 16  7.19.2013 064
Gave Pool away..8.3.13 004
Gave Pool away..8.3.13 006
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