Saturday, January 14, 2017

I'm Waiting ...

Doodle by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee ... sometimes our minds have many things on it ... sometimes, not.  My doodle shows many things at one time ... like this morning.  No words.

I'm Waiting ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

A cup of coffee ... with lots of cream ... a keyboard ... soft, classical music.

I'm waiting ... I close my eyes, lean back in my comfortable desk chair ... breathe slowly, deeply.  I'm waiting ...

I hear the soft patter of feet coming up the hall behind me.  I hear another soft patter of feet coming up the hall ... the sound of the pet door as both Pups (Kissy and Camie) go outside into their fenced-in yard.

Soon ... I will hear the patter of my husband's (Skip) feet.  It's time to get up.

I smile with my eyes closed ... I'm still waiting.  Images, events fill my mind ... no one thing standing out.  Nothing comes to mind as I wait ... for words to flow from my fingertips.

I'm waiting ...

Sometimes when I want to write ... I have to wait for the words to come. Sometimes ... they don't. In this case I described the moment. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Note by this Author:

Sometimes ... writing is like this.  Nothing comes to mind ... same thing with drawing.  I'm certain it's the same way with any kind of creative process.  This morning while I was waiting to write about something ... nothing came ... so, I just wrote about the moment.

Photo/story owned/written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Box Under the Light ...

Note:  I am sharing my story I wrote on here on my Blog:

My son, Tommy ... with his little son, Taban ...2008

The Box Under the Light ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I heard the soft music before I walked into the room of people.  I didn't want to look up knowing what I might see.  The music tugged at my Heart ... I became more emotional than I already was.  There were many people in the room ... the room where ....

I felt myself breathe hard for more air.  My face was wet from the river of tears that flowed down my cheeks like water running over rocks.  I was stone for my tears to flow over ... I had frozen inside.  I had became the walking dead ... to be dead ... all I had to do was to just simply ... die.

I did look up but, not to where a part of me was.  I couldn't bear to.  I could sense the light above that part of me ... on display.  

I became a leaf drifting where the wind, water blew me.  I was in an ocean of people ... I could feel their energy around me.  I let myself flow over that room ... I was here ... there.  No one blocked me ... I was free to flow anywhere there was an opening in the many people standing, walking, talking ... laughing in the room.

Once I looked up ... I could see Skip only for a moment standing with two of our friends, Mike and Nancy.  I was across the room ... just as the river flows ... I had flowed to the opposite side of the room.  I didn't know if I could ever cross the sea of people back to Skip.  I was gone.

I found myself sitting, talking to my son's aunt.  I felt caring, love from her.  I stayed there I'm sure because like a moth ... I was drawn to the warm light.  I wanted to get somewhere ... I was so far away.  I wanted to get to ...

I heard a small child crying, "Daddy!"  I saw people rush to pull a little boy off the box in the room.  The little boy wanted his daddy.  My Heart began to miss beats until I thought I would fall into the ocean of people ... grief, pain.  I became aware that's where I was trying to go to in that room ... to that box under the light.

I was in a dream ... nightmare.  I had been taken to the hospital the night before.  I was given an injection ... medicine.  To this day I've never remembered the medicine given to me.  Somehow it kept an invisible barrier between me and ... somehow ... I could talk and smile in my dream.  I don't know if I acted normal but, I felt I was hiding my ....... I never let anyone see me cry in public.

I floated across the room ... I floated forever just as a ship does when it sails across the world.  It took forever.  People spoke to me ... people looked at me ... not knowing I was a part of ... why they were there.  No one stopped me on my journey across that room ... I made it to the box under the light.

I stood there ... the water ran more freely now over my cheeks.  I stood there ... I had become a river of tears.  My water didn't dance merrily over the rocks singing the whole way ... I had become a silent river ... as my tears fell soaking my blouse.  I felt the coldness on my skin but, I didn't acknowledge it.  Nothing was as important as what lay in the box under the light.

I had come to my journey's end in that room.  I had arrived to why all the people were there.  My shoulders shook as I tried to hold myself up ... a part of my very life lay in that box ... I walked up to it.

My only child ... my son ... a part of me ... lay in the box under the light.  People had come to view him before he was cremated.  Skip had brought me there the day before ... I already knew what he looked like.  I already knew ... what my hand would find when touching his head.  I had forgotten until I reached out to touch my son's face.

I patted his head as I did when he was a little boy to comfort him telling him everything would be alright.  I patted his cheeks ... my tears fell onto his hair.  I didn't wipe them away.  My tears went with him into Heaven where he was.

I touched his hair, smoothed it down and felt ... remembered what it was about his hair I felt the day before.  A big scar ... stitches from the autopsy done on him.  I almost fainted as the darkness tried to take me over ... 

I put my small hands onto his large hands while patting them ... I was comforting him in death.  I never cried out loud ... no one heard me screaming in my soul ... screaming at the knowledge I would never see my son again.  Screaming so loudly in my mind ... my son really is dead.  I was in total shock, disbelief ... it couldn't be true.  I looked down into the box under the light ... oh my God, it was true.

I felt arms around me ... I was led away.  I must have stood there forever ... it was time to go.  I felt the air on my face ... somehow I was standing outside.  Skip told me to look up into the sky where everyone was staring.  I saw the most beautiful rainbow ... the beautiful colors I love so much.  I felt Tommy had made sure colors was there for me to comfort me.  I smiled through my tears.  Tommy!

Strangely ... when my mother died ... that evening we also, saw the most beautiful rainbow.  Two special rainbows ... two most special people in my my life.

I didn't want to leave ... I don't remember saying I didn't want to go.  Somehow ... I was in the vehicle ... on the way home.  I couldn't get back to the room ... to the box under the light.

No one knows the pure pain, grief of a mother who loses a part of herself, the most special part of herself ... her child. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Note by this Author:

When you read my grief, pain ... keep one thing in mind.  My son died 6 years ago.  I'm not 'wallowing in grief' ... I'm asking for sympathy, pity when I write.  I am keeping a promise I made when I began to write almost 6 years ago ... I will always write about grief, pain to share with people who want to know.  It may help them with others who are grieving, or themselves ... give insight.  

I write my true feelings without sugar-coating.  No one has to tell me to 'get over it ... it's time to move on ... so on, so on'.  I have done that ... I am at peace in my Heart.  I am alright.  I write what I know best ... and I know the ones who can't bear to read it ... can go on to brighter, happier stories to read.  

I write about real life ... be it happy or sad.  I am a river of words that will flow until the day I die.

True story ... my son, Tommy ... died May 29, 2010 on Memorial Day weekend on vacation.  He and his family had just arrived at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  

Tommy took his little 3 year old son by the hand ... they disappeared while everyone else went up to the rooms in the hotel to put their things away.  They were planning to stay for a week.

Before Tommy left on that vacation ... he had told Skip and I ... he was excited about changing his mind to go with his family to the beach.  He was looking forward to playing with his little son for the first time at the beach.  They barely made it in time ... Tommy collapsed on the soft sand ... died.  He was only 40 years old ... in perfect health.

An autopsy showed Tommy died from 3 blockages to his heart.  No one knew.

True story/photo written/owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Thursday, January 12, 2017

That's Why He is An Engineer!

Iced Tea ... photo owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Skip and I decided to go to BoJangle's to get their famous iced tea.  I love their tea, not only that ... I love tea that isn't caffeinated!  We drink decaffeinated tea at home.  I make it every other day at home.

We met up with a friend there.  We all three noticed we were given large sweet teas.  We always order unsweetened tea and sweeten it with Sweet 'n Low the way we want it.

I was getting ready to take our teas back to exchange it when our friend told us that he has gotten sweet tea before when ordering unsweetened tea.  He said he just simply went over to where the big containers of sweet ... and unsweetened tea are by the ice machine ... poured the sweet tea out ... and got his own unsweetened tea there!

I began laughing ... I told Skip, " How about that!  I've never thought about doing that ... that's so smart!"

Skip laughed and told me, "that's why ... he is an engineer!"

I think it's a good thing we have people smarter than the next person ... we always learn something! :) By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Note by this Author:

I've thought about this and decided I'm so glad we have very smart people in this world ... :)  That was one of those "why didn't I ever think of doing that?" ... moments!  I loved it because now ... I will think of doing that in the future!  Thank you to our friend!

Story/photo written/owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Magical!  Could This Really Happen?
Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Skip Bates ... my precious Husband ... my whole World.

Skip was at home ... he received a phone call.  Skip answered, it was an old man on the line.  He asked Skip was he currently doing anything.  He wanted to know if Skip could haul a large bull to Amarillo,Texas for him.

Skip told him since he was out of work he would be happy to take the bull to Amarillo, Texas.  The old man lived in Warren County, North Carolina.

Skip got ready, drove to the old man's house.  The old man's big truck was already loaded with the bull sitting there waiting for Skip to come.

Skip talked to the old man who appeared to be in his eighties-plus.  The old man lived in a large two story house that had never been painted in many years.  It even had turrets on each side of the house.

They walked inside the house into a room where his wife was sitting in front of the fireplace in a rocking chair.  The old woman looked to be very fragile, pale.  She didn't speak when Skip spoke to her.

Skip left with the truck heading to Amarillo, Texas.  He delivered the bull.  Skip returned to North Carolina to the old man's home.  He parked the big truck beside the old man's house.

He went to the door where the old man met him.  The old man held out his hand to Skip.  In his hand was an old silver dollar ... this was payment for the trip.  Skip said, "this is the pay for 3 days work?" The old man turned around, went back inside his house, closed the door.

Skip went to Raleigh, NC to a coin dealer to find out the value of the old silver dollar.  The coin dealer put on his eyepiece ... looked up at Skip, said, "this coin is worth over a million dollars!"

Skip couldn't believe his good fortune.  He drove back to see the old man.  Skip wanted to thank the old man for changing his life.

He drove up to where the house had been ... the house was gone!  The big truck was gone!  There wasn't anything to show the the house, truck had ever been there.

Skip felt something on his face ... became aware of Kissy, his Rottweiler ... was licking him in his face.  He had been dreaming the whole time!

I believe dreams are signs that good things can, will happen. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/Granny Gee.

Note by this Author:

This is a true dream Skip had!  I wanted to write it as a short story as I felt it magical ... and people would feel good reading it.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if it came true?

A strange thing really happened ... we went to BoJangles that morning.  Skip told his dream to a friend of ours ... the strangest expression came across his face ... he pulled out 3 silver dollars from his pocket, showed them to us.  We didn't ask him anything about his silver dollars.  He did say, "that gives me hope!"  Only he understood what he meant.  I told him (Gloria) that Skip's dream was magical!  Dreams can come true!

Story, Photo are written, owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

I've Been Doing A Lot of Thinking ... I've Had so Much to Think About ...

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee ... 2016

I wish I could make all good ... remove all bad. I can't ... I've accepted I can only do the very best I can. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

I am finding out that no matter the peace I made inside to be able to live with the knowledge that my son will never come back ... even six years later ... grief will strike unexpectedly. The pain is just as great ... one wants to just fall down on the floor, cry their very Heart out. It hurts very bad. Sometimes, the pain is much greater than I am ... I can't hold it all inside. I don't want anyone to see me hurt ... I don't want to make them sad.

I have been experiencing this for the past 3 days. I made it through Thanksgiving and had no idea getting through Christmas would be any different ... the grief I've been experiencing has been just awful.

As bad as it has hurt me ... I have bounced back. I'm so thankful to be able to reach my Peace boat in an Ocean of Pure Pain, Grief. Now, I can be alright again. I can't believe how bad it was this time after six years. This is the year I've done very good.

I write this for the ones who follow me to read about grief, losing a child. For the ones who have never lost a child ... hopefully to never lose your child. This is why I began writing six years ago ... it saved my own life ... the pain was too great for me to hold inside ... thankfully I had a place to help to move the pain to ... a book, writing. In the long run ... writing helped to save my life. I promise you this mother's life was very fragile after learning her child had died. I would have never known if I died ... I became the walking dead.

I heard about Carrie Fisher's death, then her mother ... Debbie Reynolds ... dying one day later. I felt it go through me ... I understand. I've never been big fans of either person ... but, my Heart breaks for them. A daughter ... mother die within one day of each other. So sad ... I'm so sorry. I know that pure grief ... I almost didn't ... be here ... today.

I write my life as it really is. Some people might be uncomfortable reading about raw grief ... it's real life and it's there whether you have experienced it or not. Either you will know a grieving mother personally or you will experience being a grieving mother if you are a woman. I write to let others know how grief really is ... I don't sugar-coat it.

I never write to gain sympathy ... I don't write to get comments of pity. In fact ... no one has to say anything. I don't have to hear my son ... 'is in a better place' because I will quickly tell you in a nice way, "no, that's not true ... my son had plans to become a probation officer ... my son had been through a trauma ... and was just beginning to experience life again ... he was interested, happy to begin doing things again". I won't listen to that ... think about if someone told you that in such a way as to not acknowledge you just lost an important part of you ... your child. I think it disrespectful ... but ... I understand people will say that for lack of anything else to say ... they will say it because they've always been told such ... they will say it without thinking of what they say. I respect we all think differently ... that's why it's interesting to talk to one another. This is one thing I'm not going to hear if someone says it. I won't argue it ...

I'm strong as a redwood tree that has weathered many storms ... I stand strong, scarred from life's battles. I survived many very bad things in my life since a child ... I've lost all my loved ones ... I have very few family members left in this life ... my world, family consists now of Skip and our Pups, Kissy and Camie.

I could have easily let go ... died just after Tommy died. I came very close to it. I can still hear Skip's voice softly speaking to me when he watched over me, concern in his voice. I could hear him but, I couldn't come back to him. I was ... gone. I wasn't there.

For over 3 years I lived in darkness ... since ... I've only grown stronger, and stronger. Thankfully ... I've always been a positive person. I embrace the sunshine and brightness of each day now. I do admit that cloudy, gloomy days affect me in a negative way ... I'm afraid of darkness ... I don't want to be trapped in it again.

When you come here to read my Facebook page or go to my primary blog at: (and my other blogs) ... I write real life ... real grief. Why? Because I know it best in my life ... I grew up knowing pain of real life. It made me a strong, positive, good person through time. I could have been an old, bitter lady at this day and time. I'm not at all ... I forgive things I never thought I could ... I'm open-minded, understand so much about us ... people ... than I ever have.

I understand, look for why people act, do the things they do. I've always studied people ... us, myself. I always pay close attention to things said ... things not said. I'm the type of person who when looking at the whole picture in front of me ... is watching in the background things no one else would notice.

I care so much about people, animals. Through time I've had to learn to put other people's situations and even animals into their place to separate them from my private life ... because I would go to pieces ... I couldn't change the bad to good.

I'm sort of in a situation now ... about Special Pup. Combined with the grief of not having my son ... and caring for Special Pup ... for the past three days ... I've been very, very sad, upset. I've had to come to terms that I will be Special Pup's guardian angel always and do the best I can to help add comfort, love to his life.

I've realized that I can't bring him home even if the man gave him to me ... we are fortunate to afford to care for our Pups. They don't go to the vet anymore so, I've had to accept ... we can't afford the expense of another pup. He would need vet care ... shots and such. He has a cough that worries me. I can only do the best I can. I love him and he's come to love me. It hurts so bad. So, you can see why I've not been the best for the past 3 days. I've had to be realistic ... and I'm still in the process of accepting I can only do so much. I also, realize that he can jump so high ... our fence wouldn't accommodate him. Also, he is a pit bull ... we have a Rottweiler, and an Australian Shepherd. I will just do the best I can.

I always wanted to 'save the world' ... I could only do good in my own little ways. As a young person I knew I was so strong, invincible ... I learned through time I had to learn to choose my battles ... that no matter how much I cared ... I couldn't save the whole world. I could only do what I could as one person ... and when every one is another person ... all in all ... we do make the world a better place. I would love to do it on a grander scale ... I can only do what I can ... do the best I can.

This is what is on my mind this morning. I've been doing so much thinking ... I've had so much to think about.

Note by this Author:  

Photo/true story owned, written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.  These are things I've been thinking about ... battled in my mind trying to make the best decision about Special Pup.  I have such deep love for animals, people ... I suffer for it because I care so much.  Sometimes, I go to pieces ... and when that happens, I began putting all back together and can be realistic, see what I have to do.  I have to ... just be the best I can be ... each day.

Monday, December 26, 2016

It Came From My Very Soul ...

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee
(Photo/story owned, written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates)

It's been six years ... the pain is still there ... only buried deeper so that I can have a sense of peace. Holidays ... seeing families doing happy things together ... trigger the grief ... it travels from my soul into my everyday ... I cry until I feel a sense of peace again ... until next time. Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Grief during the holidays ... no matter it has been 6 years ... the pain of losing a child is still great. I experienced such grief last night ... this morning .... that almost sent me to the hospital.

At first I didn't know why my chest was hurting ... why I was beginning to be emotional. Last night I stood at the side of our bed, began crying. That's when I knew why I was getting in such bad shape. I was crying for Tommy ... my son, only child.

The pain was so deep that I could hardly come back from it. I felt such anger burning in my chest ... oh my, the pain was so great. I wanted to just scream to the universe how bad I was hurting. All was greater than me ... and it was all inside me. Nowhere to go ... I felt the wings fluttering in my stomach ... like trapped birds in a cage. It's the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. The birds wanted to get out ... fly free.

I find that no matter how hard I try to make everything alright ... know all is going to be okay ... tell myself I'm at peace ... this still happens unexpectedly. My soul pure cries from the pain it feels ... pain that is so deep and quiet that I don't know it's there until like last night ... I began to feel it travel up from my soul.

All of this happened quietly ... even Skip wasn't aware of it until the pain was so severe that I cried. Finally this morning I could tell him what was wrong. I am so private, quiet about my grief ... it was hard to mention it to the very person I love most in the world. When he became alarmed, I had to tell him that I was hurting so bad. I don't like to upset Skip ... he's been through so much. I'm very strong ... sometimes ... I am weak.

I slept a lot this evening. Now, I am fine, strong once again. I have had on my mind another grieving mother whom I've grown to care about. She lost her son several months ago and she is just beginning to travel the road of grief I've been on for six years. My Heart feels for her ... breaks for her.

Grief is never-ending ... one grows stronger to cope with it. No matter how strong one gets ... sometimes the pain hurts so bad. The good thing is in my situation ... that I can be alright again. <3

The combination of grief ... and worrying about Special Pup ... got the best of me. Talking to Skip made me feel better ... he cares so much. I care so much that I normally keep things to myself. I've always promise to write about this mother's grief when it happens ... this is what just happened. I write to let others understand. Don't ever feel sorry for me ... that's not why I write.

Tomorrow is a new day ... one that I look forward to. Everything really is going to be alright. <3

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Narrowing a Million Thoughts into One Thought ...

Our Precious Kissy ...

Our Precious Camie

I woke up this morning at 5:00 am with a million thoughts in my mind.  No one things stands out ... well yes, one does.  That's the Special Pup Skip and I have become guardian angels to.  He is always in my mind.

Each morning when I wake up my prayers are that he has stayed inside his house all night, warm in his soft shavings and the soft blankets (and my over-sized sweatshirt).  When he comes out he stands the chance of getting tangled around the trees that are close by.  He stays there waiting for someone to come help him.  At night time my prayers are the very same as each morning.

Let me tell you a few things about this pup ... he is a pit bull.  He is precious and doesn't bark, growl at Skip and I.  It's like he naturally loves us ... like we naturally love him.

When he sees us come, he'll rise up in his dog house ... come out the door stretching.  Then he'll make 'bird sounds' like our Camie does when she is so glad to see us after we have been gone for a while.

I will walk to him while talking ... take him food that we share from our Pups' food ... chews, and water.  Special Pup (that's my name for him because he is just that) ... becomes so animated.  Happiness makes him wiggle-waggle just like our Kissy!  He will give me sugar!

My mind is on him as I sit here writing.  As soon as it is daylight ... I will go to check on him ... give him more food, check his water to make sure it isn't frozen.  His owner also, puts food out for him and is gone a couple days at a time.  I don't judge this man because what's important is the dog.  I hope one day he will see my love for his dog ... decide I should bring him home with me.  I believe ... I pray ... I trust.

Did I say I woke up with a million thoughts and no one stands out to me?  As I wrote ... it became clear that one does stand out to me ... what really is on my mind.  I just shared it with you.

My hopes are to be able to take this Precious Pup off his chain ... bring him home with me ... take it from there.  Like when I rescued Camie (our mixed Australian Shepherd) ... I will help him to blend into our family.  He will become most important ... loved, cared for like he's never known.  This is my wish for Special Pup.  Would you all who read this ... keep this in your prayers?  Prayers accomplish miracles ... I believe in miracles.  My life is full of them.

How's that for narrowing a million thoughts into ... one thought?

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Note by this Author:

This is exactly what is on my mind this morning when I woke up.  I know deep inside that good things will somehow work to make it possible for this big, beautiful dog to have a good life.  All the while Skip and I will give him comfort, love ... be his guardian angels as long as it takes.  I pray he will become my Pup ... come home to us.

Photo, true story owned, written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I Can't See For Looking ...

Photo owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I Can't See For Looking ...

Isn't it amazing when all the time you are looking at something ... you think you see the whole picture?  Isn't it strange when there's so much in front of you ... that you don't see?  Even pure danger ... even something mysterious, wonderful.

I remember one time when we were in Brazo, Texas at a rattlesnake farm.  The man took us to look in some pits to see rattlesnakes.  I sort of scoffed at it because in my mind I knew I wouldn't see any rattlesnakes.  You know how it is when you really want to see something ... it seems ... impossible.

I stood at the round rock wall that surrounded a pit, looked down.  Sure enough I couldn't see anything just like I knew would happen.  I stood there looking at all the weeds, rocks ... boring!  Then magic happened!

I became aware of one rattlesnake barely moving ... as my eyes adjusted ... oh my God!  There were 'millions' of rattlesnakes moving all around in that pit!  Oh my!

I became very alert.  I knew if there were so many rattlesnakes in the pit ... there bound to be many rattlesnakes all around.  After all, we were in Texas.  They don't have roundups for nothing.  Rattlesnakes can crawl everywhere ...

Anyway ... this is an example of what I mean when I mention about seeing ... but not seeing.  Not seeing even when something is right in front of you just like the 'millions' of rattlesnakes right in front of my eyes!

This is like people who have pets ... keep them outside ... don't feed, care for them ... the pets are seen as objects.  These people can't see what's in front of them when they look at their pets.  Oh, think of all the pure love right in front of them as they treat their pets badly.  No matter how they starve, neglect their pets ... they never 'see' the love, hurt ... staring back at them.  The lucky people who finally 'see' one day are the ones whose lives are completely changed.

They become aware of looking into a pet's eyes ... stop, really see that it has feelings.  See such love, pain in their pets' eyes.  Once a person really sees, becomes aware ... there's no going back.  It changes a person to one who instantly begins to care about their pets.  They begin to feel the love ... as they nurture their pets ... they are rewarded with kisses, wagging tails ... a happy jumping jack body as the pet comes alive as it's showered with caring, love.

Think of the people who can't see for looking.  They miss out on something magical, wonderful when they can't see.  It's an honor for an animal to give you unconditional love no matter if it's scolded, no matter the hateful-ass people who kick, slap their pets.  Look at what they are missing out on.

I think of many things when I think of seeing ... but not seeing.  I even think about the afterlife.  I wonder ... what it is ... that I'm not seeing when I look so hard sometimes ... hoping to see my son again.

I think I'm going to study this.  You know ... like try to look not as hard ... let my eyes adjust.  Who knows what I might see?

NOTE by this AUTHOR:

Photo, story owned, written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

These are things I was thinking about tonight.  I keep thinking about people not seeing anything when they are looking ... even me.  I am thinking I want to see, be aware of everything.  That means I have to slow down ... take my time ... hopefully become aware of things I didn't know are there.  I wonder what I might see?

Monday, December 19, 2016

UPDATE on SPECIAL PUP .... I Posted on Facebook this am

UPDATE on SPECIAL PUP .... I Posted on Facebook this am
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Gloria Faye Brown Bates 2016 ... aka Granny Gee

At 7:00 am this morning I got up, dressed without taking time to do anything ... went straight to the dog Skip and I have become guardian angels to. Why? I asked several people to always look there to see if the dog seems to be in distress ... to text, call me to let me know so I can go straight to him. That's what happened ... I got a text to let me know he seemed to be just sitting there out in this wet weather.

The strange thing is that I had just woken from a crazy dream where I saw smoke, and a house fire on a big hill! Could it have been Special Pup thinking of me, hoping I would come to help him? I had him on my mind. That's when I got a text about him!

I jumped into the pickup ... went to him ... there he was sitting there, cold and wet ... and tangled up. He couldn't get to his house. I went straight to him ... began leading him around the two trees his chain was wrapped around ... that sweet baby couldn't wait to get inside his house!

I made sure the waterproof cover we put on it was secure .... went ahead put his food in a little stainless steel bowl ... put it inside his house with him so, it will stay dry until he eats it. His water was good. I had an extra gallon of water if needed.

My prayer is that somehow the man could somehow open his eyes ... 'see' his dog is more than just a ... dog. I wish somehow a fence would appear so he isn't on a heavy chain. I wish for a good dog house with a little shelter for his dry food bowl to stay dry during bad weather to appear. I can't say I know this can't happen because in my life I've seen bigger miracles ... this would be another big miracle. I would provide that for him if I could possibly could.

I can be there for him ... I can walk to him in really bad weather if needed with Skip by my side. I am so thankful I can walk a couple miles or more easily now. I'm so thankful my body is so strong now.


We know in our Hearts we need to give that Pup (I call him Special Pup) ... all the comfort we possibly can. We share our Pups' food, and treats, take water to him. We love, talk to him and let him feel our love.

I hope somehow when we have to walk away from him that our love stays in his mind and somehow he is warmed by it when it's so cold outside where he has to live. No dog should have to live in all kinds of weather without any comforts to make his life better. He has my over-sized sweat shirt to sleep with inside his house ... thankfully the man put a lot of soft wood shavings in there.

Remember ... I don't judge this man because I can tell he is like I was many years ago ... he can't 'see' that a dog is a living being and is loving and needs lots of attention. To him the dog is his 'guard dog' ... no more no less. He's never opened his eyes to know what we animal lovers know ... he's never looked into a dog's face into its eyes to see that they are windows to the dog's soul ... he's never seen all the love, pain, grief in that dog's eyes.

I was like this so many, many years ago ... I wasn't brought up to have pets and there wasn't any way I could 'see' ... later when I was an adult ... I opened my eyes slowly and it took so much time! ... oh the grief I felt when I looked back at the dogs I couldn't 'see' ... the feelings they had. It isn't that I didn't care and I'm sure this man is like that ... it's because one doesn't/didn't know.

This beautiful white dog has so much love, doesn't bark or growl at us ... he talks to us and like our Kissy he wiggles, waggles so much from happiness to see us.

Thankfully, Skip and I have at least 2-3 extra pairs of eyes I trust will let me know if they see this Pup sitting outside away from his house ... 9 out of 10 times he is tangled up and can't get back to his house. I thank God for them. Thank you sweet girl for texting me this morning. Special Pup needed me!Just let me know and I'll go to the Special Pup's aid ... night or day.

I worry about him at all times ... and when it gets really wintry ... guess who will be constantly checking on him? The man stays gone a couple days at a time ... I have to go make sure the Pup is okay. I can't stay warm, eat when I'm hungry unless I know he can be in his house, have his food, water ... (thankfully Skip is just like me! He is the most perfect husband for me ... we are so much alike. He and I would get up anytime day or night to go to the Pup ... sick or not sick).

I will keep everyone updated on Special Pup! Don't judge this man though I know it's easy to do that ... I almost did. I don't look any farther now ... than what Special Pup needs. I try not to think about the man ... not have negative thoughts.

I will say this ... I keep in the back of my mind that the man will wake up enough ... to think that his dog would be happiest with us.

Truthfully, the dog is a a pit bull ... and if anyone else got involved ... I know the dog's life would be the end ... just because of his breed. I don't want anything to happen to him ... we are here for him.

I've never wanted a pit bull dog, I don't need another dog ... or the responsibility ... I can't afford another dog's expense of food ... I sure can't afford medical expenses for our Pups anymore... much less for another dog. BUT ... if this man gave me this gentle, sweet, precious dog ... I would take him, bring him home, care for him and if I could let him go ... I'd get him the best home. If not ... he would have the most loving home ever with us. I believe in prayers, miracles ... please keep Special Pup in your prayers ... I know good things would somehow work to happen in his life. If you could 'see' his eyes, his face ... he would melt your Heart. He has our Hearts now.

Wake up to a whole new world you've never been aware of. Educate yourself on how to love, care for your pets ... to see them more than just a dog ... cat ... animal. I promise you that your life will change in ways you never believed. Pets are meant to be taken the best care of if they are your responsibility. I promise you if you look into a dog, cat's eyes and 'see' ... your life will change in good ways. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Note by this Author for Every Person Who 'Can't See ... Dogs, Cats ... Animals:

Don't read below unless you want my words to stick in your mind ... change your life and how you look at animals.  I promise you this ... you will constantly think about them, change toward animals, pets.

True story of my life at present.  I don't judge anyone ... I just do the very best I can to bring love, comfort to Special Dog ... both Skip and I do.  This man has no idea how to treat a dog ... he's never been taught ... he's never seen that dogs have feelings ... love.  I've seen the love the dog has for the man ... the man doesn't think about love when he looks at the dog.  He doesn't know any better.

I know there are many people who are 'out there' ... that don't 'see' ... understand how people can love dogs, cats, animals like 'us animal lovers' do.  I was like that as a very young person as I never was allowed to have a pet ... it took until my adult years to 'wake up' one day ... see all I had missed on loving dogs in my case ( I love all animals).  The grief I feel through all the years when 'I didn't know better'.

Wake up ... look into an animals eyes ... you will be amazed at the intelligence, unconditional love you will find.  I warn you though ... if you ever see the feelings in a pet's eyes ... you will never be the same. You will find yourself caring in ways you never knew you could.  Not only that ... pets love you unconditionally and are more loyal than any person ... no matter what.  Wake up ... you will see you've been co-existing in a world beside a world you haven't been aware of.  That's what it means when you are told to ... wake up.  Take a look to the next level ... see things you didn't know.  Are you brave enough?  Do you care enough?  I believe you do.  I believe in good ... in miracles.