Thursday, December 8, 2011

Barbara And Her Beautiful Family....

Today Skip and I were talking to friends.. he was talking to Dannie and I was talking to Barbara and Melissa, his wife and daughter-in-law.  What special people they are...

I watched in awe as Barbara began talking about something that meant alot to her I could tell.. she began to come alive and was animated and happy the more she talked.  Her face held such love and caring for her family and anyone would know they come first in her life.  I respect that ..I respect and like her very much.  I have the same feelings for her whole, big, beautiful family.

She was talking about Christmas and how much it means to her and how she wouldn't care if she got a present or not.... she just wanted each of her family members to have a beautiful Christmas and she was going to make sure of it.  She told Dannie to promise her that if anything ever happened to her.. to just make sure everyone's Christmas is good. 

I was looking at her as she talked and my heart felt such caring and I felt how special she is as a mother, and grandmother and mother-in-law.  I was thinking how much it would have meant to have her in my 'family' as a young person.  She is the type of person anyone would want in their family and be so proud of.  You don't know, Barbara, when I told you that you were special... I meant it from my heart. 

I've only known few real families in my life and to me it's like watching them in a snowglobe!  So happy and love swirls around in all directions... how so special and beautiful.  All cosy and warm inside when it's cold and snowing and ... safe.  Children need this.. all children need this.

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