Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Black Draught.....Black magic.. Potent stuff....

Does anyone remember Black was supposed to make one smile from their inside out and make you.... smile from the inside out?  There's a little theme song by Dolly Parton about it....

Let me tell you something..... I've been there and done that.  I can testify that.... it never made me smile from no inside ...out.  But.. it did make other things.............'smile' out!

No fun!  No fun!  One gets to know their bathroom very well!  I'll tell you my experiences... yes, experiences not just 'one' experience... but, almost weekly experiences with... Black Draught... magic potion... black magic... good stuff...... potent stuff.........................

When I lived at Grandma Alma and George's... they believed that laxatives were just the things for kids and for.. them.  They believed I should have a laxative and I totally disagreed with them.  When I knew it was that time.... I'd run and hide and peep out to make sure everyone was gone before I'd come out of hiding.  By that time everyone would be back to doing what they were doing and wouldn't have time for me.

No one ever had time for me... until that particular time.  I know they took such pleasure in giving 'Faye' some of that Black Draught.  You see... my 'family' loved to torture me and see me squirm and they would laugh.  Yes ..I know they took alot of pleasure during 'black magic' time because....

They lov---ed to get in a little gang of four and five people and chase me!  There would be my aunts, my mother's sisters and some of my traitor cousins... and they'd all begin to grin... that automatically made me 'know' trouble was coming my way!

I'd begin to run knowing eventually they would get me and drag me back to Grandma and George's so, they could witness 'The Pouring' of that potent liquid...and they could laugh and yell 'give her that Black Draught!'  They believed in Black Draught.

I would be struggling, screaming for someone to help me (no one ever helped me in that situation, they were having too much fun punishing me)!  They would wrestle me onto Grandma's bed which Grandma could see from her chair... she and George would be sitting there to watch!  George was blind but, I swear he seemed like he could see because he'd have a big grin on his face!  Remember... I told you that in that area was the 'Arena' for Grandma Alma and George to get their entertainment......... once in a while they had comedy in their lives!

Someone would hold each hand and each leg ( I was about 12, mind you).... and someone would take that big bottle of Black Draught... and pour.. yes, pour.... that awful, awful liquid down..... oh, I forgot... someone would help to open my mouth........... and pour that liquid down my throat!!!  I would begin gagging and cringing because it ran down the side of my face into my hair.  I cried and I told all of them that I hated them for that!  I'd run off to hide.... knowing I'd be out sooner or later... to answer the call to the bathroom!

Sure enough.... later!  The stomach cramping and what came next.... it was just awful.. just awful.  I never did see anything funny about that... but, my 'family' did!  Yeah........ Black Draught, black magic... potent stuff............ I never smiled ...from the inside....... out!  I didn't even grin!  I got .... MAD!

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  1. Oh Gloria I know what you mean about the Black Draught and don't forget the casterol! If I had ran to keep from taking either of these my daddy would have got me good with his belt! Just wanted you to know you are not the only that didn't like that Black Draught! Love, Ms. Nancy