Monday, December 26, 2011


I stand in front of my mirror looking at myself, getting ready to put makeup on.  I put on my foundation to 'cover' my skin so, it'll look flawless and 'perfect'.  I apply eye-shadow on my eyelids... to 'cover' them.  Next... I put lipstick on my lips to 'cover' them, to look lush and beautiful.

Looking at the rug near the table, I saw that the corner was flipped up.  I could see the edge of the worn place beneath the rug... so, I walk over and kick the corner back over it... to 'cover' up the worn place.

She was standing there talking and I could tell she was aware of a little spot on her coat.. she kept putting her hand over it all the while she talked... to 'cover' it up.

We'll just 'cover' it up .. and it'll be alright.  I'll hide it by putting this over it to 'cover' it.  Put that shirt on over the stain, that'll 'cover' the stain.

Have you ever thought about how many things we 'cover' up?  Today for some reason I began to notice things we cover up in our life.

We cover our bodies, we cover our heads, our feet, our ears, our hands.  We cover up our couches with couch covers and seats with seat covers.  Our commodes even have a cover and on that cover we put another cover.

Every hole I know of... has a cover and if it doesn't... someone is looking for something the right size to fit it.  Think about it.... every hole needs something to cover it.. if deep enough, we could fall into it!

If we say something we realize we shouldn't... we bring our hands up to cover our mouth.  If we don't want to hear something ...we cover our ears up with our hands.  If something smells you cover up your nose so, as not to smell it. 

We are always covering something up.... 'us' good people cover things up innocently.  'Those bad people' are always covering up things that can incriminate them... they aren't so innocent.

Cover up, cover up.... I was wondering if it's possible to go one day without covering something up?  I have never thought of trying before.  I think for the rest of the evening I'll try 'not' to cover something up!  I wonder how many people have stopped to think of something so, unimportant... or in alot of cases... very important. 

Whoops!  I 'almost' covered my mouth when I yawned.  This really is a ...boring subject.  Yawn..........

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  1. I never thought of "covering" up things like you mention but we do! Ha! Since you mention it, we do cover up a lot. You are right. Even my kitchen table has a "cover" on it! Cool! Love, Ms. Nancy