Friday, December 16, 2011

The Door Opened To A Room Full Of... Bubbles!

Taking bubble baths ... that's something I love to do if I become cold and feel like I can't warm up.  I fill the tub with the hottest water I can bear... along with Calgon Moisturizing Bath Beads... that makes the water smell beautiful and ... there are alot of ..bubbles.  I put 'alittle' more of the bath beads in the water than the box says to put............  I 'like them bubbles'!

Bubbles and water.... sudsy warm water... clean and smells so, so nice!  I truly love a bubble bath.  I love the colored bath beads, the bath powders, beautiful soaps and the shower soaps and gels in a bottle.  I pure love them!  I love 'clean'!  I think clear water is beautiful and  raindrops ..are beautiful!  Just mix in the bathbeads... and it only gets ..more beautiful......... from all those amazing bubbles!  I love it when the bubbles have a soft tint to color them.

I love to stand in the shower and take a soft washcloth and put the liquid soap or my favorite bar soap (which is Caress... it's pink and it smells so-ooooooo good!) on the washcloth and make it 'just so soapy!'  I love the wonderful suds!  I love the wonderful scents of perfumed soaps!  I love white bath clothes.... and when sudsy with warm water and soap.... I love to put it to my face and breathe in the 'clean, beautiful scent' of a favorite soap or gel.

When someone takes a bath I love to smell the clean scent from the soaps they use.  I remember when I lived at Grandma Alma and George's........ I would go next door to my aunt Ruby's house.  It was wonderful when all of her kids would take a bath... she had 6 children.  I think I 'associated' it with 'my life before' coming to Grandma and George's... and I 'found some of what I knew as 'home'..... when I would just breathe in the wonderful, clean scent that would come from the soap of each child taking their bath. 

Each child would emerge from the bathroom with their hair wet and combed back, each smelling of soap and water.  They were so lucky... they had warm water to bathe in... and could get into the bathtub where it was so clean and wonderful... just like mine used to be.  I learned as a very young girl what it felt like to not have hot water.

I remember one wonderful bubble bath in particular when older, and Skip and I were traveling.... we were in a beautiful hotel where the bathroom was luxurious... I love nice things... I especially love huge bathrooms with lots of mirrors... 'back then I could look in them with pride'........... and now, since becoming older...I love them the same but, I .... have to just peep in them!  I love them for another reason now.... they help to create 'space' in a room and reflect lights making the room appear larger.  I love space and huge, beautiful rooms brightly lit.

Yes, I love mirrors... one day I will tell you of the many mirrors I ... have loved.  Every mirror was happy and wonderful to me... when I passed them... I saw a beautiful young woman who loved herself... maybe 'too' much.  Vanity... that's a story for another time....

I went into the huge bathroom knowing it was going to be a wonderful experience taking my bath.  I was going to just relax in that big tub and turn on the jets and ..... 'make me some bubbles!'  I really love bubbles..........

 I was going to lay back and close my eyes and just breathe the wonderful scent of my latest bubble bath in a bottle!  Beautiful in color.... pink, that soft, delicate pink!  Wonderful smelling scent ... I knew because I'm the one who will sneak the cap off to actually smell the scent to see if I really like it.  I loved this wonderful scent.  I was going
to be 'taken away' like in the Calgon commercial!  I was so looking forward.

I turned on the jets and poured my 'whole' bottle of bubble bath liquid in the tub.  Oh yes, I was going to take a wonderful bubble bath!  I heard Skip say something and knew there wasn't any danger of the tub running over... so, I left the water running!

I went to talk to Skip and came back to the bathroom and opened the door... oh my goodness!  What I saw ... I've never seen before!  Soapy bubbles came 'tumbling' out that door!  I mean the bathroom
was full of them and the bubbles were all trying to escape the bathroom.  I excitedly called Skip!  The bath bubbles were higher than my head!  It was like 'I Love Lucy' when her washing machine had too much soap!  This was definitely a 'I Love Lucy' situation!

I told Skip I would turn the jets off... I couldn't see the tub nor the sink .. I only saw bubbles! and more bubbles!  I had to guess where that tub was.. and I turned off the water.  It took quite some time for those bubbles to disappear.  I took towels and tried to make them go away by swatting them!  I eventually got my bath that night... but, it wasn't the fun bath that I was looking forward to! 

I think all my problem was... was just that I needed a bigger bathtub.

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  1. I remember the "bubbles" days! How long did it take you to clean up the bubbles? Just curious. I bet your bath room smelled good from the bubbles too! Love, Ms. Nancy