Sunday, December 4, 2011

George Washed Clothes And He Was Blind... He Lost Fifty Dollars...

When I was older and married, I came down from the mountains to visit everyone.  I went to see Grandma Alma and George and there.. I found both very upset.  George had washed their clothes in the wringer washing machine and then, hung their clothes out on the clothesline.  George was blind but, that didn't stop him from doing anything.  He even had a small store beside their house that he ran!  Anyway... I told them that I would try to find their money... and I began looking from the washing machine to the outside clothesline and I looked under it and... there it was... it was folded and it was frozen.  I brought it inside with a smile on my face because I knew just how much that money meant to them.  I made them so happy and it made me very happy inside.  I'm so thankful I could be the one to find it for them.  I loved my Grandma Alma and George.

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